Should You Build an EMAIL for your Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

invisible selling machine by Ryan Deiss
this book all about email marketing it’s very good people do say all the money’s
in the list right you got to start an email list but if you have an Amazon
affiliate niche site do you really need an email list that’s what we’re going to
talk about today so Ryan Deiss is the founder or at least one of the founders
for digital marketer it’s a great website I’ll put a link below again this
book is very good it talks about email marketing and just the benefits it
actually goes through some nice how-to stuff now the thing is business partner
and I we read this book we were very into digital marketer in the way that
they were running you know their sites they’re a very good case studies very
compelling very well-written we got so convinced especially after
reading this book it’s so inspiring that we decided we wanted to try and build an
email list for one of our sites which technically it was a niche site but we
wanted it to be more and we tried for a very long time to implement an email
list and we just had a rough time actually making money from it let’s go
into the pros and cons of having an email list for your niche site you
probably shouldn’t start an email list until you’re ready it might surprise you
but most of the time we need to be patient so I do love email marketing and
I have an email list for a niche site project if you’re not on that email list
by the way you can go to a niche site project com
hit the green button and put in your name and email address and I’ll send you
some freebies I have a couple niche sites which have fairly big email lists
one of them has about 4,000 people in the list and another site has about more
than 10,000 but thing is if you don’t have a clear way to make money from the
list then you probably shouldn’t start one so here are a few of the pros of
having an email list number one you can sell affiliate offers so it could be an
info product like from Clickbank or you could market things directly in your
email to people via share sale other affiliate programs and that sort of
thing you can also drive traffic so let’s say
you just do Amazon affiliate marketing and you have blog post or
ever on your site you can send out an email and drive people to your content
so you publish something new you can get people over there key things to know you
can’t actually you’re not allowed to place Amazon affiliate links in your
emails it violates the Terms of Service you’re just not allowed to do I could
send out an email and send you know multiple hundreds of people to a new
post additionally right so not just thinking
about your site but let’s say you have a YouTube channel you can send an email
out and drive people to watch a YouTube video another Pro is you could build a
positive relationship with your audience so you’re able to send the emails tell
them about you know yourself and they can reply back and you could build a
relationship why does that matter if you’re just trying to like sell
affiliate offers well if they know like and trust you you can send out an email
and make a recommendation for a product they’re more likely to take a look at it
and value your advice in your opinion another cool thing you
can do with an email list is you can actually just send out a survey you can
figure out new content to write you can ask them what questions they have what
issues are experiencing and you can write content around what they want you
could create your own product right so you can send out a survey to your
audience and they can say they want to learn about topic a and you can write an
e-book on topic a and then market it to them it’s a valid business model and
it’s a great way to bridge the gap from an affiliate model to selling your own
products so the Provos sound awesome it sounds like you should definitely have
an email list but here are some of the cons the number one issue is that people
try to build an email list when they’re just starting with their site they’ll
spend time signing up for an email provider I use Aweber by the way so a
lot of people focus on setting up an email list too soon so they spend time
signing up setting up the opt-ins developing lead magnets and writing an
email autoresponder all this stuff is fairly straightforward however it does
take a lot of time people are building these sites on the side they don’t have
like time to start investigating you know
email lists and stuff so people start to sue let’s say you even launched with a
few pieces of content and you’re able to get some traffic let’s say you’re
getting 20 visitors per day if you spend all this time trying to build an email
list as well and you’re trying to build an email list you’re probably only gonna
get like one subscriber or two subscribers per week something like that
you’re not gonna get very many because you just don’t have enough traffic it
would be better if you spent your time adding more content or getting backlinks
for example let’s say you’re able to build your email list to 50 people over
several weeks a few months you have 50 people on your list and you send out an
affiliate offer you may only get like one conversion if that so if your sample
size ie your email list is so small like you’re probably not going to get any
conversion all the advantages all the good things like if you don’t have
enough people on your list it’s not gonna matter anyway so my argument is
people start too early and they spend time and energy on something that
doesn’t really pan out until sometime in the future basically if you have traffic
on your site let’s say you have 300 to 500 visitors a day you should be making
some revenue varies widely if you’re getting 300 to 500 visitors a day you
may be making a few hundred dollars in a week or something or a few hundred
dollars a month or you could be making many thousands of dollars per month it
all depends on your products and the kind of content and how much content you
have if you have traffic and you are making money that is good you probably
have the resources number one to invest in an email service provider right so if
you can cover the cost with the traffic you should be able to make some
additional sales using the email list drive a little bit of traffic and that
sort of thing if you’re getting a hundred visitors a day but you really
want to test out email marketing and you have time to do it sure give it a shot
on the other side I didn’t start worrying about building an email list on
some size until they were getting like over a thousand visitors a day because
my main goal for that particular site was someone lands on a page they read a
product review they Amazon and buy it like that was the goal
so if you have a clear picture of the goal for a page you can orient it that
way now are there some caveats here yeah let’s see you have some content and it’s
getting a pretty good amount of traffic probably in the hundreds per day if you
have that content and it’s not affiliate oriented it’s merely an informational
article that’s probably a really good piece of content where you can create an
opt-in you can creatively eat magnet and you could start building your email list
the goal for an info piece of content could be to help build your email list
right you’re not trying to sell anything there you’re just trying to get them on
the list and from there you can you know drive them to different areas using the
email list using good copywriting to sell an affiliate offer you can drive
traffic to a particular page or you can build you know rapport with your
audience here’s the question of the day let me know if you have an email list on
your site in your opinion on the pros and cons of an email list on a niche
site really interested in what you have to say so I read all the comments I try
to reply back to all of them let me know what you think I’m Doug cutting ten take
a look around if you like the videos please subscribe


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