Smoked Ribs – On Pellet Grill

welcome to mid-south flavor I’m Jay. today
we’re going to make some smoked ribs on the pellet smoker it is very hot outside
so I apologize if you see some sweat going on here but today I really wanted
some ribs so I decided we might as well shoot a
video while I was at it I’ve actually never released a video on my ribs that I
do on my pellet smoker so I thought today would be a good day to do that to
start off with I have already removed the membrane off of these ribs surely
you know how to do that if you don’t there’s gonna be videos you can find out
about that but I’m gonna show you how I season these up and get them ready to
go on the smoker first off for a binder I’m going to use this country Bob’s sweet
honey barbecue sauce this is a great tasting barbecue sauce will make a great
binder just gonna coat the front and the back of these ribs with this barbecue
sauce before i season it next I’ll be coating both sides with our very own
sweet and smoky BBQ seasoning if you haven’t tried this there is a link
in the description where you can pick up your own bottle of this this rack of
ribs is ready to go I’ve got two more to get ready we’re putting them onto Camp
Chef woodwind pellet grill today I’m using this grill on the high smoke
setting with the Camp Chef grills they have high smoke and low smoke as well as
the set temperatures but the high smoke and the low smoke they kind of
fluctuates so the high smoke get fluctuates in between like 210 and 220
degrees which seems to be one of the most perfect temperatures for most of
what I use it for of course the low smoke is just a lower fluctuating
temperature and from my understanding it is the fluctuating temperatures that
kind of produce the best smoke at least that’s what I’ve been told today I’m trying a different brand of
pellets this is the smoke ring barbecue pellets and this is the maple hip freak
cherry blend or some people call it competition blend other brands have
pretty much the same blend I’m trying these to see how well they
work it’s been three hours now we’re fixing to pull these ribs off we’re
going to drizzle a little bit more barbecue sauce over them then wrap them
in foil put them back on here so yeah let’s get a rack of these off before we
get these off I do recommend going ahead and having your foil laid out here I’m
using some heavy-duty foil for this so yeah I’m gonna lay out three pieces of
foil let’s get the ribs off these ribs are looking and smelling wonderful
already just need a little bit more to be finished up time for just a little
bit more barbecue sauce it’s drizzling on the top there
by the way I’ll give you links to all of the stuff that I’m using in the
description below this video all right get it all wrapped up good and
tight put it back on there I’ve got two more of these to do the ribs are back on
there I’m going to let these go for two hours now at the same temperature it’s
been two hours and these are ready to pull off and take out of the foil I’m
gonna be using these hideous-looking gloves got them on Amazon and I’ll leave
a link to them simply because they work but they are hideous looking just to let
you know so yeah we’re gonna pull these off open them up and take a look at them
my son calls these my spider-man gloves here’s the first one it’s already
dripping okay these things look and smell amazing
they’re ready to go back on the grill now that I’ve taken them out of the foil
I’m gonna put them back on the grill probably for about only another 20 to 30
minutes I’m gonna put some barbecue sauce on them in just about ten minutes
so yeah these already look delicious I can already tell they’re pulling away
from the bone so this is a good sign they’re gonna go on back on there for
just a little bit more so there we go these ribs are finished they had a total
of about five hours and 20 minutes cook time these look delicious they smell
delicious they’re not competition ribs so yeah they’re kind of which called
backyard ribs where they’re falling apart that’s the way we really like them
anyway so yeah I’m fixing to try one of these and see what it tastes like if it
tastes as good as it looks in smells it’s gonna be great so guess we just dig
in fighting the Flies here and it’s got a beautiful smoke ring I think those
pellets done great how well that shows up on camera but yeah looks great here
we go mmm man that’s good I’ll tell you the smoke pellets in a
fantastic job you get that sweet honey barbecue sauce taste and of course our
sweet and smoky seasoning yeah this is just a win all around these are
delicious I can’t complain about these at all we’ve got one clean bone already
there’s gonna be a lot of clean bones here in just a few minutes as I
mentioned earlier you can find links to the products that I use in the
description below this video I would greatly appreciate it if you pick up
some of our sweet and smoky bbq seasoning I know there’s several
different methods that you can cook ribs so tell me in the comments below what is
your favorite method for cooking ribs thanks for liking commenting and
subscribing and remember on the grill or in the kitchen here in the mid-south we
do flavor


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