[[Spot The Mistakes]] How To TRULY Choose A Niche For Your Blog [To Make Money Online!]

step one how to choose a niche hi I’m
Lori Ballen and I have several businesses that are all driven by
blogging so I can easily tell you that I earn about a quarter of a million
dollars a year through blogging and video I will add that that comes from
services coaching teaching courses affiliate income Adsense all of that so
we’ll group them all in there but my leads come from blogging and from
YouTube and social media channels blogging is the anchor of blogging
drives the whole thing I ranked on the search engines for blogs for all of my
niche websites and when I ranked on the search engines for somebody’s typed in
keyword phrase we call that a query with it when that query is performed and the
search engine results page appears they see my listings on there they click
through and hopefully they find what they’re looking for and they digest part
of that blog on that blog I may have a video for them to watch I’ve got some
I’ve got items for them to buy or services for them to order or things
they can subscribe to or downloads there’s lots of different ways that I
work those blogs to monetize the blog but the format works very similar so
today I want to talk to you about how to really get started blogging in a way
that you can truly monetize and make money from your blog all right
so the first thing you’re going to do step one you’ve got to decide what
you’re going to blog about we call this your niche some people say your niche
I’m in Vegas we say niche ok so you’re gonna decide what do you want your blog
to be about now a couple things here one don’t get too caught up in this so
caught up in this that you don’t actually start anything I hear other
instructors and bloggers and teachers and people and you
to say how important the niche is and if you choose the wrong niche you’re
just gonna be out the window and I think it paralyzes people it stops them from
moving forward what you want to do is pick something and go I am an action
Jackson kind of girl and I will tell you that that is absolutely the reason that
I’ve been in business with us well teenager really but officially license
at 21 years old serial entrepreneur multiple businesses I’ve sold businesses
before and I will tell you that my secret to success it’s not how great of
a blogger I am so not how great of a writer I am it’s not it’s obviously not
upgrade of a youtuber am well I am confident in making videos I don’t mess
around with all that fancy-schmancy stuff really what it comes to YouTube
the secret is that I take massive action and I don’t worry about things being
perfect perfect is the enemy of profitability if you lose sleep over
typos this is going to be a lot more challenging for you than it will be for
somebody like me no I’m saying we should have our grammarly app installed and we
should have those things that watch our spelling and what not and we definitely
could have fail safes in place to go back and check them you’re not gonna be
perfect man when I first started blogging my stuff was just ugly ugly and
I have to tell you part of the reason why was the platforms were ugly we
didn’t have WordPress we didn’t have what we have today to blog on it our
editors were ugly and so you just wrote all of this awful long on top of each
other text right then you try to put in an image and it would be off to the left
or Osram you know what those old-school websites look like so part of it wasn’t
my fault over time they’ve become really really
nice I’m very proud of the work that we put out now and I teach it I teach how
to blog in this in this style that keeps your reader on the page that gets them
clicking and engaging that helps you rank on the search engine there really
is a formula now for how to create a great blog that people want to read and
it’s not hard with the tools the for me now this really is an art you
just kind of have to learn those steps okay so the first thing is to choose
your niche so how do you choose your niche well there’s several ways I’m
going to say that most of the time my niches have kind of chosen me my
audience have chosen me so let me give you a few examples it might actually
help register something with you okay my first one was real estate and that’s
because my ex-husband now ex-husband then husband wanted to get into real
estate and I ended up joining him in real estate and I’m naturally more of a
marketer than I am a salesperson and so being a real estate agent didn’t really
appeal to me necessarily but the marketing side of it did and so I went
into real estate and back then this was you know gosh the internet was nowhere
near what it is now but it actually I started this with my catering company
when a o-l said you’ve got mail that was the first time I started playing with
that with with the niche and the whole internet stuff was my catering company
and again that was my when I met my ex-husband he had this company and I
started but we weren’t blogging yet then we were doing just a o L and little bits
of stuff so when I got into real estate I said I said let me let me let me kind
of create this digest this was my thought this is the whole reason I
actually started this I said I keep saying the same thing over and over
again to my clients I keep telling them how to sell a house how to buy a house
what is escrow how long is it gonna take to sell my house how do I get the top
dollar how should I prepare my home how do I buy a house with no down payment
how do I buy a house with low credit you know all of these things and and then I
got into short sales which was even more way way more in depth and I said I wish
there was a way I could just kind of put everything I say every day on somewhere
and give it to the clients and so there was that’s blogging so I created a blog
all about short sales and all about the home buying and home selling process
quickly shot to number one in my market for all things short sales
I closed hundreds of short sales it’s 2007 2008 2009 2010 these are all the
distressed properties you know where the bank has to agree to take less money
that’s called a short sale Oh hundreds and hundreds of those and then once we
got out of that distressed market that it was just more all of the how to buy a
house how to buy how to sell your house and you’re getting divorced you know
just all those kind of things what’s it going to cost me to sell a house in Las
Vegas and quickly that blog became my niche right and then I created this kind
of little sub niche of that this little side niche of that which was hyper local
marketing things to do in Vegas things to do on a date things to do for free
things with your kids right and started figuring out that oh my gosh I could
make money by adding in a group on partner code I could make money by
putting in an Expedia link or banner and things like that and so real estate was
was my first niche because that’s what I did for a living so it made perfect
sense now if I knew what I know if I knew them but I know now the mom stuff
the mom stuff I would have a mom YouTube channel and I would have a mom blog all
about that stuff at this point now I’m like my older daughters and her 20s and
my youngest daughter is a teenager getting ready to drive so but I will
tell you that that space is super super competitive so you would have to dive
into that space and find out what inside of it so let’s just say your niche is
gonna be a being a mom or dad being a parent
what can how can you make that smaller so that’s not as competitive there’s not
as many people blogging about it well maybe it’s being a single dad
raising your kids maybe it’s being a single mom raising your kids and you’re
going to talk all about being a mom but you’re going to do these really certain
things where you talk about being a single mom and how single mom makes
money and how a single mr. time schedule when I was single mom
you know plays both mom and dad and and how the single mom handles the holidays
or maybe it’s a divorced mom or dad right
that’s a blog now after being divorced for a few years I I know that’s
a blog anyway that those sometimes whatever you’re dealing with in your
life at the time can be a blog having cancer I saw somebody do that recently
I’m using examples of some of the ones that people have told me about her that
I’ve seen that blogged about this whole journey and thank God she is healthy and
in remission and doing wonderful but what an incredible blog I mean
motivating you know she’s got a whole documentation of her prop of the whole
process and then people are sharing that to give faith to other people and
telling the story journey and she’s got affiliate links on there for t-shirts
and breast cancer you know all kinds of different stuff equipment things that
you have at home you know that’s so that that niche called upon her right that’s
that was something she was going through okay maybe you’re gone getting married
oh my gosh that is a blog that is a whole thing getting married getting
married in Las Vegas is huge right that’s where I live in Las Vegas so that
would be a great blog if you live in Las Vegas it could be I’m gonna do a hole it
can be hyperlocal like I talked about it could be I’ll give you another example
let’s say pets a lot of people wanted to want to do pets okay I love my dog I
love my dog great well just making a blog about a dog he’s gonna be super
super competitive on the search engines super competitive on Google super
competitive on YouTube super competitive on ads because the the the highest you
know pet supply companies and whatnot are all gonna kind of have a lot of
money rolled up in there and a lot of time and energy and if you just start
talking about dogs the odds that your website’s gonna be found are pretty slim
but what if you talked about breeding dogs all right now you just made it a
little bit smaller what if you talked about breeding one particular style of
dog now you just made it that much smaller me
you’re blogging all about healthy dogs health food their exercise their
whatever you’ve just kind of kind of thinking about how do I make this
smaller and smaller and smaller okay I started a lifestyle blog for the
midlife woman so this is women let’s just say 45 to 65 okay 40 to 70 whatever
there was a technical age range in there my target audience is over is the 50 to
60 because I’m going to be heading into that age and in the next few years when
I enter the 50s and so I started with over 40 which is where I am now but I’m
already gearing up towards the over 51 it’s a larger demographic a larger
audience more people are searching over 50 so I like the idea where that pockets
gonna go even though it’s way more competitive so I started testing it just
kind of started blogging about anything to do with over 40 everything from
weight and health and fitness and wrinkles and fashion and marriage and
divorce and dating and empty nesting and finances of business and all these kind
of things and I happen to slip in some things about makeovers for women over 40
makeovers for women over 50 and those have hit a pocket those already have
been climbing on the search engine so now I kind of go oh okay so there seems
to be a pocket for over 50 makeup over 50 makeover so what do I kind of want to
do with that could you build a whole blog and a whole video channel around
over 50 makeovers yes oh my gosh I get my head I’m thinking to myself okay I
don’t do great with makeup so I’m using shared licenses YouTube videos
permission all of that but I’m thinking gosh I should go to Sephora old any of
these places that do those these free makeup classes where you agree to buy
makeup but you get your makeover for free and I should ask him hey do you
mind if I bring in a somebody do a video while we’re there because I want to show
what it’s like to you know what what are the things that you do for an over 40
face or an over 50 face that might be different than in over 20 or over 30
face right but I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t
you know there’s a couple little areas in there that are rising but I didn’t
know none of my keyword tools even told me about this over 50 make over like I
really didn’t see that another thing is trending and doing
really well on there is bright mother of the bride
mother of the bride dresses mother of the Biden bright hairdos mother of the
bride makeup like oh my gosh especially being in Vegas this whole mother of the
bride things a whole niche in itself so you can take a niche and you can really
really narrow it down you can also take a niche and start off really really
small and go gosh I’m really not getting a lot of traffic this really didn’t seem
that popular you can start to slowly branch out a little bit you know but
you’ve got to kind of decide what you’re passionate about I’ve got another blog
called the seventh stream com that’s my how to how to make money at home how to
make money online affiliate income all about finance business making money
online how to monetize your vlog how to monetize your YouTube channel all of
that and that’s a niche in itself how to make money online unfortunately as a
massive niche but specific affiliate marketing through blogging affiliate
marketing through YouTube those are much smaller niches so I can get on there
much faster with those that I can just make money at home you know but I can do
a whole blog just strictly geared towards work at home parents we’re gonna
hold mom stay at home mom say don’t be a that’s whatever and target that audience
if I want to even cute take that a little bit smaller so God kind of thinks
yourself you know what’s going on in my life where am I at what am i what am i
passionate about don’t look at your blog as it has to be forever blog what if you
are getting married and you love the topic and you’re gonna vlog video blog
or you’re gonna do a written blog which this is I want to talk about written
blogging you could say I’m just gonna do this for a year
everything about the wedding process and if this sucker were to take off and do
well enough it could still feed you for years to come without you adding
anything to it or you can sell it or you could say okay
that was great for a year or you could turn it now into a being
Blog how about the millennial married mom right or married millennial I’m just
making you know whatever whatever if whatever baby boomers start over there’s
all kinds of ways that you could do that after the fact and turn that into things
okay so I highly suggest you do something you’re passionate about now
I’ve started another one on the keto diet because I lost 50 pounds on the
keto diet in six months and then I became a certified keto coach so it made
sense for me to start blogging about keto but I’m gonna be really honest with
you and tell you that I do not enjoy vlogging about keto okay there’s only so
many things that I can talk about when it comes to how what is the keto diet
what do you eat what are the results one of the side effects how you know how
long to lose weight I don’t want to talk about keto every day of my life it’s
just not it’s the way I eat it’s my lifestyle you know but it’s not going to
be something I’m passionate about it an everyday kind of basis there are people
that are nutritionist that are weight-loss coaches that’s all they do
that’s what they should do but for me I’ve got all these other things going on
that’s really not my favorite place to go right so I started the keto blog got
it up and running God it monetized god at making money and
now I’ve hired somebody to go in there and add recipes because recipes are huge
on Pinterest recipes drive a bunch of traffic and then I periodically go in
there and post a passion piece and something I’m I want to talk about like
heno travel how to do Disneyland on keto something that something that I
experienced I now want to blog about and for me that’s how I want to run that
blog in that niche blog and it makes me very happy happy doing that

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