So funktioniert PayPal (Tutorial) So einfach kannst du online bezahlen

Welcome to this video. In this video I will explain you, what paypal is, what you can do with it and how you create your own account. So first of all, Paypal is a way to create a bank account online which you can use to pay easily in online shops. PayPal is the most popular payment method next to credit cards and instant transfer with which you can pay online. And it makes your online banking saver, if you use some certain steps. Short Information: For example, you can not pay with PayPal at So you can’t pay everywhere with PayPal but in the most cases. But how you can created your own PayPal account now? You can easily sign up in the right up corner. You need to fill in your data like adresse and name. This way works if you use it as private person. You can also use PayPal as business person. If you sign up sucessfullyl, your dashboard should look like this. Or it should, if you added a credit card in the sign up process. How you can add a credit card, I will show you in some seconds. Here on your profil, you have your account overview. You can add a profil picture if you want. Here you have the option to send money, get bounties and other advantages.


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