Simplest way to use Amazon affiliate links on YouTube

hey Henry here and today I’m going to
show you one of the ways that I plan on making money off of youtube and then is
going to be with affiliate marketing through Amazon so what I did is have
this channel here where we go over different ways to make second-string to
income or different streams of income maybe they’re bigger smaller you know
the whole point is that could be separate in your current source so
that’s either to just relieve stress on that main job or to give you the ability
to leave it all together so we’re get here is I started a new YouTube channel
and this one is just I thought about what I could do it on and I took
something that it’s kind of something to enjoy and that’s working on my 2002
Subaru WRX this channel here and I just put you know a couple is a logo here of
a rally version of the car this is actually a picture of my Subaru I’m
going to take some better ones and the first video I put together was how to
change a mass airflow sensor in 2008 Subaru WRX so it in my opinion is pretty
specific niche you know Subarus a whole is pretty big but 2002 2003 that had the
bug guy Subarus and I had one about 10 years ago
I wanted one for a long time and finally the opportunity to find one for very cheap
came up actually bought the the one that you see in this picture here for pretty cheap actually
got it for $1900 and you know wasn’t running so the whole
plan was to rebuild it and I started rebuilding it you know without the
channel in mind you know put a new motor in it did a couple upgrades and then
ascertainable I should be filming this and building a channel on it because a
some of the stuff I’m doing I can’t find online with a specific car as far as how
to do it and be I was looking for something to kind of affiliate market
so might as will do something I’m going to do anyway so I created this first video and
you know I put a little tag there on a little picture just to get people to
check it and the shortman video I try to keep it under seven minutes
you know since I’ve been looking at how to videos the first thing that I would
look at it’s the length of the video so something that was really long as I look
for something shorter so gets another seven minutes I did show them how to do
the change on the car and then I did a couple driving stuff so people actually
like the car would enjoy at the end of the video in the description what I did
is I put in a how to replace amount they are post one thirty two thousand two WRX
and then I put the products that I used even the screwdriver put on there with
Amazon affiliate links and then just a simple instruction instruction now not a
mechanic so people that you know or just do-it-yourselfers
you know benefit from this video and one thing I’m looking for is people that
maybe are more experts to get involved in the channel and give updates and help
that way some of those fine if they could get in the comments and read if
I’m even better ways and I did it and possibly gives any ways to do update
videos and things like that so I’m going to work on promoting the video so right
now I only have seven views and that all came from probably me watching it once
and then I get posted in a subreddit dedicated to Subarus and a couple of
people collect it just from there there’s a very small reddit subreddit
but put that there I’m going to work on some Google
advertising and we’ll do that in a different video on how to try to get
people that are looking for this either I want people that are either looking to
change the mass airflow sensor or you know are interested in this you know
two-year available cars two thousand two two thousand thirteen kind of build
around that kind of give small following and you know work that niche that’s it
for this video I just wanted to show you the first thing that I’m working on how
I intend to get traffic and how I intend to monetize it and that’s from the
affiliate links I don’t think that you know this niche will get a ton of views
as far as you know I don’t know how many people are really interested in this
model car because a lot of people in making driving a very like oh awesome
car you know what was those were bad I’m majority of people are saying why are you driving
such an old car and I’ll put a picture of it you know this was car looks like
so some people just don’t know and I like it because if you drive by a cop
car doesn’t look like anything suspicious but when you’re actually
driving it you realize you know all-wheel drive turbo a car lots of fun
so you know it’s just a passion of mine something I’ve really enjoyed so I’m
just going to follow it and you know if I make a few bucks from the affiliate
link you know that’s kind of the goal here this may not be something that’s
pulling in ten thousand dollars a month but if it pays for a few free upgrades
you know if I make a hundred bucks I’m able to do some work on the car from it
then it’s worth it you know it’s kind of pain for my hobby that’s the goal on the
next video I’m going to do is I’m going to do with Google campaign a YouTube
campaign and what I’ll do is I’ll do the campaign and on in the video raffle and
one so you can see the results so see how many views how much watch time and
everything from that if you like the video definitely subscribe if you have
any comments or suggestions please put them below and I’ll see you guys next

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