Sony a6600: I’ve never had such mixed feelings about a camera!

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson. And Sony just announced
the A6600 and A6100 cameras and I wanna give you a quick
rundown of the video specs of these cameras and tell you if I think
they’re worth purchasing. Let’s start with the A6600. This camera has an APS-C size sensor and it shoots 4K at up
to 30 frames per second and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second. This sensor is also oversampling
4K from a 6K readout, so it is going to look very sharp. That 4K 30, though. I had been hoping, whenever
Sony announced the A7R IV, with similar video specs to this camera, that those were just sort of a fluke. Because the A7R IV is
a photo-focused camera, I was thinking that was why
they didn’t include 4K 60 video. The A6600 and A6100 cameras, with their max resolution of
4K at 30 frames per second, prove that wrong. They also don’t give me as much
hope about the Sony A7S III when it comes to 4K 60. I hope that I’m wrong, but I’m starting to lose hope
that the A7S III is gonna be as mind-blowing as we all
hope from a video perspective. So neither the A6600 or A6100
can shoot video at 4K 60, but if you think about it, both of these cameras
would pair very nicely with another camera that
doesn’t shoot 4K 60, the Sony A7 III. So for the rest of this video, I want you to be thinking
about two things. First, how one of these
cameras could work really well as a B camera for the A7 III. And second, how great
these cameras could be for YouTube vloggers. The first spec that we need to talk about with the A6600 is that
this camera takes one of the best features that
Sony announced in July with the A7R IV. Namely, real-time eye
detect autofocus for video. If you are filming a wedding and you need to nail the
focus on a bride’s eye as she walks down the aisle, this camera’s going to do that easily. If you want to vlog with this camera, it should be super impressive as well. Speaking of vlogging, the A6600 brings over the flip-up screen that we saw earlier
this year on the A6400. You get a screen and you get very impressive
eye-detect autofocus. This camera is going to be
so good if you want to vlog. From an audio standpoint, this camera also has a first from Sony. This is the first APS-C
Sony mirrorless camera that has a built-in headphone jack. So if you want to monitor the
audio that you’re recording with headphones while you record a video, you can now do that as well. As far as picture profiles go, on the A6600 you are getting
the same exact picture profiles as you get on the A6400 and the A7 III. S-Log2, S-Log3, and HLG are all there, so you should be able to get
beautiful highlight roll-off with this camera. Let’s talk about some
of the bigger features of this camera, though. And I literally mean bigger because I wanna talk about the battery. The A6600 now uses Sony Z batteries, which are larger than the previous option and also have significantly
better battery life. Sony is claiming that these
batteries last 2.2 times longer than the previous NP-FW50 batteries, which makes me so happy. The next literally big thing that you need to know about the A6600 is that this camera does not have
a recording limit for video. Yes, your videos can record
as long as you need them to. No more hitting record
again after 30 minutes. Long wedding ceremonies will
be so easy to handle now, especially with that longer battery life. The last big thing that we need to talk about isn’t literally big, but it is a big deal. The A6600 supports IBIS. No, not irritable bowel
syndrome, that’s IBS. I-B-I-S, in-body image stabilisation. This one feature is the reason that so many people
didn’t purchase the A6400, because it didn’t have
stabilisation built in. I am so glad that this camera has IBIS. Overall, the A6600 check so many boxes. As I was reading over Sony’s spec sheet, I kept saying, “Yes, yes, yes.” Same picture profiles as the A6400, yes. IBIS, yes. Supports a bigger, better battery, yes. Has a flip-around screen, yes. Has the same eye-detect
autofocus as the A7R IV, yes. And then I hit the point where I saw that the resolution and frame rate and bit rate are not
improved over the A6500, no! I don’t think I’ve ever
had such a mixed reaction to a camera. The A6600 is so good, I just wish that the frame rate
and resolution were better. The A6600 is gonna cost $1400 and that puts it squarely up against some very strong competition. For $100 more, you can get a Fuji X-T3 that shoots 4K at 60 frames
per second in 10-bit. For $100 less, you can
get a Blackmagic Pocket 4K and shoot RAW 4K 60 video. Granted, for the Pocket 4K, you’re also gonna need a
lot more hard drive space and a more powerful computer
to be able to handle editing that RAW footage. But can you see my point
that I’m going for here? The competition is very good right now and while I think Sony
is winning the battle of flip-up screens, battery
life, and autofocus, they are losing the war from an actual video quality standpoint with the same 8-bit codec
that they’ve used since 2015. Filmmakers have a choice now and it is gonna be up to you if you think that the A6600 offers enough
features for the price. You have until November,
whenever the camera releases, to decide if you wanna pick one up. We now have another camera to talk about. I feel like I barely touched on it, but Sony also announced the A6100, which is arguably a more exciting camera, because it takes many of the
same features as the A6600, but it cuts the price
nearly in half to $750. You want an APS-C size Sony camera that shoots in 4K at up
to 30 frames per second and 1080p at up to 120 frames per second, without any crop? Great, the A6100 can do that. And it will even oversample
that video from a 6K readout of the sensor so it looks
super sharp and crispy. You want a flip-up screen? It’s got that, too. What doesn’t this camera have? How can it be so much
cheaper than the A6600? Well, there’s no IBIS and no
real-time video eye autofocus for a start. But the A6400 doesn’t have IBIS either and that camera costs $900. How can the A6100 be
$150 cheaper than that? What else has Sony
removed from this camera? Did they remove 24p like Canon does with their lower-end cameras? Sony cut two other things, and don’t worry, 24p wasn’t one of them. The A6100 does not support Sony’s S-Log or HLG picture profiles. It also has a lower resolution
electronic viewfinder. That’s it. Are you starting to see why
I’m excited about the A6100? When Sony introduced the A6400, I was very happy with its $900 price tag. So to see them charge 750 for a camera that is essentially an A6400, minus a few minor things, is even better. I think that the A6100 is going to be a fantastic budget
option for filmmakers that want to shoot 4K video
without breaking the bank. There is one other benefit to
the A6100 costing $750 new. And that is that this camera
is going to drive down the cost of Sony’s earlier cameras, which are still very
good in their own right. The A6300 is gonna get cheaper and the A6500 should also get cheaper. So you have some great options that are gonna be even lower cost if you are just getting into filmmaking. In conclusion, the A6600
and A6100 provide a ton of new video features, but they pair them with a
video frame rate, resolution, and bit rate from 2015, which is troubling to me. If I had to buy a new
camera for $1400 right now, there are arguable better
options than the A6600 with a Fuji X-T3 or Blackmagic Pocket 4K
being my top choices. But if you already own a lot of Sony gear, and especially if you already
shoot with the A7 III, I think that either of
these cameras would make for a great B camera that will integrate very easily
into your current workflow. You can pre-order the A6600 and A6100 at the links down
in the video description. The A6600 releases in November for $1400 and the A6100 releases
in October for $750. With that, thank you so much for watching. I hope this video helped you out and gave you some great insight into whether you should purchase
one of these Sony cameras. It is also a huge help to me if you would
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