Songs That Made Them Famous ⭐️ (Rappers)

it do not matter turn to establish
punish outsiders she got me daddy smoking that guy’s gonna that sign and
she got a powder nowadays I’m oh my god
I got a why we always get games me get my phones the old buddy got my name is
Wilmette disease every time I wake up in the morning I got a murder all mine do you like violence wanna see me speak
Nine Inch Nails sweets one of my eyelid wanna copy me do exactly like I did try
to get do a check all I smoke is dead don’t you ask me what up old and while
you’re close but talkin to you is a chill down my nigga what the hell
project baby y’all was getting on our way I was getting to school all my don’t
you open up that window don’t you let it there’s my dog there’s my dog my dog my
dog my dog she says your songs I get lucky honey bitchy nights I don’t all
the time taking my dick in my purse but I see stretchy to both watch out oh watch out oh watch out eh
yeah that’s my shot that’s my shot that’s my shot expended and I’m swimming
on my Oh nowadays I’m to go for a girlfriend
nowadays I don’t know in the world’s best live your life like we die when the
world is alright every time we fuckin Vegas
– it’s not the same life switch legs now these hoes at
Gucci game good game good game good game good game good game good game
spread their ass on no change my beloved do cocaine ooh
I’m for the bitch have a girl and I can bomb in the way to rain rather go and
buy Balmain lose a game good game good game good game good game good game
I got the horses in the bag for stock is attached and his Maddy black boots black
man riding on whores we meet him I drop still into me does she hate that I’m
Minister I said I hate the law minister I want to blow up and make this
recession my history don’t make us say Jews as ever hello bitch you can fuck me if you wanna
to these expensive pieces bad bottom Jesus dirty shoes
I can get them both I don’t wanna tools and I’m quick cutting nigga so dunk
account the boy look I don’t dance now I mean city bitch all boys go get fucked all these old uh
cheese so so I head on with that card bro
now that would suck though why they do it off label try to stop me
he’s gonna be some trash had to pick up on me money in the cars right now we’re time
but they say I live I was like I just wanted out pulling beverage way back
then thought that we would never had I just wanted


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