Siberian Husky + Labrador Retriever | Camper Van Life S1:E39

this week charlie the labrador puppy
stops by for a taste of van life and we have our first live TV appearance on
Good Morning Arizona we’re back in Mesa because one we
enjoyed staying in an RV resort and we’re at another one called Mesa spirit
but two we’re gonna be on good morning Arizona on February 5th really excited
I’m really nervous because it’s going to be our first live TV news appearance yes
please good luck Hey look good so question if
people wanted sticker how did they get one oh well you can get a sticker by
meeting us or by becoming a WT our family member on patreon that’s right you’re barely hanging on let’s open it
feels good oh yeah so this is the obligatory
Joe making coffee section that goes into practically every episode we shoot mmm
this is the Guatemalan my mom called this morning he wants to come out and
visit us in Mesa and she has a new puppy that she wants us to me hey Charlie she loves the chair she’s so
happy you’re just watching me make coffee that’s not new although she does love
coffee my mom had a cup of coffee in a cup
holder and Charlie was in her lap so Charlie crawled over we looked down and
she’s there drinking the coffee out of my mama’s Cup she’s a true Rousso she is
at eight weeks old at eight weeks old you’re drinking coffee oh my goodness were you headed Hey can I have a kiss Charlie kiss thank you you’re just the cutest labrador puppy
this is my favorite thing about labs look I’m flying he finished that one and
now he’s working on Charlie’s got it yeah feel like he’s gonna snap that thing in
half he’s destroyed more than one of those good job buddy Oh my mom and Charlie are heading home
today but not before I make her a cup of coffee in the van outside of her hotel
because my coffee is always better and so are you bye leo
good morning it was nice getting a full night’s sleep last night
I forgot how much work puppies can actually be it was really nice that my
mom came out it was uh it was good to meet Charlie mm-hmm great to get a great
night’s sleep last night let’s go do our TV appearance excited hi everybody welcome to channel 3 we’re
happy to have you thank you though excited to do
so here’s what the plan is this is what we need to do so we need to move your
vehicle because it’s going to be in the shot as close to our building as
possible so that our mics will pick up you know the audio okay put that up your shirt and then we’ll
bring it out Collin isn’t doing it we started in 2015
we’re going on three years on the road so how do you afford that are you guys
retired no so Joe wrote a book I’m he’s an author to help share our story and
how we transition to this lifestyle and help inspire other people to do it and
show them how to do it yeah and we have a YouTube channel and website get set up
this is Tatiana she’s hanging out with us until they come out to shoot this
very exciting doing them stop hey Toria Joe so you guys trap on the world everybody laughs you know each other oh yeah
they’re nosy bitch would you or could you pack everything
into this van and head around the country thank you so much for pulling up
here and giving us a glimpse into your life on the road you’ve been together
about 13 years you’re married five years but that’s like 50 years when you think
about living in close quarters van life why yeah we wanted to get on the road
see the country we’re doing the typical nine-to-five and just didn’t have a good
work-life balance we really wanted to get out there and do it for a year once
on the road we decided we got to keep going
yeah our dream was to travel and work for ourselves and travelling like this
made that a reality for us well your shirt says it all you guys are feeling
good you’re living your dream life and you’re kind of on an authentic adventure
together yes and here it is all in the book
including a chapter number 17 the bucket throne I don’t know do you have a plan
now you’re just wandering around we’re wandering in Kate likes to say we chase
75 and sunny so we follow the weather we like to you know see beautiful things go
to the national parks and just wherever the wind takes us I think that’s kind of
cool actually yeah road-tripping tips since you guys are obviously pros one of
the things we noticed no no if Bobby are able to peek in here and now you’ve got
the instant pot which all the ladies of good morning Arizona are obsessed with
and this is your cool elusive but this is the only thing
you’re using right this is your kitchen we cook all of our meals in here
breakfast lunch and dinner Indian sand pot I do poached eggs in there student
steamed salmon I mean everything is instant she’s speaking April’s like I
know two and a half years on the road what part of this don’t you like so far
you know I would say when it started out being in such tight quarters together it
was driving me nuts and getting used to bathroom but now
that we’ve been doing it for so long we love it and we could never see going
back to that old lifestyle I mean we have so much freedom we can go anywhere
we want this thing we can park in a normal spot so just about anywhere in
the country we can go we can see has it helped your relationship oh yeah it’s so
much closer now I think it’s so small but our thing is we don’t live in the
van we live out of the van okay so when we go to the Grand Canyon that is our
backyard so we really kind of live outside and
enjoy the outdoors okay for our friends at home who are not going to spend their
their entire year on the road give us one destination that is a
can’t-miss across the United States I would say Yosemite yes amazing and it’s
really nice when you have your house and you can pull out an overlook Kate we’ll
make something an instant pot and we just sit there and enjoy the view while
we eat dinner that is nice so you’ve done this two and a half years
you’re just gonna keep keep going that’s the plan till we’re tired of it we’d
like to either ship this van or find something in Europe go around continue
the adventure so you are on YouTube you’ve got your book take risks you’re
going to have a book that’s the next project on an instant pot cookbook I
love it okay well Joe Russo take risks so you’ll find his book there and we’ll
check out your YouTube channel which is congratulations
continues the Russos where they really the nurses love that be safe out on the
road really I’ve got Leo I know you it was but it
went by really quickly and Leo took off the minute the camera came out I’m out
of here let’s do this thank you guys so much for watching if
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