Star Guardian Xayah & Rakan Special Interactions

stop trying to make star Guardian happen it’s not gonna happen so every day is leg day huh [Music] too bad you couldn’t save me re now who’s going to save you there’s a word you remind me of oh yeah basic a boy who won’t stop talking how cool and unique wow that hair really doesn’t do you any favors Jana guess they’ll give mysterious backstories to anyone these days I guess the spirit of wisdom in harmony or was it lies and stupid that attitude won’t protect you jinx trust me I know so you think you’re rebellious jigs [Music] you’re young Liu Liu so let me give you some advice ditch those losers it’s tiny nerd and her pet pigs Oh quaint quaint what a great word so the first star chose you lux huh star guardians more like star losers star losers must have been hard to watch me die Sarah let me return the favor with two guns you’re twice as bland Sarah thanks for leading us to the star Guardians Nico now you get to die first Nico if you distract me with myself one more time uh bode pajamas you guys are the worst are we fighting or are you just gonna braid each other’s hair now [Music] so you’re good and I’m evil great papi we understand each other Oh No a star hammer mmm Soraka are you really that dense or just afraid to tell them the truth what are you gonna do heal me to death huh syndra I was wondering when you’d show up control is an illusion seizure [Music] I know you turn me against my friends Zoey now you’ll pay for it bet you wish you hadn’t taught me how to play with dark matter her Zoey recon get back over here and stop trying to heroically sacrifice yourself you look ridiculous Ziya is there a secret plan I’m not aware of are you a double agent you look better just a little bit dead yeah gonna be an easy fight your turn to die Ari you do you are me it’s not really working but it’s all you got quit biting my style jinx you should never have taken the other Lots all stars burn out lux here’s a toast to our reunion Sara oh look you’ve come to avenge from me your paper running Nico trying to slink away lizard Oh Soraka you gonna save them with hugs take that star nerd consider this my resignation Zoe payback’s a real pain huh Zoe time for some couples counseling darling let’s work it out I wasn’t flirting sorry what was that about destiny and didn’t quite catch it remember that time I died re where were you again well at least you stopped talking well your cape was nice as we could have been feathered grows so many secrets Jana and they all died with you your wishes are like so good Sparkle party’s over where’s my gift bag you were just making it up as you went along jinks sad huh it’s nothing personal kid goodbye dude he looks like this little star burned out so much for being special sparkly spaceman here’s something the first star won’t teach you revenge is an excellent motivator you talk Sarah can I call you Sarah smell you later Sarah you couldn’t hide from me forever Niko Sara always said you would guess evil wins papi I for one am shocked made of it because you have a hammer and you’re dead that’s the problem we’re playing dumb sooner or later it’ll get you killed so long space coke Zowie will reward me for this syndra apparently you two have history I almost feel sorry for you syndra almost oh is that chocolate I’ve been waiting to do that for a long long time never backstab a backstabber Zoi it ends up late sorry love you can’t save me this time maybe she’ll forgive me now there is a shining star with your name on it just kidding you’re dust don’t ruffle your feathers over it evil one huh shocker in the real world the bad guys always win my dreams just beat your dreams Oh No I hope the star Guardian save me hope wins it’s like you’re dead [Music] you call that a fight this planet doesn’t stand a chance you and life just weren’t meant to be wanna bet their eyes are lame whoa kill it makes me feel so alive hands down this is the best day I can ever remember yeah Bob so nerd you expected to win that’s bleak Wow your plan really failed huh hey I hope right well you were certainly there time to say farewell to those pitiful star losers Oh ciao star nerds sure honey whatever you like darkness five first light zero evils been so good to me wow I’m threatened they’re so threatening insult boring let me show you a real slap in the face hey you your drugs are bad I was just laughing at how bad your joke was Oh get me out of there I hate being sucked up in the gym can’t kill evil but you can wear it like a sweet cloak surprise surprise I didn’t stay dead and now I’m angry [Music] whoa I am live hey I was taking a nap oh we are so fighting later thanks Riku bill : we’re teaming up with the star Guardians just like old times don’t tell me good guys ha how quaint I just learned that word I like the star Guardians I was gonna deal with him later but well yeah the star Guardians looked a whole lot better when I was on the team great the star guardians we are not friends get ready to shine Riku we’re gonna knock out some star lights ready to take over the universe stick to the plan I thought you said we didn’t have one we have a plan and it’s evil and awesome whatever you say babe uh I hate the forces of good I know what’ll cheer you up murdering this star Guardians hey I have an evil plan you’re sure it’s an evil plan yeah I’ll just make it up that doesn’t sound very evil you sure this is a good idea we have no choice don’t get killed again like you can talk Zoey’s plans never go wrong they always go it’s the star Guardians fault the plans work really we might have to improvise good thing you got me babe tell me where the first light is and maybe I won’t destroy it valor and city math I’ll do it anyway well I tried being good but evil just brings out the sparkle in my eyes hey Saki ready to rough someone up that-a-girl Riku how can you be tired already we just got here nice world it would be a shame if something bad happened to it what was the plan again oh yeah destroy hope bring the second coming of darkness and get some new hair gel I’m almost out [Music]


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