Start Affiliate Marketing (How to Avoid Toxic Thoughts)

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the information that I share our on the channel on a regular basis so tonight I
want to talk about why toxic thoughts are will sabotage your success
and the thing that I want to help you all understand is that and this is
pretty simple a lot of people don’t talk about this but this is something that is
this is eighty percent of the reason why you’re either going to succeed or fail
in anything that you do it doesn’t matter whether it’s your career or a
family or a hobby or sports this is something that applies to everything and
so it’s something that you definitely want to take seriously please don’t be
dismissive of this because it’s very important so how do toxic or negative
thoughts sabotage your success what you have to understand is that your thoughts
dictate your emotions your emotions will dictate your actions and your actions
will determine your results so anything that you endeavor or you pursue is going
to start with your thought life it’s going to start with your mindset and
your thoughts dictate your mindset and if you’re trying to become I’m going to
give you a really good example of in terms of how your mindset can sabotage
your success when you’re trying to if you’re trying to live on a budget if
you have a financial goal that you want to save so much money or you want to
stop stop spending so much money whether you spend the money or or blow your
budget is going to start with your thoughts it’s going to start with your
thoughts and how you feel about money that you want to spend I’m gonna give
you a perfect example today I went to the fair with my daughter and I had in
mind that I didn’t want to spend a certain amount of money and I really
wanted to you know go and have a good time but I didn’t want to overspend but
I was fighting myself the entire time I was like you know there’s certain things
I mean all the food I wanted to eat so many different things and I just you
know I will talk to myself I was like oh you know I don’t do this that often and
and you know I deserve this and you know I really I’ve never had that so I
definitely got to get that turkey leg and so I did this like the entire time
and I you know inevitably I overspent and so I just wanted to share with you
that is a perfect example of how your thoughts dictate your actions because I
had to think first before I gave them my car to buy whatever it is that I was
gonna buy and so but if I had a different thought process then I may not
have spent that money I may have said you know what I’m gonna get the turkey
leg I’m gonna get some ice cream and that’s it you know but you know you
can’t go to the fair or anything like that and not go for spend so but anyway
that’s just a perfect example of how your thoughts did take your emotions
because I felt like you know I’ve worked hard I’ve been working hard I gotta go
back to work and I deserve to have you know this funnel cake in addition to the
ice cream in addition to the turkey leg in addition to the oh the French fries
and I was eating and so it all started with my thoughts and if I would have you
know if I really was serious about staying within my budget then I would
have changed my thought process and I would have you know what I do and I
think I’ve shared this with you all before when I feel like I have a if I’m
struggling with my whether it’s negative or whether I’m you
know I have a goal that wanted to reach and I know that my thought process is
going in the opposite direction of what I know my goal is going to be I get into
a mode of gratefulness I was like okay I’m what am i grateful for that I can
focus on right now that is going to eliminate my need to think about things
that are going to not serve the purpose that I want them to serve and so you
know that’s the boat that I get into so today I could have been like you know
what I’m going to be grateful that you know I got this huge turkey leg and I’m
you know I don’t eat turkey legs when I go to the fair and so I’m gonna you know
be grateful for that I’m gonna get some ice cream and I’m just gonna call it a
day you know and I’m just gonna be happy
with that and that will have helped me reach my ultimate goal which was to save
a little bit more money because I want to invest in my business you know it but
though it’s those little things that you do from day to day this those little
challenges those little battles that we have from day to day and we have to know
how we’re going to handle that and so that’s how a toxic thought or negative
thoughts can sabotage your success now of course I was a very light-hearted
example but this applies to anything serious in your life you know if you
have had a situation where circumstances didn’t turn out the way you planned and
you had some type of traumatic situation happen in your life studies have shown
that the people that endure and persevere persevere and grow through
hardship it all starts with their thought life it all starts with their
perspective and your perspective starts with your thoughts it always
comes back to your thoughts and so I just wanted to share that with you all
tonight and you know tell me what you think what would you think about what
I’m saying tonight do you agree do you disagree what are the challenges that
you face do you have can you share examples where you feel like you’ve
sabotage your own success or sabotage your own goals that you set for yourself
because of your mindset because when we get them
we can get that piece right then everything else will just fall in a
place like like a row of dominoes and when we get that we will always be in a
position of empowerment we’ll always be able to dictate you know we cannot
control everything in our life but one thing we can always control we can
always control our circumstances we cannot always control how people treat
us or things that happen but the one thing we can always control is our
response and it’s always good to start with your thought line so that’s all I
have for tonight I just wanted to share how your thoughts can sabotage your
success we’ve already talked talked about the fact that thoughts are real
physical material in your brain and so you know that’s another video but it all
ties in with that so anyway that’s all I have for tonight all the best to your
success and again if you have not taken the opportunity to check out my free
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anyway all the best to hear success and I’ll see you next in the next video bye
bye you

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