Side Hustle Influencer/Entrpreneur- How To Make Money From Home: Update 1

what’s going on their YouTube Jonathan Wright here with tactical
toolbox and I want to bring you guys another update on our zero to ten
thousand dollar a month on challenge that I proposed in my last video yeah if you haven’t seen that video i’ll
put a link in description so you can a view that but this is our month one
update basically in my last video what I spoke about was how I’m trying to
create a job from home by utilizing my hobbies and leveraging
them to make a living on my main motivation behind this is I want this to
be able to make enough money to match my wife’s income so she can stay at home
with our son I we just had a son back in august of
last year on and I want her to be able to stay at home with him because time is
the number one thing that you can’t get back and then eventually I’m if I could make this match both of
our incomes I will I will stay at home as well and then our son can have both parents
at home with them and we’ll be able to provide a good living the reason I chose ten thousand dollars
a month is that would be enough for me to justify me quitting work I mean combined we don’t make near that
much money but i think that would be enough money to say okay I can quit my
job she quit her job and we can actually make this substantial career staying at
home so what’s new for this month well oh don’t forget guys fathers days coming
up I mean we got like t minus 15 days until father today and I actually put
together a post because every year I I always wait till the last minute to get
my dad something for fathers day and never know what to get him and so I usually end up rushing out to
walmart to buy something crappy for him and then you know he he acts like he
likes it and it collects dust on the shelf so i made a video I’m not a video chart I put gather a blog article about the top five
things that you can get your dad that are tactically related on every day
carry related and i’ll put a link in the description for that so you can read
that and you get all five products for like less than seventy dollars and it’s
not cheap stuff i mean an expensive stuff but it’s good quality stuff so be sure to check that out so what do
we do this month well the good news is we actually made money on a lot more
than I anticipated i’m like i said in my last video I’ve
never made money on the internet before so I’ve read a lot of books about it and
done some research and I’ve tinkered around with blogging in the past but
I’ve never monetized the website so this month we made ninety seven dollars and
24 cents and I think that’s just fantastic because if you saw my other video about
how to take a hundred dollars and create a business with it with a hundred dollar
investment I’m i’ll put a link in description for
that but basically first month trying to monetize my sight I got my return on investment because i
spent about eleven or twelve dollars on the domain and hosting and then I think
it’s like eighty nine dollars on a premium wordpress theme because if
you’re going to monetize your site you don’t want to cheap out on a theme you
want to get a premium theme that will allow you all the flexibility that you
need so on if you haven’t seen that video i’ll put a link down the
description so you can get started making your own website and trying to
monetize it kind of like I’m doing and you can follow along with me in real
time arm so what we’re going to do now is we’re
going to dive up close i’m going to show you guys a screenshot
not just a screenshot of screen recording of my amazon affiliate account
and because that’s how we monetize the site mainly was through amazon
affiliates and what’s cool about amazon affiliate is it’s free and you don’t it’s not very
difficult to get qualified now you do need to have like some kind of platform
that you have content on like youtube or or even you
need something that you’ve already produced some valuable content for them to approve
your application but I’m list I’ve down guys and I’ll show you exactly how we
made ninety seven dollars and 24 cents first month ok guys so here we are in my amazon
account over here and this is how we make money last month I’m basically what we did was around the
17th of the month i received a vortex park they are which wasn’t supposed to come
out until the middle of june but it gets it to me early I’m i bought it from or tex to review in
to do a giveaway so basically what I did was I created a
giveaway promotion on facebook and instagram and told everybody hey once we get the 10,000 subscribers likes
and followers we will give it away to one of you guys
so once I did that I got a lot of people coming to my website and on my website
I’ve done reviews on products that i own and in those product reviews i linked
out to facebook I mean I’m sorry amazon so I linked out
to amazon and because i had that influx of traffic that was more interested in
gun stuff we got all these sales here and I was like holy shit I couldn’t believe it so basically as
you can see right here we sold for hopes we saw that can be that can highlight it
for these a vortex spark a ours basically I did the review and I told
people I said hey if you’re too impatient to wait for the to wait for
the giveaway then go ahead they got him on amazon for
199 as you can see here and then like two days later they drop the price to
185 and I blasted that on facebook saying hey guys look they just dropped
the price but there was only like I think for left in stock at that price so
i just told people I look if you want one you might as well go buy it because
this is the lowest price i’ve ever seen this is way less than what i paid for
texts for it so but what’s great about Amazon Associates
is you don’t just get paid for what people click on and by you get paid on
everything they buy and that 24-hour period so Amazon will track them for 24
hours and you get a percentage of the cart total now when you first start out
in the month you get paid four percent commissions once you sell and ship out I think six or seven products they will
increase your commission to six percent on so as you can see right here a total of
eighty eight dollars and sixty-six cents total revenue for the products i sold
was fourteen 9504 this number right here 8866 will actually be adjusted up to
eighty nine dollars and seventy cents about another dollar so because that
when it gets bumped up to six percent it’s actually retroactive on all these
other things that you purchased so right here was as four percent i’ll actually
get six percent for those but what Amazon does is they give everyone a
30-day window to return products so i actually won’t get paid on this until
probably July or August because they’re going to give people an opportunity to
return those items and if they return them you don’t get paid on for example
right here you can see I had one returned item that was ten bucks i lost
38 since big whoop but you know it would be kinda sucky to lose like you know
these guys right here but like I said once this next 30 days
is a clear doubt they will go look at my total revenue and give me six percent of
that so this is just right here rough estimate but if it stays like this it
will be eighty nine dollars in seventy cents now my next affiliate was ammunition
supply company I did a few promo out on a few facebook
blast on some of their deals they were having and a couple people purchase
something and I got seven dollars and fourteen cents so when you add this form ammunition
supply company in this which will be eighty nine dollars and steady since you
get ninety seven dollars and a quarter almost so that’s how we monetize the website
this month but up so that’s pretty awesome so i’m not i’m going to show you guys
exactly what I did so basically let’s see here you go over
to Facebook here you can see right here this is where i get about eighty percent
of all my traffic and interaction come from facebook so let’s start from May 31st and work
our way backwards one of my biggest things that I’ve done
on a Facebook is sharing means means our huge like this meme right here I can’t remember what it was said that
was something about gun stuff because that’s who i’m talking to or good people it’s all 20 1113 people organically i
didn’t pay for that another me my shared was about you know breathing when you’re shooting a gun so
you can get better accuracy that once all 15,000 people as you can see i’m not
paying for these ads the next one I did was a it was a trigger review on the
deserve technologies fulcrum trigger which I’ll get more to later it’s all
almost 11,000 people in a grip thing that I’m thinking about ordering or i
just ordered it as a communion actually on it saw quite a few people going on
down well here’s the deal alert for the ammo which I made seven dollars off of
its all 9250 for people and so on and so forth as you can see quite a few things let’s
say the biggest one right here was Missouri passes a Constitutional Carry
it was an article that i curated on to my site and it’s almost 30,000 people
organically and that was the biggest boost as you can see for the first half
of may I didn’t really have that much organic traffic and then I started
figuring things out on how to get more and how to link people up to it so that’s mainly through a facebook and
instagram is how i got and generated most of my traffic and of course I did
the vortex spark a our giveaway and review so it really just took off guys um I don’t know if this was an accident
or if this is something that can be replicated but we’ll find out coming up
this month so guys that’s how we kind of made
ninety seven dollars in the quarter this month i don’t really know exactly you
know like i said if it was just a strike of luck or if this is something that’s
going to be repeatable but i do think that I might have a
slight inclination on how we did it and so I’m gonna try to make that even
better web traffic this month so if you guys
watch my previous video you know I started tactical toolbox march first
first month I got about i think twenty six hundred views to the website on
april we got I think it was a no I’m sorry march was
twenty-eight hundred views April was 2600 and then this month we
got 3,600 views or 3600 visits four point seven thousand views so that means of the 3600 about 1.2
pageviews per person so that means when a person came to the
website they didn’t just leave right away they clicked on another page to
view it so we got four point seven thousand total views on I’m like you guys are like I told you
guys in the last video I’m going to be i’ve been using what’s called the 8020
principal and what that is is I’m going to focus on the twenty percent of
actions that are producing eighty percent of my results so this past month what i did was i
realize that most of my traffic and conversions were coming from facebook
instagram and then I started with YouTube and it’s been great it’s actually been awesome so I’m always
trying to identify what are the little things that are producing the massive
results so i can put more time into those instead of on the other things so
right now tactical tool boxes on youtube facebook Instagram I’m Pinterest and Tumblr and Pinterest
and Tumblr don’t really generate much traffic i mean they do a little bit i’m
not going to completely ignore them but i want to put most of my time into
Facebook because Facebook number one for our web traffic Instagram is probably number two and i
just started with YouTube but i have a feeling that it’s going to be quickly
rising to the number one spot what’s new for this month all right this month what I’m going to
be trying to do is I’m going to do some amazon store integration into the
tactical toolbox website basically the reason would be doing that is what i’m
doing the reviews and i’m linking out to it will track those people for 24 hours
so whatever they buy a 24-hour period I will get a commission for however long
it takes them away from my website so i want him to stay on my website as much
as possible so i’m going to put a store integration into my website and if you
guys visit my website you will notice some changes coming up this month and
number one reason for that is one it it increases the time on my site I’m number two you get a 90-day cookie
and what that means is instead of amazon tracking people for 24 hours you now get they can now track some for
90 days so anything they buy in that 90-day
period regardless if it’s from my cider hot will generate an income for me um and now i know i want you guys to
know something like I’m not trying to rip people off or anything I’m i only review products that I
actually own so like right here the vortex parquear i
did a review on this and this is the one I’m doing to give away for you guys want
to enter to give away to win this i’ll put a link in the description for that
as well on because like i said i didn’t buy this for me i bought it to give it
away um another thing i’m going to do a
review on as I just picked this guy at this is called the Kershaw cryo and it’s
actually a great little EDC knife i just wanted something that was small and kind
of quality but it was only like 25 bucks from amazon like i said i’ll put a link in it ription if you want to get one of these
on also this month I did some upgrades to
my EDC Glock 19 this weapon is clear as you guys can see
there we go this trigger right here I’ve tried a
couple of different of a Glock triggers this vortex fulcrum is freaking amazing you can adjust this trigger from I don’t
know probably 2.5 pounds up to about five and a half pounds back to stock but
man this is this trigger reset you guys I see this right here check
this out so that’s the take up there’s that but
check out this recent oh yeah that’s nice so I’m going to be
doing a video review already have a written review at the tactical toolbox
page i’ll put a link in the description if you guys want to see the written
review but i’m going to a video review on this trigger the second thing that I
got this month where the trijicon HD night sights and these guys are awesome I got these in the other day I haven’t
had a chance to do a review on them i’m going to go to the range in a test
them out first but uh man these things are bright in your
target acquisition like it really draws your eye to this front sight because the
front side is orange if you’ve been looking for these are
kind of hard to find in stock right now especially for a good price like most
people want like a hundred and fifty bucks for him but i’ll put a link in the
description where you get for about a hundred thirty on so you can go get
those but I oh yes a new update um I got in touch with a
company called red line concealment holsters they’re out of Texas and they make some
awesome kydex holsters and so I contacted the owner asked him hey you
know I want to do a review on some of your holsters because when people are
making purchasing decisions they’re looking for reviews and he doesn’t have
any reviews about his products that are on his website so you know sometimes you
put reviews on your website and people know with that you know you either paid
someone to do those reviews or the people are proud of your family members so I just talked to him and he said yeah
absolutely i will send you out a holster on he also has this really cool on EDC dump
tray then he makes out a kydex and carbon fiber and that’s actually in my
father’s day list I’m that you can buy I think they’re
like twenty to thirty dollars depending on what size and color that you get but I’m definitely go check out red line
concealment holsters . com i’ll put a link in the description to
the father’s day thing so you guys can check that out what are my goals for june so it’s
awesome that we made ninety seven dollars 24 cents this month but i really
want to be able to you know like I said make a living from this so that my wife
can stay at home with the Sun and then eventually myself as well so the goals
for this month is and i’m looking for an ammo sponsor for our website i want to
be able to bring higher quality reviews and content for the marketplace and one
of the biggest cost and reviewing gun products is I got to go out and test
them and you need ammunition to do that so I’m looking for web site sponsor that
i can add that will provide ammo for me and you know that way i can name drop
them and you put some banners on the tactical toolbox website integrate them
into my youtube videos so if you guys are watching and you know of an ammo
company or if you are an ammo company and you would like to sponsor us just
hit me up at the website a tactical toolbox calm and go to the contact us
page I’ll be happy to speak with you about
that i’m also looking for other side sponsors as well so you know if there’s
an optics company that one of the you know sponsored a website you know it would cost them some money
but what that does is it gives me resources to create higher quality
content because right now I’m doing everything myself I don’t have anyone doing the video
stuff except for me I don’t have anyone doing on everything
is done by me so I can outsource some things and have it more professionally
done and that way we can bring hot more value to the customers and aside from getting site sponsors and
doing more product reviews this month my next biggest goal is to double the
affiliate sales so last month we made you know ninety seven dollars listen I’m gonna try to double that you
know i’m going to try to take that on a hundred ninety-four dollars or something
like that and see what we can do thank you guys like i said if you’re if
you’re one of our loyal readers thank you so much for everything guys on I’m gonna like I said I’m gonna do it
update every single month showing you guys what I did and then what I plan to
do and we’re actually going to find out if you can make a viable career turning
your hobbies into your career thanks guys i’m jonathan wright and you
guys stay sexy and i’ll talk to you later


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