Should You Start With Free Or Paid Traffic In Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys we’re gonna be talking about paid traffic versus free traffic guys I’ve
been getting the question a lot of course especially from beginners we’re
just kind of starting out in affiliate marketing and they’re wondering you know
should I start off by doing free traffic B’s I don’t have that much money right
now or I just go straight for paid traffic and Shay for ads and use
whatever money I have right now to pay for that I’m gonna answer that question
in this video guys in just a minute before we get into other guys if you’re
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that being said guys we’re just gonna start the video off with the big
question which one should you start with on our course guys I’m gonna give you
both sides and honestly you kinda have to decide for yourself because it
depends on a lot of variables and it really depends on your current situation
honestly because the course guys I don’t people that hate using patriotic free
but absolutely despise you they never want to pay for ads and that’s fine
that’s fine because if it works for them then that’s fine but then there are
people on the other side of the token who swear by a paid traffic it’s all I
do it’s only ever use and they don’t even see the point in even trying to use
free traffic I’m gonna give you both sides in just a minute guys
now the first one I’m gonna start out with is gonna be free traffic because I
know it’s probably what the majority of you care about I know we all love free
traffic P is like anything free it’s fantastic so a free traffic is of course
gonna be great but the problem with free traffic guys
is it can take a very long time it kind of build up you guys guys if you think
about it all the ways to actually generate free traffic in my opinion you
least are not really my opinion but majority way is Drina generate traffic
like that are gonna be from social media websites and things of that nature
ugh throw out a few examples from you guys really quick what a lot of people
try to do is they’ll make a Facebook group and then they’ll spend like three
to six months trying to build up to be posting it every day adding people to it
and then of the end of like the six months the five six months they’ll
comics today I realize be like hey this Facebook group really isn’t even that
big I’m not making any money off of it I guess isn’t working time to water the
next thing and instead of going for a paid traffic at that point what they’ll
do is they’ll make an Instagram maybe they’ll make a blog maybe even a YouTube
channel and they’ll spend another six months whether it’s instagramming
posting pictures every single day maybe it’s uploading videos or just read I’m
writing articles and guys this is completely fine by the way there’s
nothing with trying to use free traffic or
starting a blog or an Instagram with the purpose of generating leads and
generating traffic from it later on the problem with it is though guys is that a
lot of people don’t have the patience that’s required you really put the time
in the effort and the work guys it’s a lot of work to put in like five six
months straight just pure effort into something that may
or may not even turn out the way you want because guys there’s no guarantees
and business and life and anything that you’re actually be successful with any
of this stuff so you might make an Instagram you’re gonna post to it every
single day for six months by the enemy you might only have like 5,000 followers
and your posts along it like 400 likes you’re not making any money on Instagram
and I mean that sucks that’s the problem with free traffic
guys is there isn’t really any guarantee of course there’s no guarantee of pay
traffic either but you figure it out a lot faster when it doesn’t take you six
months with pay traffic you figure out something isn’t working because of
course guys what I’m spending money on Facebook ads or Instagram influencers
I’m not by I’m not setting a budget of like five dollars a day
waiting six months and then being like oh I guess it didn’t work but I turn
that off it’s um instead what I’m doing is I’m putting five dollars into a
Facebook ad for like a day or usually a lot of um for like three days just let a
test let it run and then by the end of the three days I’ll know hey that didn’t
work let me change let me edit it let me try something else
and then that’s it right there guys whereas like I keep saying on the other
side of the token with free traffic it might take you like three – like six
months you realize hey like this really isn’t going anywhere maybe I should
spend my time working on other projects working in other places instead of
pursuing this quite honestly is that’s where my main problem comes with it
because of course free traffic is great everyone loves free traffic but it can
take very very long start generating traffic and generating a lot of traffic
with that being said whereas the paid traffic it’s a lot a lot faster it’s not
immediate but like you’ll know if something’s working or not by the end of
the day within I got a day or two whereas with like free traffic you take
you can take months just to figure out and be like hey isn’t working
which kind of sucks unfortunately but that’s what it is that’s why it’s hard
for me to say you know free traffic is the best or paid traffic is the best
because guys quite honestly they’re both are very good they’re millionaires who
made tons of money using free traffic you know they’re millionaires should’ve
made a ton of money by using paid traffic there are people who are
successful on both sides it really comes up to you and your Sharon situation if
the money saved up you have the budget to spend on advertising then I
definitely commend messing around actually using paid advertising if you
can’t afford it right if you can’t afford that’s not a problem I completely
understand if you want to start using free traffic and just free traffic but I
have to warn you guys that is definitely gonna take a little bit longer than with
paid traffic of course yeah there’s no guarantees at all but it’s gonna work
with free or paid traffic one might work better than the other but the only way
if you really know is to try both things and whichever one works for you use that
one stick with it but at the same time guys be smart with your decisions and
understand where coming from I understand what’s working and what’s not
working and look at it objectively don’t just think hey I’m spending all this
money on ads I’m not really seeing many results because guys what you’re paying
for is the results he says as soon as I put an ad out and I let it run for like
a day or two and I realized hey it didn’t work I’ll change it I’ll edit it
I’ll make it better and then I’ll send it out again and then I’ll just keep
doing that until I have a successful advertisement we’re stuck I recently ad
is gonna be a winner but you can figure it out pretty quickly which one’s got me
which one isn’t gonna be just by spending like five dollars so if you
have the budget I recommend doing that without being say guys it really is up
to you to determine which one you want to which one you want to do of course
you can definitely try them both out I’m not saying just you want orders together
you guys can definitely try out both even at the same time if you wanted to
guys you guys could start a blog or You Tube channel and Instagram and then also
run some Facebook Ads it’s not a problem at all guys I might
even recommend doing that if you have the time and the budget for it because
quite honestly I might even give you the best results guys to actually make a
combination of the two that can you be the best results guys you’re never gonna
know until you try it for yourself because guys the number one thing the
main thing here is to take action because of course nothing works unless
you doing as the sad truth is that probably 90 probably 95% of people watch
this video we’re gonna watch it and do nothing on this information whatsoever
they might say hey maybe I’ll start an interesting in one day maybe I’ll start
a Twitter but they won’t actually do it and if they do it and take some weeks if
not months so let’s procrastinated our way off and then by that time guys it’s
not too late but you just lost out on a ton of time guys and time is probably
one of the biggest things when it comes to free traffic because like I keep
saying guys with free traffic the number one thing is it takes a lot of time to
build up like a following that audience and actually be able to generate a lot
of traffic quickly because that guy’s gonna make sure you is all the time you
have and start as soon as possible guys definitely
get out there take action today and you know start working on the life of your
dreams guys with that being so that pretty much wraps up this video so if
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single day and with all that stuff being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I
will see you in the next one I am out peace


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