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This is a review for the WordPress socio dynamo
plugin as you can see we have the elite version here that’s the third version so it includes
all the versions underneath if we go to the settings here we have all of our keys and
everything entered back to the main page is the social dynamic we have categories I’ve
already added categories basketball swimsuits football-playing Thorson from there we can
go to just click here and then click Add and it’ll drop it down into this area after
that you can edit posts as you can see here they have no post edited yet can also go to
the campaigns where I have not created any campaign yet so I’ll show you all this stuff
and how to do it you can go to the pages before you do anything to create a page and then
it goes there I’ve already created basketball Clayton Thorson and football helmets will
go up here and hit add new and we can click on the swimsuits page so just type in swimsuits
here add this and then you go over here to the social dynamite template hit publish and
then you’re good to go after that you can select all of the different custom settings
within the societal template to scroll down here we’ll just that’s a theme option hide
that show page title show search show category you can say all the categories you want to
show it all this is the featured position it’s a big red bar at the top of the page
you can just disable that so that will show you after this you have these posts settings
down here this is the post settings it says page widgets but it really should be post
so here you can check where you wanted to show up and we’ll drag the categories into
the left-hand sidebar and the recent posts into the right sidebar all these widgets here
come from the WordPress widgets section you can add them to any of the soci dynamo post
now if we go up to the top and hit update the page so that will it will save all of
the settings we just applied from there we go to the soci dynamo elite regular menu main-menu
you hit categories or campaigns what we’ll do is check the campaign’s we’re going to
add new campaigns so we’ll add one for each page the first campaign will I will do swimsuits
then we can go over here type in where we wanted to come from Twitter Facebook Amazon
eBay and scroll down we have Commission Junction YouTube we don’t have Commission Junction
setup so we’ll skip that keywords just type in swimsuits here or whatever keywords you
like but we’re just going to keep it real simple so that I can show you what this plug-in
does and what it doesn’t do and how it works and doesn’t work after typing keywords you
go to select the category you wanted to go to we want swimsuits and then Piazza t in
minutes so what we’ll do is probably just type in like a thousand minutes or something
like that click Save and then it shows up below we can redo this will do football helmets
and we’ll leave the source of the same change the keywords to football helmets then over
here add to the correct category football helmets and you can just leave them in the
same hit save and will continue doing this for each new category and new campaign and
what this campaign will do is it it automatically grabs posts from the sources and then directs
them to your page so it save we can change the minutes doesn’t matter so put1200 there
just to give you an idea you can click anything you want here they are below the last one
will do is the ClaytonThorson picture is and and then change the keyword will just do it
to his name and since he doesn’t have products on eBay amazon will just do YouTube Facebook
and Twitter so on his page we will only expect to see products from YouTube Facebook and
Twitter that is it there should be nothing else will go clean Thorson 900 minutes save
and there they are they’re althea categories are all enabled and then if you want you can
run the campaign’s now they’ve already been ran when you added them now we can go over
here pages or you can go up here we’ll just visit site visit site open a new tab for you
and here’s a nice home page here’s our menu with all of our new pages as you can
see the last one we added swimsuits was up there so we’ll click on basketball wait a
minute no this is the basketball page and we have all kinds of swimsuits on here we
have different bikinis different videos different swimsuit games swimsuit models all kinds of
swimsuit stuff on the basketball page what happened why did this this work well it’s
one of the defects in the socio dynamo campaign tool it doesn’t distinguish between your keywords
so let’s see what happens when you click on a post while we wait for that alone we can
go back and check on our keywords we go back here to our campaigns list and you’ll see
in the basketball campaign we have basketball as the keyword basketball that’s our only
keyword and it’s posting to the basketball category yet on our page we have swimsuits
here’s our post that we loaded and over here here’s our football gear notice that red bar
at the top that’s in our way this is the recent posts over here again we disable this big
red header thing it’s still herein all of our post sit’s very annoying you can’t see
there’s also no top navigation menu so there’s no way to get back to our home page or even
our social Dino main page other than deleting this and enter and here we are back to homepage
let’s check it every one foot violence ok football helmets here we are well keep in
mind no top menu here’s the claim for someone here’s a basketball on this page another March
Madness deal let’s go back to a different page delete and load here we go so try swimsuits
what do we have here ok swimsuits first thing I see is a little thing for football helmets
we’ve got football helmet technology we’ve got the basketball owls we’ve got a basketball
your another basketball football helmets allover the place some swimsuits down here so we do
have some suits on the swimsuit page but again you know look at this it’s totally not following
our keywords no menu at the top go over here look at Clayton Thorson clean Thorson’s our
keyword basketball basketball all these keywords are exactly what we specified yet on the page
we have additional products and this error occurs on all of our pages not only one now
remember on the Clayton Thorson page we only had Facebook twitter and YouTube checked so
let’s go here and check it outright here Facebook YouTube twitter see Amazon Commission
Junction anyway are not selected so we’ll go to our clean Thorson page right here we
see all these different things what’s this NFL football helmet playoff temple I was nothing
related to clayton for since will click on this and we have a nice product page click
on that where does it go amazon we didn’t even put anything related to Amazon look at
your amazon is not selected yet we have amazon products on the Clayton Thorson page what’s
going on it didn’t retrieve anything Clayton Thorson page we have amazon products we didn’t
want amazon products so not only is it pulling the wrong products from our other pages but
it is also pulling products to the page that you don’t specify basically it doesn’t work
properly and it doesn’t matter how you select the post even if you manually select your
products it still post the wrong posts now let’s try to get that top menu put on our
page so we go here scroll down you can see here are the widget areas so we’ll go to menu
custom custom menu okay so grab that put it on the header that would be at the top of
the page headers are at the top we go down here main menu so that’s what we’ll check
will check our main menu as you can see appearance will show you that indeed we did call it main
menu okay right there main menu and here are all of the items on our menu saw this on the
homepage that’s where it was displayed all of these different categories all these things
on the main menu so we go back here main menu there is hit save ok you can see there it
saved so that it is indeed going to be placed in the header go up here will update now the
page will be saved ok let’s see how it is page updated view the page open that up okay
here we go there’s no menu up here at the top of our page however socio dynamo support
when I contacted about this they said well that will only show up in the posts ok so
let’s click on post here’s a post for temple owls not only did not load properly but there
is a no menu up here our search bar and this annoying red feature bar so let’s go back
and tried everyone we know this football pro helmet one worked because we view that many
times ok so it worked again annoying red bar no header where is the header even there there’s
no header up here and that bar stays in our way the whole time so the header didn’t
work I even gave dynamo support I’m blogging for my website and they were unable to get
the menu to function like a WordPress make apparently if there are more than three items
dynamo menus don’t work now let’s say you don’t have a nice home page like this two
features a different product and you have a domain name that you want to showcase that
domain so you want to showcase claim 47 dot com because it’s after all his domain name
so we’ll go to claim for Senor social animal created page by taking this and hit customize
and you go to static front page because it’s a WordPress plugin so this is all standard
WordPress theme options front page to be claimed for us and then we will save and publish that
and you can see it saved so you can go now to and it will come up
right to our beautiful social Dino homepage however when we click on a post it goes to
a not found 404 error page what’s going on we have our standard menu up there on the
WordPress theme but we’re still on air page let’s go back and tried everyone we know this
football helmet post work because it’s worked before click on it there it is for all four
but it’s not found it was found earlier but now it’s not we have our menu again appear
let’s go back ok we’re on a clean person page it’s 44 enough phone so let’s try a different
page maybe we’ll click here go to football helmet swimsuits are basketball is try swimsuits
and here we are all the swimsuits are located on this page as you can see in addition there
are all kinds of post that we don’t want on this page that are being posted here anyway
click on 1404 they were working earlier and now they aren’t so let’s try basketball
okay here again this is our football one on the basketball page doesn’t make any sense
click on it oh wait a minute no it works it didn’t work on the football page but it works
on the basketball page let’s try a different one ok basketball this one works so the basketball
page works for some reason but the others don’t and again no menu at the top so you
still have to navigate the back button there’s no menu here so we still have to delete this
and go back to the homepage the homepage is our claim force and social dynamo page I contacted
support about this and they said that social animal pages cannot be used as home pages
but let’s try one more option we can go to the Social dynamo website this he says
right here on the societal page that you can schedule your posts futures to automatically
create traffic to your pages post scheduling right there on the sales page however there
is no ability here to schedule posts we have the categories and campaigns and I contacted
support they said this I said I watched all the videos I have a question how I can schedule
posts however I’m unable to do so I know the campaign feature works but it doesn’t
work properly as we saw here’s the response I’m sorry to say it is not available you
cannot set schedule posts using associate animal you have any other questions let me
know so clearly that they are creating false advertising saying you can schedule posts
when you can’t that is one of the many problems of the socio dynamo plugin for WordPress therefore
in conclusion the societal plugin for WordPress is not very good because the widget areas
don’t show up in addition they are not expensive if you have content it’s too large for the
widget area the menu doesn’t show up on pages menu doesn’t show up on posts the there is
no way to eliminate that big red featured bar on posts only on pages there’s also
no way to schedule your posts they said there was that’s false advertising there’s also
no way to blacklisted post so if you get a post on there that you don’t want that isn’t
fitting in with your keywords you have to manually delete it every single time it retrieves
it automatically due to the failed campaign the campaign doesn’t work as we showed it
grabs the wrong ones doesn’t put the right products on the right pages in addition the
products posted the wrong pages the source function doesn’t work in the Clayton Thorson
example we selected items from nonaffiliated sites and we got to Amazon items on there
therefore based on all of these errors it would be wiser to save your money and wait
until they release either a new version or an update or someone else comes out with a
better option and that is the review of the soci dynamo plugin for WordPress

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