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– The rise of the internet has given us an overabundance of side hustles. There are many ways to
make extra money online from the comfort of your own home. So let’s talk about it. Hey, what’s up? Welcome back to another
episode of Boss Tip Thursday, where I share tips and tutorials
to help you get work done. Today it’s all about side hustles. If you want to start a business, but you have a full-time job, then starting with a side hustle is the best thing for you to do. If you want to make
extra money on the side, if you want to keep
your job but you’re just looking for some extra money, then side hustle is the way to go. If you’re looking to learn new skills to make you more valuable
in the workplace, then start with a side hustle. Today I’m going to be sharing a total of nine side hustles that require little to no investment up front. They’re all very easy, and most of them you can get started today. Some quick disclaimers
before we get started. I don’t want to give
false impressions here. So the first thing is
that you can get started with most of these side hustles today, but that doesn’t mean that
you’ll start getting paid today. You have to put in the work and continue and be consistent for
about a couple of months to start seeing the results. Then the second thing
that I want to make clear is that they are easy
because anyone can learn to do any of these side hustles. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. But depending on your
skills and current knowledge about the online space and
all these technical things you’ll have to do, the
learning curve may be slight or substantial, depending
on what you already know. So it’s easy, but you do
have to put in your effort to learn new skills. Then the last thing, in the
description there will be a PDF that you can download that will have additional resources and
links and different things that will help you get started with each of these side hustles. The first side hustle
is affiliate marketing. This is the referral
business of the internet. You know back then they
had Avon and Mary Kay, where you referred people a product and then you got a commission
if you sold these products? Well, this is the jist
of this side hustle. You recommend people products
and then you get a commission if they use your affiliate link. There’s Walmart, Target, Amazon. So many of these platforms
have affiliate programs. But most of the products you
use probably also have them. So just think of any softwares, any digital devices,
any journals, planners, anything that you use most
likely has an affiliate program. Just do a Google search, the product plus the word “affiliate” after it, and you should be able to find it. If not, most of these
products are on Amazon, so if you join their affiliate program you can get an affiliate
link to promote it. Just find things that you enjoy doing, things that you enjoy using. Get into this program. You’ll have to fill out
a short application. It’s a quick process. Within a day or two they’ll approve you and you can start promoting this product and get paid for it. The second side hustle is YouTube. YouTube can be used as a
content marketing strategy, meaning that you create
content on this platform to attract people and customers
who will buy your products. It can be any affiliate
products, as we talked about, books, courses, or anything
that you have to sell. But as you know, YouTube
also pays you via AdSense. Every time an ad is shown on your video you get a small percentage of that. This used to be an easy side hustle, but because it’s easy, it
did get over-saturated. People took advantage, and now YouTube has put in some guidelines in place. Before you can join their AdSense program and start getting paid, you have to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watched. So there is a curve there. You do have to get through that. But if you’re willing to put
in the time and the effort, and learn more about this
platform, it can be done. Or you can use it as a
content marketing strategy to sell your other stuff,
like the affiliate products and other things that we’re
going to be talking about throughout this video. Side hustle number three
is retail arbitrage. The main goal with this side hustle is to buy low and sell high. So first you buy the product
at stores like Walmart, Target, Ross, TJ Maxx, or
even like at pawn shops, garage sales, and thrift stores, and then you sell the product
online for a higher price. You can use Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and then there’s also a lot
of other apps that you can use where you can sell locally and you don’t have to sell online, so
that’s another side hustle. Side hustle number four
is Kindle publishing. This is Amazon’s self-publishing platform. It’s free to join and
anyone can publish an ebook. You can write these books yourself, or you can hire a ghostwriter and publish your books under pen names. Now the good thing about KDP is that once you have an ebook
you can easily create an audiobook, a paperback,
a hardcover version of that same ebook, so one income stream easily turns into four. Side hustle number five is
to sell T-shirts online. Now there are many sites
that you can do this with, like Teespring and Shopify, Etsy, I think you can also tell T-shirts there. But the easiest way to get started is with Merch by Amazon. With Merch by Amazon, all you have to do is upload your T-shirt design, and Amazon will create the shirt for you, sell it and produce it, take care of all the
customer service stuff. So if you’re into design, you
can create it and upload it. Or you can hire someone to
create the shirt designs for you. If you just have a concept,
you can give that concept to someone on Fiverr or Upwork, and they will create it for you. You upload it and Amazon
takes care of the rest. Side hustle number six is to teach online. If you know more than the average person about a certain topic, you
can create online classes and get paid for it. You can create online classes
about almost anything, like makeup, cooking, self-development, time management, YouTube,
social media marketing, photography, and so many other things. Now there are a couple
of ways to go about this. You can start with a
platform called Teachable, which is a place where you’ll have to drive your own traffic there. You have to create your own course, and you’re kind of in
charge of everything. It’s free to join Teachable,
but the price does go up depending on the features
that you want and need. But with this platform, it’s easy, because it’s kind of like drag and drop. They walk you through
the process of creating the online class step by step. Or you can try other platforms
like Udemy and Skillshare. On these platforms, they
do take a percentage of your earnings, but
they have a lot of traffic coming to them already. So it’s easier to get started with. It’s always a good idea to drive traffic towards your courses
and products and books and anything you sell. But having Udemy and
Skillshare already established as a platform for online
classes really does help. Side hustle number
seven is graphic design. If you don’t want to teach your services, you can sell them on sites
like Fiverr and Upwork, and graphic design is one of them. If you have a good eye for design, why not get paid for it? You can be a well trained
designer where you went to school, or you can be a self-taught designer. It doesn’t matter. People are always looking
for all different levels. On these sites that I
mentioned, Fiverr and Upwork, people offer their services, and they all have different
levels of expertise, so they charge different prices. But people are always
looking to save time. They don’t want to spend
the time to learn Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop, or any of that. They just want it done. So you can sell specific
graphic design services, like YouTube thumbnails,
YouTube cover art, logos, book covers, any of that, and people will pay you for it because they just don’t
want to spend the time to learn and get it done. Side hustle number eight
is freelance writing. Again, with the time thing,
people don’t want to spend the time to write the
copy for their websites, their blog posts, or
their social media posts. They know that content is important, but they don’t have the time to do it. So this is a great service to sell, again on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. But you can also do it on your own site and offer your services there so you can get the full earnings. Or you can also try working for a company. Just Google this, “sites
that pay you to write,” and you’ll find some
across all industries, like finances, and family, and self-help, time management, health,
so many other things. So just find a topic you
like and apply for these jobs and you can start getting paid to write. Final side hustle is digital products. This is awesome because
it’s somewhat passive. You only create the product once, and then you can sell it again and again. I guess some of the stuff
that we already talked about kind of falls into this category, like the ebooks, and the
T-shirts, and the online classes. You only create those
once and then you can sell them again and again. But I still want to
mention it one more time because there are many
other digital products that you can sell to
make some passive income. There are things like
workbooks and planners, PDFs, even photography. There’s lots of stock photo sites that are always looking for new pictures. So if you’re a photographer,
you can sell it online. Printables and quotes, so
many things that you can sell. Just be open, have a
creative mind about this, and go for it. Anything that can be downloaded instantly and that can add value to someone else is a digital product that you can sell. All right, so that sums
up the nine side hustles to make more money from the
comfort of your own home. I hope you found it
helpful and that you feel inspired and encouraged to
go out and give it a shot. My best advice for you, though, is to pick one and stick with it. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But if you put in the work, eventually you’ll see the results. Don’t do what I did and
jump from side hustle to side hustle every other week. You get nowhere like that. Just pick one that most resonates with you and stick with that one. Once you get that one going, then you can jump to another one. But make sure that you
focus and master one first. Don’t forget to download
the PDF in the description for more resources and
links and helpful things that are going to get you on your way. If you haven’t already, check out my book Online Business Success. In that book I share more about
these side hustles and more. I talk about marketing,
how to find customers, and how to align all this
with your true passion. If you haven’t already, check it out. It’s available on Amazon as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook. Let’s continue the conversation
in the comments below. Let me know which of the side
hustles that I mentioned today sounds the most interesting to you. If you want tutorials on
any of the side hustles that I talked about today,
leave it in the comments below. I’d be glad to share what I know. That’s all for today. Thank you so much for watching,
and I’ll see you next time. (light guitar music)


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