SoulWorker Online Part 1: An anime girl with a huge sword

How’s it going gamers, I’m VastGameMaster and this is SoulWorker Online. I would love to turn the audio down but uh I
don’t have that as an option in the settings just gonna have to work with it
I’ve been wanting to play this game for like over a year now and eventually I
forgotten about it probably around December I knew it’s gonna be out like
somewhere early this year and I managed to actually finally find the game free
to play which I was actually surprised to know that it was free to play this is
a Korean game this isn’t a Japanese game but it isn’t it is Japanese anime
inspired I’m actually looking forward to playing this hopefully hopefully on the
next video I can have buddy jump in he and I could play co-op on this game
let’s go ahead and do this stop wasting around alright soon Chicana looks like
Rui mercury from games okay so we have four characters two of them are put to
be two more but I don’t know what it was like locked away behind the SCA or do we
do we got to play all these four characters just on like these two hmm
well I’m gonna go left to right I’m not gonna play as a guy because every time I
play as an anime I always like to play as a girl so why not like I picked a wise decision all right
how does dia character cliffs Myers profile controls bite Lita Solem offers
lots of security and easy masters style ok description on a happiest day of her
life hottest world is suddenly turned asunder
when a great Floyd devours her family in shock and shock she swears revenge and
in so doing unleashes her soul force adios wields her sword with a fury blend
of guilt in autumn atonement ha tournament just uh just she’s so her family got
killed and anime logic you get a girl that’s small but she’s able to wield a
huge-ass sword why not Tom a stylist trainer same
hack-and-slash ain’t got some social emotes she seems
like an adult an adorable girl I would go out with her if I knew her more if
she was real oh oh she would get cheese or clues so they didn’t do choice acting
I heard a while ago they’re supposed to do some kind of voice acting with this
police I assumed they didn’t do that and as a matter of fact all they did was they kept the jet into Japanese voice
acting in there and they just changed the text of English I’m trying to get a good angle lover
skirt so I could see what kind of paint that she’s wearing but well my resting
place they all sound pretty good yep they are all not English so I have
no idea I don’t know they all kind of sensing ones a little bit I guess I’m
just gonna go see it just sounds a lot cuter who kind of hairstyles we can give
it natural shortly probably the fall louder short curly and short that’s it
natural short or this honestly I’ll just stick with this looks
great the typical blonde hair blue eyes girl
which is always a representation so every white person Oh posted on bass all
right and we could also choose your skin color this is probably a regular skin
color this one makes for more white this one makes her more Oh seitan but I think if anything this color right here our
plus with the blue eyes will make her more like a white woman anyway she’s
white and blonde blue eyes yeah I’m actually I like this one better and this
one first make it like this or she looks like she’s more tanned I guess I mean
she looks smart orange compared to Donald Trump but no I like them all but
I think they’re just gonna stick with your original look of the character I
mean there’s not really a whole much choices so but these are like the
starting off the outfit so let’s see private-school cool girl black and
orange or you might have her we’re at a public school girl outfit with just the
white and blue so it’s just it’s just check for rejecters
I don’t know which one to wear I guess I’ll just go with this
it’s a iconic little blue and white sailor uniform with the red scarf so
oops I miss at the random I’m just gonna go with you know what
let’s go with the black all right it’s not a very who has my
name nobody asks my name really yes yes all right so we got a character we have
a server Felix kawaii es look it looks like I
don’t want to say it I don’t know she act so innocent but yet she’s carrying a
big ass sword and probably rip you in half deceptions its that deception she’s
trying to make you think that she’s an as a girl but deep down I live in uh in an Egyptian humble
community non-adjacent you you so now she’s scared and homeless and in
our uniforms ruined take it easy live in Panama City
could they get them in Hungary 715 when I hated it literally humiliated she take
it your window he did it sorry because they’re eager to Little
Italy she’s nothing have I got the power to change the world
can I go back in time to stop this to save my parents from dying now we’re falling from the sky for no
reason yes she is no runaway runaway this is like every other horror movie
you don’t run towards two ghosts you run away from it god damn mother effing ah run supposed to be able to run yes this
is running girl you can run faster than that
come on run like you actually mean it well you’re supposed to be good at
academics but when it come to gymnastics you must suck this is the best she can do guys there’s
an invisible wall which is the weakness and she can run I would like to say she
runs a little like a girl but there’s nothing else to call it
she runs like a girl like an actual an actual unrealistic running girl and she
she can’t even sprint okay so I know go to the ghost they’re not possess my body
and do some little shit huh no where’d you go but what would you what you see wait
he just know what okay I like that you don’t just sudden just something like
shocking moments and stuff I wonder if that’s gonna be out out through the game
okay so this one I got to talk about a little bit more I did hear that they
were supposed to do some kind of English localization which they did as far as
like English voice acting I kind of figured or heard somewhere today we’re
gonna do something about that at least like a year ago maybe that’s not what
they meant by localization it’s just kind of sad that they don’t have any
voice acting got demon the freaking camera angles we could barely see her
panties hey it’s every guy’s tradition it’s everybody’s tradition actually when
they play an anime MMO or any anime game the first thing you do when girl is
wearing a school uniform our panties are actually kind of clipping through her
outfit but you could barely see a little bit of it she’s pretty sexy I’ll tell
you that much I don’t know what it is but my favorite thing is short skirts
and usually stockings that goes like halfway up the death I pass the knee those are my favorites she’s got some pretty nice slim legs too Donna was just looking at okay Joe
shitty okay maybe you’re good at gymnastics am I supposed to catch the
catch you okay I’m standing right next Junction I’m
standing brakes okay okay I wonder guys if you know if if they’re gonna be doing
English voice acting let me know in the comments or just you know don’t say
anything at all if it’s true if it’s true don’t say anything don’t say
anything in the comments if it’s true but I don’t know what I am kind of a fan of doves and subs
I like the jet the Japanese voicing since now I started this game I’m kind
of used to it now find a home for my revenge I’ve seen this before
oh wait can we uh not good enough the camera angles are saying no you can’t
look up at this you can see a little bit though just a nice but a little bit okay yeah that’s that’s probably your
conscious this is your conscience speaking run towards the lights No
run towards the marker circle don’t even yeah oh there you go Lata you’re suppose on
hmm who are you and why should I care let’s get in get in get in get in get in okay oh you’re right here
I already found yours standing he was right there front of me it just blew up okay we’re finding demons from a ultra called
alternate dimension causal JIT so far I’m liking this this is like my
first anime MMO and I I had my eye on this for a year
yokomen looks pretty good so far oh the even a text chat go down to the
end the hallway is what the system was to me
key quests is the approach the NPC press F talk to embassies continue quests or
use functions Oh God so hot in here well your old man’s good you’re secure
just too hot you know pieces key run like an actual normal person leaders who
literally runs like that I know girls that can run faster than you girl come
on now oh no I was there yeah okay I’m here oh shit
I’m sorry I just alright dot dot dot yeah okay I was the most awkward common
conversation we’ve had we’ve just met you you saved our life and now you’re
not gonna say a damn thing well look at that my wig already must be nice being
so young you look pretty damn I’m young too anything you look like at you’re as
young as I am even younger brother what do you say that my name is Miriam we met
before hehe uh thank you for helping me she
look like she’s she’s so out of it like I don’t know what the fuck’s going on
right now but I feel like I’ve like she’s got like the hangover face like
she looks like that that she stayed up drinking too much and this is the
hangover look man I got a headache just keep it down a little bit I’m sure she’s
out of it like she’s so bummed out okay it’s nothing to thank me for that’s why
we’re here besides maybe we have survived because of you what was that
supposed to be I will explain it to you gradually I’ll shut the fuck up a pay
attention your name is hot it is dia isn’t it
Summa checked how do you know that I checked your student card while you were
asleep you might have been really nervous when
they took the picture and you looks and you were so peacefully when you were
asleep too I mean it’s not like I did anything to
you what you were sleeping no like I touched you a little bit well you touch
me no no that’s not what that’s it yeah yeah you can get nervous for a
picture you’re going to use her three years wait okay I cannot relate to that but
all right huh yes that sort of thing was important to
me too back then that brings back memories how old are you I know I know
there’s some mystical myth about how you’re not supposed to ask women their
age but girl how old are you uh-huh uh-huh that’s what she said
but enough small talk let’s get to business okay just don’t even tell me
how old you are or anything or what you’re you measure it your measurements
eyes are how big them big old deities are anyways I’m sure you have lots of
questions like how big my tits are where you are
have what what happened how old am I who the gorgeous blonde talking to you
is yes those are some questions I’ve died has been concerning to me for the
past five minutes please introduce yourself yeah at the moment I’m pretty
confused if you could introduce yourself that’d be nice
like really really nice getting sucked into the giant thing just just be spat
out in another world it’s just so gross if you know what I mean like oh my gosh
and I don’t mean getting sucked that is sucked into it like in a good wait it’s
not gonna help yourself and stop talking like that I’ll explain that and
everything as soon as I can learn how to read my lines otherwise it’s like when
you eat when you eat too much sooner or later it all comes back up or just stays
with you and turns into fat and then after that you’re just walking around
with retaining water the whole time brushing solves nothing so we’ll take it
easy follow me can you walk I’m standing on
my own two feet yes I mean understand I could walk and
talk like a sea and I like how you still not answering my question
how old are you and how big and dumb Deedee’s okay lead me and I shall follow pass we go you’re so jumpy let’s take a
walk I’m sorry she did some yoga I talk to young gazelle take baby I see comfort
old you got hit yourself it’s a good wise house I married her to be so this
is the best I can do as far as walking all right teach me so what you’re you’re
gonna be I want to be that you’re people and you’re gonna be my sensei
also sensei let’s do it teach me teach me let’s brush F and
awkward silence now I’ll put you to a little test we’ll test your visual
response your physical condition things like that like an examination by the
school school doctor you know a physical examination are you going to weigh me
too or touch me I don’t know tell me what tell everybody into school how big
my my bust size is even though even all night as biggest you know Susan or
Hermia or any of my other friends who are apparently has like B plus sizes
because kind of self-conscious about my weight
you know I mean don’t worry we’ll put off way you until after you after your
diet Hey are you kidding me you call me fat
thank you for your care and you’re a bitch for for hinting that I was fat
okay let’s do the examination you see that grime grim-looking man over there
go and have him explain to that test to you he’ll try to scare you but it’s just
talk so don’t let him intimidate you okay
okay talk to Benji dismiss all this all be confusing for you sometimes you might
even think that it is that it all up what sometimes you might even think that
it all is not real it’s the weird way to say that it should be sometimes you
might think that all all of this is it isn’t real as if you’re trapped in a
dream a lot better red but it’s reality all this yeah define reality in a video
game do you remember after you fell from a
great void the ruins in a wolf and you know that the hammer of God that summon
demons anyways have you you you have not asked my question yes it was like a
dream yet it’s true I woke up the next morning my boyfriend dumped me my
parents are dead but yesterday everything was going great you know I
hooked up I got the guy that I liked ever since middle school and all this uh
please spare me your life story oh I’m sorry you have to accept the
truth as quickly as possible if you don’t do that you’ll die I okay die do I
have to spell it out to you do you know what dying means it means to stop moving
to stop animating it means you’re going fuck your parents your parents are dead
you know you’ll be like them do you do you not fucking okay well maybe I’ll try
explain this in Japanese insert Japanese because I don’t know any oh no now i
frightened you hey hey hey in any case I will explain
it to you and more detail later now first test now okay yeah I rather to
say Kay cuz it just sounds a little odd cuter for maybe girls to say that


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