Should You Join Wine Ambassador? (It’s MLM So…NO)

hello and welcome to my channel if you
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oh my god you came back my name is Alanda Carter and I am the recovering hun Bott
I create daily anti MLM videos which includes stories shared with me to my
Google Form there’s a link to that in the description I examine what Huns are
doing on social media and I do deep dives into specific email ends so if you
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video focuses on the demise of direct sellers which was a wine MLM at the
recording of this video their website is still up but we’re also going to look at
where these former direct sellers reps went or at least the some of them
because I did find that out so that sounds interesting to you then grab some
coffee or tea or whatever get a snack and come with me
okay let me give you guys a little bit of a backstory in 2017 that’s back when
I was a Beachbody hyung there were a lot I mean a lot of Beachbody Coaches that
left for direct sellers at that time Beachbody on demand the streaming
workout service what’s new and so people were not making the money they once did
direct sellers was a wine multi-level marketing opportunity and one of the
people who left was the woman who signed me up I was really mad I felt betrayed
there were a lot of us that felt that way in fact those of us who were on her
team we weren’t told that she left not on a team called nothing like that we
found out when she did a Facebook live video and announced she was with direct
sellers and she took a lot of her team with her I was not a target because I
made it very clear because she was my neighbor and she would come over and
drink wine because my husband’s a real small guy so she had time for that
didn’t have time to you know teach me anything not that she really could
because business model anyway I digress but I
realized I was just a number nothing more you know I was not able to recruit
anyone so there was no incentive for her to help me and I made it very clear to
her that I just thought you know a wine MLM was just silly because you know what
my husband was other one world like for real you know but it still hurt and so
many of us we felt lost like we were just swimming in an ocean and there were
sharks and all kinds of things going on and weeks we just didn’t know what to do
because the person who was our quote leader all of a sudden was just gone and
just with no fanfare no nothing no apology just nothing to us and that to
me did not equate team or sisterhood so much of when you join it and I am you
think oh oh you have real friends you know it’s like your new family and all
of this as a matter of fact I just had a comment on something like that today
so the hates when people bash in email ends because you know the friends you
make and blah you know I thought all that crap too you know but when you
don’t have a decency to let the people know who made you money that you were
leading I think that’s really crappy now just so you know direct seller started
out in 2014 and over the weekend I found out that direct sellers folded up and
today I had some stuff that Hudson said about me closing but I did another
search today and I found an article about it so I’m going to share that with
you there will be a link to this article also in my description following on from
a comment left on direct sellers review a few days ago it appears the company
has collapsed as I write this direct sellers as website is still online I
found that as well there’s no mention of a shutdown on the company’s website or
official blog that’s exactly what I found – and I found this direct sellers
official Facebook appears to have been deleted their
Twitter account is still up but hasn’t been updated since October the ten after
requesting for their details on direct seller shut down behind MLM reader scam
Fester’s pointing me to a Facebook post by sherry leisure and I will share that
with you well after we finished this leisure
claims to have a direct sellers downline up over 10,000 distributors according to
leisure direct seller shut down on or around October 13th direct sellers has
decided to shut down the network and cease the direct selling operations and
has terminated all rep agreements given direct sellers website is still online
this suggests the company is cutting off distributors but keeping their customers
sounds shady but then again at direct sellers was a thriving MLM company with
a ton of retail customers why would they shut down an hour based on our 2016
direct sellers we pointed out the opportunity as a whole seems very much
geared to signing up as a direct seller affiliate paying 7995 a month and
recruiting others to do the same sounds like that’s pretty much what’s going on
whether direct sellers distributors knew that was coming is unclear leisure posts
make it clear like every month was terminated without notice five months
ago however leisure began promoting Mike Galen which I looked at up and I Galen
is another MLM and it’s a nutritional or supplement kind of a thing of a strange
mood for someone boasting about sitting on top of a 10,000 strong distributor
team ironically I galen’s auto-ship starts at seventy nine ninety-five a
month and affiliate recruitment is the focus of their compensation plan to G
just like every single other MLM oh and check it out there’s an ad for Sheffield
and I did a video on that that’s a company that will help you yes you
create your very own MLM this is the post that
was referenced in that article so let’s go ahead and check this out
I knew that state was coming but it’s still hard to swallow this is the post
that was referenced so let’s go ahead and check it out I knew this day was
coming but it’s still a hard pill to swallow direct sellers have decided to
shut down the network and seize the direct selling operations and has
terminated all rep agreements I’ve never had so much fun building a company we
worked our butts off for that company built a team of over 10,000 people
hashtag wine wars it is a bittersweet time the income that we work so hard to
build there is suddenly cut off and that’s the thing with any MLM you cannot
count on it that we are building to other businesses
and pouring our hearts and souls into them with our teams and we are in a
better place after a month than we were years into direct sellers it’s amazing
whenever you know these people move to another place all of a sudden it’s just
so much better we are going to be able to help a lot of people make an extra
five hundred to a thousand dollars a month and our new company and they don’t
even have to build a team to do it Wow I should I check this out would you guys
be interested in me checking out what they joined and the friendships oh my
god the friendships we have made in network marketing they are worth far
more than the money we ever made friends are like poor leaf clovers hard to find
and lucky to have when you are involved in network marketing you can’t help but
make it lots of friends and even gain a family Wow the myth is perpetuated
that’s your roots here your real friends and roll family in or not every single
company has been a stepping stone we couldn’t be more thrilled where we ended
up our forever home but is it is it really your forever home
it’s your forever home right now right you don’t know what happened
and you know what maybe you’re gonna be like some of these other people in a lab
and all of a sudden they start coaching people maybe your inner side that’s
really where the money is is my own company instead of working my butt off
all the time for me I don’t know I don’t know and before all those sharks
melphalan and come after us with prospecting messages we could and if
someone out there has not found their forever home that’s looking to run with
a team with a proven track record get in my inbox oh my gosh that hold proven
track record that just it just makes me I mean I just want to have a bloody nose
or something I mean you know it’s always that and I have more to say on that
whole thing because of the coach I was under how she went to direct seller
she’s doing now I mean they all use this proven track record but what are you
what are you proving really that you can rip people off hashtag well we saw them
running on the ball hashtag bittersweet hashtag door close hashtag more open
hashtag if anytime you little watch you will catch us climbing hashtag wine
warrior forever hashtag no regrets oh that was just
painful painful painful people I had a bunch of the post that I found that
people did is about you know drug seller shutting down
but now I think I’m going to do is dive into what I think a lot of these people
went to because somebody was coming – enough to leave a link and I just
followed it so to speak but I find these two comments interesting that were on
this post because yes that’s what i did as i found post and I’m like let me see
what people are saying sad for the people who believed hmm this is why I
don’t do it anymore I was in the top five three times and
all three of those companies are gone too many of my friends got hurt even
bankruptcy isn’t that telling people in the industry make a joke about
traditional business I can say positively that no one gets hurt in the
work I do people benefit and say thank you wow the people who believed it’s
always always always about your damn belief that you know it
got a hold the belief and you know the second one this whole thing it’s so very
accurate about companies being gone just like drug sellers I mean you never know
you just never know and it I love to say that being in a job is risky and that
you’re not going to you know have anything really every tire mantid MLM is
the only way but you know and its really riskier because usually they shut down
or if they’re not shutting down in order to make money you know you kind of
basically be stepping on other people other people have got to lose this just
how the business model is but imagine if by chance you were in direct sellers or
some other amount and that’s literally where all your money was coming from and
poof it’s just gone you know great people are laid off all the time and you
know traditional company shut down all the time I’ve been laid off I just saw
in the paper that Croker which you may not have Kroger around you I don’t know
it’s a grocery store but apparently there were layoffs and there’s some
hubbub going on about that so you know that does happen that’s the part of
business these things do happen but you know if LMS just you know put forth this
myth that being an MLM is bulletproof somehow the whole residual income life
thing you know and if there are plenty plenty of NLM’s that open and then shut
all the time and so what happens to that residual income well actually you end up
still you know having to work your butt off to maintain everything keeps that
ship afloat but if everything collapses then what you are just what left holding
your willy in the wind okay before we get into everything and just pull your
alert a lot of these people went on to a different wine MLM surprise there all
right I know I just blew you away but like I said just a contrast this for you
okay this is my husband rich okay here is this was in the new wine cellar that
was recently built before he put in all the wines he is the cellar master me
he is the person who organizes all the thousands of lines in the restaurant and
I know there’s there’s over a thousand vintages I know they’re working to get
to mm integers so you know why emmalin’s to me are particularly humorous and on
top of this okay are you ready this guy right here this guy who was a
professional sommelier at one point he was a stay-at-home dad and this was in
his first marriage and he joined traveling vineyards that’s why I did a
video about traveling vineyards he still has two of the tasting classes to which
i think is really really funny but let’s go ahead and check out where did these
people land okay it’s called wine ambassador like I said I just followed
the links of everything and you know it I there’s very little that you can
really find on it and I’m just going to read to you what is on the website we
are more than a quote wine club want ambassador is a lifestyle begins with
the wine and encompasses an entire world up well Wow oh gosh our hearty throw and
wealth our seasoned wine experts are on the go
choosing wines from known winemakers around the world read elaborate read
relationships that have been built over the past 30 years in the wine industry
our vineyard manager set aside their best products for us to liver to you for
your enjoyment every month why ambassador brings those relationships to
you in the form of crepe lines interviews tasting videos private events
and more best of all we give you the ability to profit from these amazing
relationships with family friends and associates through a direct marketing
platform learn and share a deeper understanding of great wine enjoy a new
selection hand selected wines every month bring your friends to the table
and turn them onto the new life of and well so there are two ways that you
can join you can join the wine club or you can become a my ambassador you can
just choose enjoy the wine on us create your own or well better line okay it
doesn’t that seem easy you just you know you just invite three people and you get
free wine wow it just is so easy to do alright so what does all of this mean so
let’s check it out as a wine customer it is ninety nine ninety five and I just
kind of wonder how many people are these wine customers you know retail customers
I mean come on I mean I really get white people who do not have plenty of wine in
their town where they live you know think oh it’s a good idea to do this but
it’s not I mean you know and I think the biggest thing that I have is the market
because its MLM it’s going to be marked up more than what it should be because
you’re not going to be getting great wine I’m just saying that you’re just
not when it comes to the wine that in L M is going to have it’s going to be
pretty cheap okay so if you want to be this wine ambassador you can pay
anywhere between 300 to $1200 plus another 50 bucks which I guess that
fifty bucks in an annual enrollment thing that is going to be what gives you
access to the back office and all that kind of crap you know okay we’re going
to look at each one of those the price ones are 300 600 1200 a little bit more
detail but it looks like if you can you know three customers each month not just
one time just you know each month you have to do this then you’re gonna earn
some free wine which to me just reinforces as this mine is cheap cheap
cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap wine the second way to earn who looks like if
someone was a retail cost you know they started out like that way
but then they just like they able to sell it to then you get twenty bucks for
that for the first month and ten bucks they’re after hmm I’m not exactly sure
that’s right I remember I mean I did listen to their webinar or whatever the
heck you want to call it there little is their little video thing I think that’s
what it is I made remember that incorrectly and
each time you sell a starter kit it looks like you get 50% of that so yeah
that’s going to encourage you to recruit and direct sellers did something like
that too that you got this cut and the person who had been my coach my upline
and Beachbody that’s how she was able to make a lot of money quickly was getting
other people to come yeah like that because then she got a cut for the
starter kit but she didn’t stay there she went to health works you know that’s
what she’s slinging out that’s a whole nother story and I’ve got there some
more updates on all about and you know because I have to share that stuff with
you it’s oh my gosh it’s just such a dirty world the MLM world so dirty
anyway so any just looking at this ya know you’re not paid to recruit but you
get a cut from them whatever they get these you know starter kits you know
it’s so it doesn’t then encourage you to recruit which again tells me this wine
is just cheap it just can’t be good just what tastes great tastes great
I don’t so i do like tell me the type of but you know I can’t do that and it
looks like you then earn twenty two percent off of your downline and then
there’s some kind of like matching thing and I’m not really sure how all that
works I can tell it’s a binary program because you have the three little
circles there on number four where you grow up at the top and then the lessons
are like that’s what each what he did to okay for that 50 bucks as a wine
ambassador you get your personal replicated website
it’s not a personal website it’s just a replication you have like probably a
number you know is attached to it manage your organization oh you are who you get
to manage organization I’m guessing that is the placement of where you put people
or something real time Commission analytics and
office access yeah okay so every month I’m not every month I’m sorry every year
you’re gonna pay this 50 bucks and depending on how many people join think
about that you know income for the company now isn’t it funny that there’s
all these companies that are MLM and these people to other companies they’re
not doing MLM doesn’t that tell you something so let’s check out what do you
get if you pay that $300 that one-time amount to be in a state member well you
get twelve hand-selected premium bottles of wine and then you get a 10% discount
on each purchased case not even a bottle each additional case you have to buy a
case of why to restock Wow wine selects whatever that is and merchandise
whatever that is which is probably going to be like a wine D okay let’s check out
what you get if you spend a 300 bucks what time big to be an estate member
well you get twelve hand-selected premium bottles of wine 10% discount on
additional cases cases of why you have to buy more cases of why Wow wine
selects and merchandise so I’m guessing this is going to the white select I’m
not so sure but the merchandise I’m thinking that’s going to be tasting
glasses it’s probably going to be a wine key and other type of merchandise so
you’re going to be investing more than just as $300 let’s get that straight
plus you get this wine ambassador Visa debit card Wow is that like the unique
purple card or something o-genki and now to be a reserve member
for one time six hundred dollars you get twenty four and selected premium bottles
of wine and now you get 15% discount plus those selects and merchandise of
allah and then debit card so in both instances the 300 and the 600 you’re
basically paying twenty five dollars per bottle of wine before your shipping cost
okay now as the ground crew member Grand Cru that’s typically in the wine world
doesn’t roll premium type of wine just so you know so it’s it’s funny that they
were using that price but of course they would anyway for that you get 24 hand
selected premium bottles of wine plus six fine wine luxury box now I’m
guessing that is box wine you know oh and then you get the VIP Black Card
member for preferred seating at all events and all that crap ooh and then
you get 20% discount on all cases of wine and the selects and Merchants die
so there’s a push to do the 1200 because hey you’re gonna save more money you
know what I mean so let’s just say that it’s make it easier we’re just going to
call this 30 bottles of wine just to make the math easy okay so that means
each one is 40 bucks now let’s contrast this with the top 100 wines that Wine
Spectator put out for 2018 in case you don’t know wine spectator that is really
I mean it’s from wine connoisseurs and I mean my husband has I guess the
restaurant pays for his subscription not sure but that is what publishers like
you know I guess top notch industry stuff wine industry stuff you know so
let’s check this out each year Wine Spectator editors survey the blinds
reviewed over the previous 12 months and select our top 100 based on quality
value availability and excitement this annual list honors successful wineries
regions and vintages around the world here you’ll find every top 100 list from
2018 back to the debut year in 1988 since then new regions grape styles have
appeared on the list but the classics are still going strong enjoy browsing
for more than 30 years of the world’s top wines for detailed profiles of the
2018 picks check out our complete top 100 lines of 2018 packaged in the
upcoming UK so it’s going to be a cutting action blah blah blah alright
now let’s check it out okay I’m not going to go over all of these alright it
has a score which depending on what you use and I can’t
remember all of it but the point system goes up to 100 at least for what Wine
Spectator is using but there’s different ones too there’s not like a standard
throughout the wine world so to speak there’s different one that I can’t
remember the year that this started my husband has told me but like slurps is
this oh we’re moving on anyway so these are going to be very top premium wines
and we’re looking at the prices so I’m looking are there any that are
around $30.00 are there any that’s you know $40.00 are there any does 25
anything you know close to what they’re saying that joke needs premium wines and
you know if there are look here’s one for 35 and that’s one 2015 I mean just
check out these prices 26 the pace chalupa is scratching himself you
probably hear that form only what can I say
here’s another one for 30 I mean just check out these prices you know a look 1
for 17 Chianti ok so you know 1 for 18 that Pinot Noir no I mean 1 for 39 ok I
mean you’re going to be able to get some good stuff now you may or may not be
able to get these things I don’t know I don’t know where they’re at nothing but
for 20 bucks another one for 17 but my point is is you can find some really
really good wine if you know where to look for one and now I’m telling you
look look here at Wine Spectator especially if you don’t have places like
what we have here in Houston like specs and you know other like just very wine
focused type wine bars or you know restaurants were there are some ala
gates I think I want to say there’s four or five Master Somalis and now in
Houston there might be more the last time I checked them over the world
there’s I think slightly more than 400 Master Sommeliers
I can’t recall and know my husband is not one okay so to be active you need to
have 995 in personal sales okay so you always
have to be you know getting something you know you have to be paying and you
have to have people buying so when someone becomes your wine customer you
get 50 points because it’s always about these volume points and stuff you know
so here we have the 40 8500 on down to a hundred thousand points you get those
based on you know but the point value of what people are buying so forth $300
starter kit it’s one hundred and fifty point four the $600 starter kit is three
hundred points for the twelve hundred dollar starter kit it’s 100 points so
you can kind of see that people would be pushing the one in the middle or even
the one that the $1,200 one because it’s the most expensive and you also get the
most points and you’re trying to rank up so you can you know be paid more does
that make sense if following okay I’m going to try to
zoom in here for you guys to be able to breathe is it’s really hard for me to
read it but down at the bottom all references to income implied or stated
throughout the compensation plan or for illustrative purposes only
these figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your
actual earnings profits there is no guarantee of any level of income or
earnings to any associate any representative or guarantee of earnings
would be misleading so you can spend $1,200 but hey you know what you might
not make a dime huh so here we’re seeing that where you get the free one you get
three active customers so that means that they need to be buying wine each
month and let me just tell you this you know if you are getting four bottles of
wine for them ninety nine dollars okay I think that’s what it is there might be
some loans for you you don’t want four bottles of wine you know you might have
some leftover you might not even go through all the wine the fact that not
they push this whole idea that well people get it anyway well guess what
people are not spending twenty five bucks a pop on a bottle of wine when
they go to the grocery store think about what you spent on
money to go to the grocery store I mean even my husband
truth be told told ray Fox when when he’s home
you know I mean he’s not drinking the finest whites rented he gets plenty of
experience with all of that but you know they make it seem like people are
already doing this so you should make money off of it that’s why their wine is
so expensive you know it really is because you can get something actually
probably a lot better if you just went to the grocery store okay so then I
wanted to see what is it like if we go ahead and select each one of these what
are you actually painting so you got your 300 your 50 and for shipping 49.95
okay plus a processing fee plus tax so we’re getting close to four hundred and
fifty dollars on the lowest one that’s a lot of money so what about the middle of
where you’re eating up close to a thousand dollars you know so the
shipping is ninety nine ninety you know to ship that it’s going to be expensive
to ship wine because it weighs a lot you know that’s why if you just I just think
is it also silly at the thought of me doing this because of the amount of
money you have to keep paying over and over and over again and this is the
highest membership at Grand Cru and check it out I mean the shipping is
basically a hundred bucks chalupa flopping his ears again and the
dog next door is barking so there’s that but look at this total we’re you know
over fifteen hundred dollars and you haven’t gotten anything you haven’t
gotten the wine glasses cuz you probably have those at home you haven’t gotten
like little place you haven’t gotten any food you haven’t gotten maybe some
little knives or spreaders I mean you haven’t gotten all this extra stuff that
you’re going to need to have if you’re going to do live a wine event and
somewhere in there stuff and I’ll see if I can find it there is something where
it walks you through what all you need to host these live wine events and this
is the whole thing of you know meeting the founders I’m not going to read all
of this to you but I just wanted to give a little background on them because
they don’t have any experience in wine that I can tell this is what it says
about Brett Hudson and chalupa is scratching and moving around so you’re
gonna probably hear that says now it’s tamale it is just you know for Mom like
that’s how it is and this Michael flyer there both have their title says wine
ambassadors you know they’re the same as you but if you look at your background
in particular because I know of course I went to LinkedIn they have all had a
background in business the zero background in wine and FYI I did look at
this oshri boards because apparently Brett is
doing this wine ambassador as well as cush but guess what the website to coach
doesn’t even work it’s not kind of weird 2018 until present and the website
doesn’t work what is up with that that just kind of makes me go hmm and so
here’s all of his experience and I’m not going to go through each one you can
pause this you can check it out but I just wanted to share ok and here is the
experience of Michael fire doesn’t really give you a lot of information but
you can tell that you know he’s worked in industries and CEO oh I didn’t forget
what the chief operating officer that’s what it is it’s like you know sometimes
how those acronyms just like go flying out of your head well it did for me so
he has a lot of experience again in business but why hmm not so much because
you know if they haven’t at least up you set one that’s wines spirits edgy
education and trust I have w71 at least if you had that you’d be like okay well
at least you went through that bother but no you don’t have any credentials at
all but I guess we’re going to say oh it’s all the venues that we work with
and we have these wine specialists well tell me about those wine specialists who
are they what are their credentials can I look them up but of course you can’t
okay here is the how to set up a wine ambassador tasting so we’re going to
check that out I’m going to try to run through that kind of quickly so here we
have it about the wine tasting 101 and I’m just going to
okay step 1 send down an email a week to five days prior to your event okay so
you’re going to have to say the date the time the location all of that and you
know you need to have a multiple dates blah blah all of that okay all right now
let’s just no and always plan to text your guests as a reminder your day
before your tasting okay yeah doing that step to know everything you can about
the lines that would be featuring so I’m presuming they’re going to give you some
tasting notes but let me just say someone reading something that’s a
tasting note versus somebody who actually knows wine they can just talk
about it off the top of their head very very very different so they do say start
by reading the tasting notes that come with your shipment and watch them meet
your maker videos for the wines on the Y ik is that one investor website and also
taste the wines too so you can experience the lines and oh and do that
an expert at the tasting you’re not going to be an expert at the tasting you
are just not okay step 3 put out a nice selection of meats and cheeses along
with bread crackers and seasonal fruit okay this goes back to you’re going to
have to buy all of that stuff for each and every single tasting so how much are
you going to spend on all of that stuff each week if you get some good premium
stuff at least I’m thinking at a minimum 50 bucks probably more depending on how
many people you can rope into you know coming you know I mean okay and then
you’re supposed to like share the stories and then tell them about you
know three and here’s this free program so that they can become my ambassadors –
it’s all about the recruiting people all about the recruiting sorry my cursor
moved across a screen just deal and then is make sure that you you know answered
their questions and all of that safety is important monitor them blah blah blah
blah that kind of stuff and here’s think about the follow-up because you know
that portion is in the follow-up you’re always told that in to know them
it’s a fact that 90% of your business will come from here follow up efforts
after one of your tastings but make sure you have contact information on each
guest and reach out to each within 24 hours of your event feel free to invite
the same guests to your next party to exposing them to a great experience is
one of the many ways to people grow to love everything we have to offer at wine
ambassador no it’s another way to indoctrinate people that’s what it is
it’s all about roping people in to get more people to do this in the endless
chain of recruitment and to get this cheap wine you know to come to your
doorstep like I said I get why people get excited about wine I love wine you
know I do but they’re using the exact same tactics that I saw with direct
sellers when they entered the market and everyone loves wine people buy it anyway
there is more wine being produced than ever before the industry is growing why
not be a part of it and that sucks people and it sucks people into wanting
to be something bigger than they are but I will say again the price point for
what they charge it’s outrageous maybe you are maybe you’re not familiar
with Trader Joe’s but there’s a line there called to buck chuck which sells
for $2.99 a bottle so you know there’s a markup on it right why MLMs are not
getting the best ones nor are they getting wines from like well-known and
prestigious vineyards they’ll say boutique vineyards or something like
that I believe that you know even though this had said wise were around the world
I could have sworn when I watched this little promo video thing that they had
that they said they only were getting it from Napa and Sonoma
maybe I’m getting this confused with something else that I found when I was
looking at all the stuff I’m not sure but there’s a huge difference if you if
a wine comes from the Napa Valley versus the Napa area you know the soil and
location make a difference but this is all how its marketed you know the dog
next door is parking it again just deal I’m sorry you know what can I say still
dealing with the not being in my office and all kinds of
stuff anyway so anyway how it’s marketed people are going to get the impression
that they’re giving this experience of something that’s super special you know
can we just say spend doctor how the opportunity is being marketed plus
people lack of knowledge about wine plays a huge role and I just wanted to
let you know that if you so desire you go support me over on patreon I have
three different tiers it’s all to help me you know basically get make better
videos and everything and my overall goal is to bring more stories of the
personal stories to you and kind of you know team up with people who want to
share those stories I really really really love sharing the stories so if
you so desire there’s gonna be a link in the description if you don’t know work
if you enjoy Antion on content I hope you’ll consider subscribing death
notification belt and give this video thumbs up it’d be super cool to did that
I appreciate your time thank you for being here remember it is important for
us to get our stories out there so if you had a melon story I encourage you to
share it use my link share it with me and I’ll get it out to to the world to
my youtube channel and if you know someone with the melon
story encourage them to share it as well and I also invite you to follow report
with the FTC if you are in the States the SEC and whatever your state
authority is for me is the Attorney General here in Texas it might be
different for you look at Google I don’t know internationally I don’t know
but most people want to put the email in experience behind them most people do
not want to speak out most people there’s a lot of shame and guilt or
having them part of it they know it and I get that but emmalin’s are counting on
the fact you’re not going to take action that imagine just for a moment in every
single governmental entity start getting complaints and reports and all about
each and every single MLM muttered through Friday don’t you think that
would be powerful and send a clear message that there’s something rotten in
Denmark and remember change stars now


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