Spanish Black Rice Paella with Squid Ink Based Broth

today we’re making a Spanish black rice
paella with a squid ink based broth ladies and gentlemen this is what
Spanish cuisine is all about loaded with Mediterranean flavors very easy to make
and done in 45 minutes now to make this dish you need a couple things for the
first thing is the rice make sure that you use round rice very similar to
medium grain rice for the second thing you´re gonna need obviously some squid ink as this is what gives this dish that beautiful black color here in Spain it´s very popular
you can get at any store if you can’t find it that easily in your area go check
with a local Asian supermarket they usually have it in the freezer department where
they have the clean tubes of squid if you don’t even have access to that just go
to your fish department in your store and ask them where you can get some squid ink
it´s a very important ingredient in this rice dish and last but not least this is a Spanish
rice dish very important to you some high quality
saffron as this is what flavors the dish for this recipe I’m gonna be using
saffron threads from Cyrus saffron this is truly some grade 1 high quality premium saffron these guys are located in the beautiful state of
Washington in the Pacific Northwest amazing stuff essential to this recipe
link below where you guys can get this directly from Cyrus Saffron
alright folk´s let’s get started we’re gonna get started with a clean tube of squid
I bought this frozen rinsed it under some cold running water I’m gonna pat it dry with some paper towels cut it open and then cut it into squares that are
about half inch by half inch next up I’ve got 12 jumbo shrimp have been peeled and devenied
again I bought these frozen and thawed them out I gonna pat them down with some paper towels and then season the shrimp with sea salt
and freshly cracked black pepper the rest of the ingredients you’ll need for this
recipe are three cloves of garlic that have been finely minced half of an onion
that’s been finely diced 1/2 a teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika 1/2 a
cup of canned tomato sauce 1 cup of round rice again guys very important to use round rice
very similar to medium grain rice some high quality saffron and
2 1/2 cups of a high quality fish broth ok let’s start cooking our black rice paella
grab a paella pan heat it with a medium high heat and add in a 1/4 cup of
extra virgin olive oil after heating the oil for 1 minute I’m gonna season it with
some sea salt and add the squid into the pan and mix it around with the extra
virgin oil after cooking the squid for about 1 minute I´m gonna start removing it from the pan
and transferring it into a bowl now using the same pan with the same heat
I’m gonna add the diced onions into the pan and the minced garlic
and start mixing them around with the oil making sure to scrape up anything that was left over
from the squid three minutes after adding our garlics
and our onions into the pan I’m gonna add in the 1/2 teaspoon of sweet smoked
Spanish paprika and mix it all together until it’s well combined once everythings well mixed and you wanna
do this pretty quickly that way that paprika doesn’t get bitter flavor to it
I’m gonna add in 1/2 cup of canned tomato sauce season with sea salt and
add in four grams of squid ink this is about a quarter ounce and mix this all
together until it’s well combined as we’re mixing this together
you can see that small amount of squid ink is giving such a beautiful color to this
dish about one minute after adding in the tomato sauce and the squid ink into the
pan I’m gonna add in two and a half cups of a high-quality fish broth pinch in
half a teaspoon of saffron threads and lightly season with sea salt and gently mix this together until
everything is well combined once our broth comes to a boil I’m gonna let it boil for an extra minute that way that saffron can really infuse into the broth
then I’m gonna add one cup of round rice and the squid back into the
pan and give it a gentle mix that way everything’s evenly distributed after
this step you don’t want to stir the rice again otherwise it’s gonna disrupt
the way that it cooks but you can give the pan quick shake once in a while six minutes after adding the rice into the pan
I’m gonna start adding the shrimp on top it’s been 10 minutes since we added
the rice into the pan at this point let’s go ahead and lower the
fire to a low medium heat and we´re gonna let this simmer between four to five minutes after simmering our rice for five
minutes it’s time to achieve the socarrat which is that layer of caramelized
rice underneath we´re gonna hit this to a medium-high heat and we’re gonna go between
1 to 2 minutes after cooking this in a medium-high heat for 2 minutes this
black rice paella should be done let’s go ahead and remove it from the heat and I’m
going to cover the pan with a dishcloth and some foil paper that way it doesn´t stain the
dish cloth and you wanna let this rest here between 4 to 5 minutes after 5 minutes I’m gonna
uncover the black rice paella and garnish it with a couple lemon wedges okay guys our black rice paella is done this looks
absolutely delicious let’s get in there give it a try and see how it turned
out the aromas coming out of this black rice paella
are insane here we go what a beautiful rice dish I’m telling
you it’s like Spain and the Mediterranean all in one bite such an incredible
flavor to this the rice has the perfect texture to it we got a little bit of that
caramelized rice underneath the socarrat incredible guys super easy to make done
in about 45 minutes wait a second before I go I’m gonna try one of these shrimp too see how those turned out here we go beautiful none of the seafood is over-cooked
beautiful textures through all this and that squid ink
wow it´s just exotic before I go I´d like to thank the folk´s over
at Cyrus saffron for sending me their saffron to sample here on Spain on a Fork it is truly some grade 1 high-quality premium saffron absolutely amazing stuff again guys link in the description box
below to their shop if you guys enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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