Social Media Marketing Trends and Tips for 2018 — Kim Garst Interview

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go to What’s up influencers? Welcome to another interview here on Video Influencer, where we help you build your influence, income,
and impact with online videos. I have best-selling author,
speaker, and all-around social media extraordinaire Kim Garst. – Woohoo, thank you! That was a lovely intro. – We’re here at Social
Media Marketing World, and I had the honor of
hearing you speak about live, about your history on social
media, an amazing story. – Thank you. – Would you share with
us how you got your start and what was your first
big win, when you realized, “Okay, this is what I’ve gotta be doing!” – Basically, I got started
because my oldest son was born. I was on my way to law school, and the moment they laid him
in my arms, life shifted. My priorities shifted, more specifically. And we as a family went
from two incomes to one, thinking we could do it. We were young and naive. And quickly realized that,
well, that was tough. – Yep. – So, borrowed from Peter
to pay Paul, I’m like, okay, I’m going to have to do something. I’m going to have to figure out some way that I can stay home, and
I think a lot of people can relate to that because a lot
of women, and sometimes guys, want to stay home with their little ones. – Especially these days. – Yeah. Absolutely. And that was 26 years ago. And the internet was young,
and definitely not commercial really at that point in time. There were no YouTube videos
to watch and do your eyes with. There were no blogs to learn from. – You were lucky if you
saw a video back then. – Yeah, it just didn’t happen. So I got busy trying to teach myself. It took me literally about five
years to make my first $60. – That’s five years.
– Five years. – That’s five years. We talk about putting
in the grind, hustling, and being committed. Five years. – Honestly today, it’s so much easier. – Sure. – I mean, you can shorten that
learning curve substantially today because there’s resources, there’s people who have
already been down the road that you’re wanting to go
down, you can learn from. But then, not so much. And I’ll never forget, my husband came into our
dining room at the time, because we had converted
the dining room table into my office, and he
said, “Do you have any idea “how much money you’ve made?” And I’m like, “No, how much?” Thinking he would say, $100,000 or something,
which was a lot of money, and he said, “You’ve made a
million dollars this year.” I’m like, “No, you’re lying right?” And he’s like, “No, I’m serious.” So it was such a surreal
moment because I never, ever would have thought that I
would make a million dollars. That was never my goal. My goal was just to make a little money to allow me to stay home. That was it. – Absolutely, and thank you so
much for sharing that story, because so many people just
assume this is going to be like 6 to 12 months and they’re going
to be able to make it work. Not only did it take you five
years just to make some money, but however many years
to have that opportunity to make the big money, right? During that time, arguably
where there wasn’t as many opportunities to do it, right? Like, if you were making
it that big back then, you were really finding the angles, you were really making the connections, and hustling really hard, right? Working hard to earn that. – Well the interesting part
was, there was no ads or anything, so how did
you get your customers? I spent hours in B to B boards,
I’m really dating myself, and AOL Business chat rooms. And today it would be spam. I would find people that owned businesses in these chat rooms or
on these B to B boards and I’d send them a quick message and say, “If I could help in any way, reach out.” So that’s how I cultivated
clients, and back then, when you got an email
on AOL, you’ve got mail, it was awesome, there
wasn’t like 50 or 100 emails every day, it was like
one or two, so it was fun. – And you know, the
principles don’t change. Obviously the platforms have
changed, some of the technology has changed, but that grind,
that everyday consistent hard work and effort to
make the connections. One thing that I think you can speak to that a lot of our viewers
would love to know is, you’ve seen the birth of blogs, right? You’ve seen social media
take over the internet, and you’ve seen what’s
happened with people connecting through apps and basically
that becoming the world, right? People used to laugh at blogs
and now corporations are like, “We need social media.” Can you talk about some
of the trends you’ve seen and what you’re seeing today
that you don’t think is a trend and is going to be the next
wave when it comes to social media, and help you grow your
influence in this new world? – You’re right, I have seen
a lot of things come and go, and I think because of
that, I see the next thing a lot easier than some others. But I made a fortune with Yahoo ads, banner ads back in the day. Who does that anymore, right? – You know what’s going to
keep going, what’s going to be real, and what’s not
just going to be a fad. – Right. Funny story though, I
was actually one of those people who said they would
never have a Facebook account. And then, funny thing about this story is, that I heard exactly the same
thing said about social media as I heard about websites back in the day. “If you don’t have a website, “in five years you’re going
to be out of business.” And I heard the same thing
said about social media, “If you’re not on social
media in five years “you’re going to be out of business.” And I’m like, deja vu,
I’ve heard this before. So I got busy with social
media, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, this is like
B to B boards on steroids!” So I was convinced. And same with blogging. I was like, okay, why would
you write all this stuff, and people just find it? How does that work? But blogging today is
probably one of the most impactful things you can
do for your business. It’s work, it is a grind, but
it’s such an important part of attracting the right people to you. – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. – As what’s next, I think
that we’re coming full circle with social media where
people are getting tired of being broadcast to, social media’s become a
little bit of a commodity for businesses and people are overwhelmed. They don’t pay as much attention anymore. It’s kind of become like banner blindness with Yahoo ads back in the day. Today we have to really pay attention to who our customer base is,
and/or who we want to become customers, and then have those
real conversations with them. And I think the next thing
will be facilitating that because people are like,
from a business perspective, “Well I don’t have time to
sit around and talk all day.” So the way that I foresee
this being scalable for the average business
owner is messenger chat bots. And leveraging the power of that to funnel the conversation to somebody. In some cases it won’t be necessary. They’ll get the information
they need through the conversation they have with your bot. But sometimes it will require
a personal conversation. – And what I love about this, we were talking like
20 years of experience, seeing these trends, these ups and downs, some things working,
some things not working. Of all the things that
are out there right now, from utilizing advertising,
all the different social media platforms,
is messenger bot, right? Chat bot. – It’s the hottest topic, right? – If you guys don’t know what that is, that is the ability to
message your audience directly in their inbox. Can you dive in a little
bit deeper about that and explain how people can
utilize it to help them not just grow their influence
but grow their income? – Absolutely. I try to explain it
from the standpoint of, think about it just like
you would your email list. Because it’s essentially the same thing. And what I think that’s so
beautiful about chat bots is it’s the easiest way that I’ve ever seen that we can move our social
media community to our list. So you’re not just
building a messenger list if you set it up correctly, you can also integrate your
regular e-mail address… Their regular email and you’re pulling it and putting it into your CRM. If you’re on MailChimp, or
if you’re on Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign or wherever you are, and that’s money in the bank
and that’s something we own. I think that’s something that
we have to think of at first, it’s like an email list, but
the way that works is that instead of it going into their
inbox with the hundred other emails they get every day, it goes into their Facebook messenger app. It’s integrated inside of Facebook. – A little more intimate. And they’re checking it
more regularly versus email, people are like, forget that. – So right now it’s a
very uncrowded space. – Right now, you guys.
– Right now. We’ll run it eventually, let’s be real. – Marketers ruin everything. – Marketers ruin all good things. But the opportunity
right now is just that, the open rates are ridiculous. On average they are 80%. Mine are like 97%. It’s crazy. – People are lucky if
they get 5-10% on email, so to be able to get it up at that rate. By the way, we actually utilize
that here and there too. It’s very new to us, but again, we’re seeing huge amounts
of success with it. And again, people are receiving
it in a much different way than they’re receiving spam on email. And this window could be short. Hopefully it’s long, but I think it’s going to be really short, and that’s why I wanted
to have Kim talk about it. – Well I think there’s
probably, for smart marketers, like I know you guys are, I think that we have a window
of possibly a year to two before this really becomes
such a crowded space. That’s why, as early adopters,
it’s always the case. Early adopters always win when new marketing techniques come out. I think a lot of times we get complacent, I can’t believe that Facebook’s changing. I just learned this! It’s so annoying when they do. But the reality of it
is, stop your whining and just get with it
and do the next thing. – Stop your whining. This is from a lady that’s
been in the industry 20 plus years, that knows the challenges of
having to learn new platforms, new strategies, inherit more technology. We’re going to go right
into something fun, we call it the Lightning Round. – Coffee or tea? – Coffee. – The last thing you remember
grabbing out of the fridge. – Water. – Favorite social media platform. – Oh. This is a toughie. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. No. Facebook’s the monster. It’s the elephant in the room for sure. I would say I’m probably on Facebook more than I am the other platforms. – If you had to give up one thing, social media for the rest of your life, or movies for the rest of your
life, which one would it be? – I’d have to say Facebook. – Oh really? – Yeah, I like my movies! – Oh wow! So, thank you so much. I just have one more question. Yesterday I went into
your talk about live. We have a lot of influencers
here that are video-centric so they’re trying to make it on YouTube, utilize video on all
kinds of social media. I think the one thing
you and I can relate on, even though our experiences
are completely different, is live is so important. Can you tell us why live sets
apart from everything else, from your 20 plus years of
experience, why it’s the thing right now that people really
need to be looking into? – Interestingly enough, video has been the thing for a long time. I’ll speak from my own experience. I really didn’t embrace it
because it required equipment that you didn’t have, it
required the sense of perfection that a lot of us do have,
certainly it was a problem for me. It had to be perfect and my
team hated video days because it had to be perfect. But now, you can sit down
literally with your phone today and engage with
people and you’re like, “Well how does that work?” People can comment and
you can respond to them in the moment. In my opinion, that’s
so much more impactful. One, they get that you see them. And they now have value in a
way that is personal to them, versus them commenting on a
static video, for example. But still, that know, like,
and trust factor is built through that personal connection. – It’s like a conversation, right? – Absolutely. – I love what you said, it
doesn’t take a lot of work. Don’t get me wrong,
you’re gonna have to work. You’re gonna have to get
better at it and practice, but there’s no editing involved, right? You can use what almost
everybody that’s doing this has, which is a smartphone. – Absolutely. – And almost every platform now offers some sort of live function. Can you really quick, just tell us one or two of your
success stories from live, and how have you seen it
work for your business? – Well it’s incomparable, in my opinion. It’s the fastest path to the
know, like, and trust factor that I’ve ever seen. I’ve been online and done a
lot of marketing techniques for a long time, as we’ve established. It’s fascinating how
quickly you can really build that deeper connection with people. That’s obviously a benefit
anytime when you’re trying to build community because without community, you can’t create sales. But one time, I’ll just
share this story real quick, because it’s a money story. I jumped on live video, I
said, hey, this is the problem that I had. I know many of you have it. And because I had the problem I created a
solution to the problem. If you’re interested in the
solution here’s how you buy it, and I created like five
figures in sales in 12 minutes. So normally, you know the process. You send out a bunch of emails, and the sales trickle
in as they trickle in. So it’s fascinating to watch
how quickly people snapped up, people were buying before
I’d ever finished the video. – It’s a QVC model, right? And again, QVC was selling products and things. Gary Vaynerchuk said this in
his first big book, Crush It, he said, “Whoever brings
QVC to the marketplace first “is going to see huge wins.” – My friend Chalene Johnson teaches what she calls the infomercial strategy. That absolutely worked. I tried it for the first time a couple of weekends ago,
actually at her event, and it’s fascinating
because it was uncomfortable because I hadn’t done it before. It was fascinating to
watch how the process not only gives people
value but makes them feel like they’re not being sold to. It was awesome. Fascinating.
– Awesome. Kim Garst you guys. Check her out. We’re going to have the links down below. Is there anywhere you want to send people, something you want to promote? I know you have a blog as
well, and we’ll make sure we put the links before we end this. – I usually just send
everybody to my blog, which is Lots of great free content
there that you can learn from and see where it fits into your business. – And you guys can even see if you’re addicted to social media. I saw that post on your blog. Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– It was an honor. You guys, as always here on Video Influencers,
helping you build your influence, income, and
impact with online videos. We’ll talk to you later.


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