Sluice Box – Gold Panning

What’s up guys, how you all doing? For today’s video we’re going to put to the test This Sluice Box, last gold panning video got a million views, so thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed that video! So today I got this thing, hopefully It works! So what you will have to do set it in a stream like This Boom! And find pretty big rock to set it like that And then I already got some material what we’re going to do is just feed it right here And you see how water washing everything off It will have to be 4 inches drop off. And this is how it works, we slowly add on A little bit of material And that’s what we’re going to continue doing Slowly add on more material Just like this Next step, what I’m gonna do is unscrew this bolt, of course don’t lose it and then pull this part out And of course check for gold over here for bigger nuggets right now i only see a little rocks That’s it I don’t see any actual gold So then I’m just gonna pull up this mesh wire and then what I’m supposed to do is take off this whole part out There you go. And then grab a bucket fill it up with water and then we’re just going to dump all this dirt in here You see how it’s ripples? So hopefully the gold will get stuck inside of them. Oh by the way also Leftovers right here you wanna grab it right here and wash it into the bucket as well in case there’s gold get stuck And then put it back together Then we’re going to pan all the dirt and dump out some of that water And you know how to pan same thing as like last video Just gonna shake it up and then we’re gonna take away layers Okay now we only have a little bit sand left Lots of black sand so that’s good that’s what we want to see. Gold with the black sand You see how many a lot of shiny stuff in there It might be gold because it sits to the end, but I’m not sure and it’s so little But yeah guys, a lot of shiny yellow stuff over here, but I don’t think it’s actually gold It’s a lot of fun though, even if it’s gold it’s so small, i wish i could find a little nugget or something instead Okay, I’m gonna do this one more time, we’ll see if we’re going to get anything again See it’s slowly washes off all the big rocks Well guys there you go Sluice Box, i really love the design it’s really cool to put through the Material and catch all the gold in here. I did not find any gold from two buckets, but it doesn’t means once again it doesn’t work Maybe I’m just not digging in the right place for gold. What i’m thinking to do I’m going to get another Pay Dirt And run it through ifs and we’ll see if it’s going to catch any gold in here, but i’m excited To have it. Hopefully you enjoyed this video anyway even though we didn’t find any gold, but there you go Sluice Box that you can get and actually pan for gold this way Well guys that’s pretty much it, thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time 🙂


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