– Affiliate marketing is
definitely one of the best ways to make money online
because the good news is, you don’t have to have
your own product or service to get into affiliate marketing. You actually can benefit by selling something for someone else. There are a lot of
people who like to think that affiliate marketing is somehow a scam or that’s scummy, but the reality is, that if you already work at a business, you’re selling a product and service, but are you getting commission for it? Are you getting your
fair share of that sale that you brought in? Affiliate marketing is a
way to do that digitally so that you get the benefit and the value, but you’re not on your feet all day trying to close those sales. You can set up systems and
content to do it for you. Today I’m gonna be talking about
Amazon affiliate marketing. I’m gonna give you some of my tips for actually making money on Amazon. In my heyday, I was doing
about $1,000 a month with the Amazon Associates Program. I’m now on the new Amazon
Influencer Program, yeah, ’cause I’m a YouTuber. And I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about the differences between the two and tell you how you can
start making money online ’cause this is a great way
to make passive income. Hey, everybody this is Roberto Blake, helping you create
something awesome today. Welcome back to the channel. Today we’re gonna be talking about Amazon affiliate marketing. I’m going to tell you some things that you probably didn’t understand about how the Amazon affiliate
marketing program works. The general idea is
that if you share a link from your Amazon affiliate program, you’ll get a commission of the sale, but a lot of people don’t realize that there are different
categories in Amazon and they all have different
percentages assigned to them. If you sell Amazon-branded products like Amazon’s fashion and
clothing, the Echo devices, things like that, you get
the largest commission by selling those Amazon products because Amazon gets the margin on those. So, this means you can get
up to 10% of the commission on those products. So, if you sell something
like the Amazon Echo, which is over $100, you
have a better chance of getting at $10 or $14
commission on something like that than if you sold other electronics which might only get you
maybe a 4% commission. The category that I tend to do best in, when it comes to my commission sales, is usually camera gear and laptops. Part of the reason because of the fact that I have an expertise in video editing, photography, video production. So, there’s a lot of
content on the channel that, when I was primarily doing
the Amazon Associates Program, I was able to get those commissions. But even with just doing a few sales, you can make hundreds of dollars. Primary example, on a camera
body and a camera lens, I think I got about roughly $80 a piece on just these two items in
a very short period of time. By being able to make referral
lists, recommendations, product reviews, I’m able to
generate sales for Amazon, and I’m able to take that
larger affiliate commission of a high ticket item ’cause cameras and lenses
are expensive, like $1,000. Now there are a lot of
you who are gonna say, “I don’t have an audience, Roberto. “So, I can’t generate hundreds
of dollars with Amazon. “I can’t generate thousands
of dollars with Amazon.” But building an audience
is part of wanting to do anything in terms of online money-making. If you want to do passive income online, at some point you’re gonna
have to build an audience. Now the good news is, you
don’t have to be a YouTuber and you don’t have to get thousands upon thousands of followers. You could just do something like a blog that is a resource for people like you reviewing actual products
that you already own, and this is a great way
to make money with Amazon. If someone like you is on
the fence about buying, and they read a good and detailed review that makes it easier for
them to confirm that decision or gives them an alternative
that might either cost a little bit more but provide more value, or saves the money, it costs
less and it’s equivalent value, then that’s helpful. So, by being helpful and being a resource, you can actually make a lot of good money on Amazon this way. If you already have a website or blog, I recommend that you put
together a resource list of everything that you
already use in your business that can be purchased on Amazon and use your affiliate links. I also recommend you do this
for other affiliate programs. I do this for web hosting,
and I make on average, on a bad month about $1,500 by recommending different
web hosting providers that I’ve used, and I’ve
used almost everybody. But I really prefer Bluehost
if you want to do web hosting that has WordPress associated
with it for a blog. Or if you don’t like coding and WordPress and those complicated
things, I recommend So, I’m gonna link to those
down in the description in addition to all the
Amazon affiliate links that I use for the things I
use for this YouTube channel, my camera, my microphones,
my lighting equipment because that is a great way for
you to make affiliate sales. If you do a YouTube channel,
a podcast, or a business, and you list the things that
you use in your business either in the description of that content or in a resources page, that is so easy for you to
get commission sales from. But here is the other
very attractive thing about affiliate marketing with Amazon, whether you’re using
the Associates Program and the Influencer
program and like I said, I will tell you a little
about the difference between the two. But one of the things I really love, is that if somebody decides to click on your Amazon affiliate link and they decide not to buy that product, but they buy something else
on Amazon within 24 hours, you get credit for that sale. So, if you’ve ever wondered
why there are people who say that they make a living through
Amazon’s affiliate program, this is the reason why. When you have people that
are in your community or in your audience that are buyers and they buy a lot on Amazon anyway, if you can get to a point to
where they’re using your link as their gateway to how
they’re getting to Amazon before they make a purchase
that day or the next day, then you’re going to get
credit for that sale. You’re going to facilitate that sale because you got them onto the website. So, that is something that
I think a lot more of you could take advantage of. And I think the more content you make, at least this has been my experience with resource lists, buyer’s guides, top 10 lists, comparisons, these are things that put
you in a great position to continue to make those sales. One of the best categories for this that I’ve seen people
pull off successfully is comparing headphones. I think these are about
roughly a 6% commission. As you know, wireless
headphones are becoming more and more expensive. A lot of these start at
a couple hundred dollars. So, these might be worth
anywhere from $10 to $20 a sale just depending on what brand it is. So, I think that that is a great example of how lucrative this can be for you. Obviously with cameras and camera lenses, that becomes even more valuable. Now obviously books and
book recommendations are a huge part of Amazon
and you may not think that there’s a lot of
money in these book sales. But like I said, if someone
uses your Amazon link for any of their Amazon
shopping within 24 hours, then you’re gonna get
credit for that sale. And books are a great
gateway to Amazon shopping and there’s impulse buying
that happens after the fact. So, this is your opportunity
to grow your Amazon sales. In fact, I’m gonna do
a whole dedicated video on 10 ways to make more money with Amazon affiliate marketing and give you some real
strategies for this. I’m also gonna put together
a step-by-step tutorial. I’ve signed up another Amazon account. I think it was an Amazon Canada account because I figured out
that I can make more money linking international accounts
together under one account. Another hack. (laughs) But anyway the point is, that there are so many opportunities to make money in Amazon. I’m gonna give you a
step-by-step tutorial, and I’m gonna give you my top 10 tips for making more money with Amazon. If that’s something you’re interested and you want to make more money online, make more passive income, you’ll want to subscribe, you’ll
want to hit notifications. I’ve already got a lot of great
content here on the channel around those topics. Earlier, I mentioned that I’m part of the Amazon Influencer Program. This is a newer program
that started a while ago I think maybe as much
of a year or so back. But I just decide to move
over to this program. There are few other benefits
that I get from this. I get to have my own
customized branded Amazon shop. So, I picked That’s because there’s a
brand that I’m building. There’s a new YouTube
channel that I’m building that’s specifically gonna focus on gear for content creators. So, I’m gonna be doing
stuff around gear you need for podcasting, gear you need
to start a YouTube channel at any budget, what
you need as far as gear to be a graphic designer. These are things that I’m gonna cover. I mean, I’m gonna list all my
lights, all my microphones. I’ve already linked up those list. So, you can actually find that in the description down below. But by making a dedicated YouTube channel that specifically is gonna focus on gear for content
creators, I already know that this is gonna be
very lucrative for me with regard to Amazon. I also know that somebody who specializes in doing book reviews
can do the same thing if that’s their niche. And the margins on the books
aren’t really that bad. It’s still something like
anywhere from four to 6% on books if I’m not mistaken. On physical books, I think it’s 5%. But I’ll talk about this
more in some other videos. Now to qualify for the
Amazon Influencer Program, I’m gonna link to that in
the description down below for you as well, but you
actually need 2,500 followers in a social media platform. So, that could be Instagram,
YouTube, whatever. And then like all Amazon programs, you obviously need to make a sale within those first 30 days, a
significant sale of some kind. So, make sure that once you do this, you’re ready to start hustling and you’re ready to start
getting those affiliate sales. Now this doesn’t just apply to people who have tech and electronics. Like I said, the fashion category has a very high commission
percentage in it but also home improvement and power tools have a high commission
associated with them as well. So, there’s a ton of opportunity. In the US, PC part components are actually on the lower scale. They’re actually less than the normal 4%. It’s about 2.5% if I’m not mistaken. I think that laptops,
regardless of their price, have a maximum threshold of
$25 per sale on the payout, which is why I really like the camera gear and the musical instruments category in terms of microphones
and things like that because it’s just more profitable. So, that’s something you
might want to research. You might want to look
at what in your niche aligns to sales in terms
of products on Amazon that have the highest overall commission and the best price that
your audience will buy at. Now in terms of how you get paid, you have to make at least $100 in the US if I’m not mistaken, and that’s
probably the better payout. I mean you could take
it at a lower payout, but at $100, I think that’s
where it becomes worth it to actually go ahead and get that money. And you can decide whether
you want that added to your Amazon account balance, you can get it as a check, or you can get it as a direct deposit. So, you have options in terms
of how you want to be paid. You cannot have it done
through PayPal unfortunately. I know there’s a lot of
you who would prefer that, but that’s not how it works. So, you have to meet a minimum threshold depending on what country
you are for the payout. I think it’s $25 Canadian. I think it might be 50 pounds in the UK, something like that. But just depending on where you live, once you meet that payroll threshold, they get you your money usually
about the first week or so in the month, first
couple of days in a month. That’s just something
that you want to look at in terms of if you’re
making money on this, you need to look at, well,
am I meeting the threshold to get paid out. Just like if you were doing YouTube, you have to get over $100 in AdSense before you can get paid. There you go. That is how you make money with the Amazon affiliate program. I think I’ve given you a
couple of tips and strategies. I think I’ve also educated you about why this is such a great opportunity for you to make passive income online. The more content you make
that’s a resource for people that helps them with
their buying decision, with their shopping, the
more you’re going to be able to generate revenue with
the Amazon affiliate or the Amazon Associate Program. That’s something that I think you guys really should be a part of. I’m gonna link to it in
the description below. Like I said, if you want any of the gear that I use to make my YouTube videos, anything that I’m using in
terms of audio, lighting, all those good things, they’re linked in the
description down below. Question of the day:
what are your thoughts about the Amazon affiliate program? Do you still have questions about that? Drop me your questions. I’ll try and answer them in the comments. But also, what’s your experience? Are you somebody who’s
made money on Amazon before as an affiliate? If you have, has it been
very successful for you? What tips would you offer
people in the community? I’d love to have this conversation going, so we can help as many people as possible. Like this video if you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff here on the channel. As always, you guys, thanks
so very much for watching. Don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Take care.


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