Starting Affiliate Marketing From Scratch With No Money (What I’d Do)

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you guys back to a brand new video here on the channel where
today guys I’m gonna be going over what I would do if I was starting completely
over from nothing guys what I was starting with absolutely zero dollars in
my bank account I wanted to start my brand new online affiliate marketing
business what I would do in the exact steps that I would take in order to take
start my affiliate marketing business and start making sales and money with it
as soon as I possibly could I’m gonna give you guys all that in this video
right here in just a minute my dabbing into my computer but before we get into
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dive into my computer right now and to start this video off alright guys we
were now my computer as you can see on the whiteboard starting all over from
zero so guys I broke this down into pretty much I got a three-step process
now of course because I didn’t want to over complicate this I wanted to keep it
as simple as I possibly could so I broke it down like the most basic 3-step
process that I possibly could in order to keep it as simple as possible because
you guys I could of course go into like super over complicated detail of exactly
what I’m gonna do step by step but that make this like a seven hour video it’d
be like an entire course guys so I just want to break it down and keep it as
basic as I could with that being said the guys I’m not gonna waste any more
time I’m just gonna get straight into it the first step the very first thing I
would do is gonna be very basic guys any good affiliate marketing business you’re
gonna need to pick a niche and then find offers in that niche of course guys when
picking a niche if I was starting all over again I would probably pick more
like the top three evergreen niches which are of course gonna be a health
and wellness others gonna be making money online online business and then of
course relationships and dating and things like that those are gonna be like
that they make three every niches and I would probably go into one of those if I
was starting over at I personally probably go into health and fitness but
I’m also just getting very very specific you guys you guys can of course pick
whatever niche you want to go into but for me personally I’d probably pick one
of the top through everything issues just because there’s so much money to be
made there and because I’d have a little bit of experience every a little bit of
a beginner and you this isn’t your first time in effect marketing you might not
want to go into one of those top three big
me shoes just because there was a lot of competition there with that being
something guys once you have your niche picked out you’re gonna need to find a
few products to promote in that given niche too many people make the mistake
of picking just like one or just two main products and only pairing those to
the audience over and over and over again the problem with that guy is those
products will get old fast they become stale with your audience once your
audience has seen them and decided hey this is something I’m definitely not
purchasing and they’re prominent and it’s kromm binocular graffiti very
well you want to be giving your audience a variety of products that are all gonna
be a little bit different because of course guys not everything is for
everybody different products will convert better at free with different
people so with that being said guys I would find like three or four probably
for like core products I can consistently promote on like our
rotation guys so maybe every week or maybe every other week I’ll switch
products I’ll start throwing a different product
just keep it fresh just keep it light and just sit with different things you
guys because again you don’t know what’s gonna come right better guys your first
part your first product might convert really bad it might do really really bad
guys but your third product might convert like crazy you might absolutely
kill it but the only way you’re gonna know you actually go through and test
multiple products to find the ones that are gonna be absolute winners of course
guys with that being said Clickbank and jvzoo or a good starting point for any
new affiliate marketer looking for some affiliate offers and some flavor options
Clickbank and Jamie’s new combines literally have like probably over like
10 thousand affiliate offers you guys could choose from what the main said
it’s not gonna be very hard to find just three or four good ones on Clickbank or
jvzoo for that second it’s gonna be the first step of course guys like again
it’s gonna be basic but you got to do it guys once you have your niche and your
core products picked out the next thing I would do is step number two we’re just
gonna be a flight marketing tools and actually setting up everything you’re
gonna need to actually run your flight marketing business so of course guys
this includes things like landing pages sales pages and then pretty much is
completely setting up an entire funnel which again is something I would
definitely do after other guys that also includes things like building out your
email autoresponder sequence because guys of course email marketing is
another great tool us actually use in your affiliate marketing business to
close more sales and it’s done like something I encourage you guys to set up
if we were starting out with that being said okay that’s pretty much everything
you’re gonna need to set up for your Philly marketing business to run
successfully of course cuz once you have your landing page sales funnels and
pretty much just your entire funnel built out with an email autoresponder
sequence already set up once you have all that stuff bulldog guys your
marketing business is already gonna be on a really good track guys and that’s
that’s what I would do first is I’d set up my entire funnel and of course guys
is gonna take some serious time and some serious work and effort but guys you put
on all his work in the beginning all you have student in like the later half of
it in the end it just keeps sending traffic through guys keep sending
traffic through the funnel once the funnels built out all the work is done
guys well you know majority of the work is done it might be a little hard it’s
gonna take some time guys but these are definitely things you’re gonna want to
set up with your flame marketing buy something something that I would do so
if I already mention here the topic of this video is starting over from
absolutely nothing starting from zero dollars in my bank account so since I
normally have any money to pay for all these affiliate marketing tools yet I’m
gonna use a software called build roll there’s the software I use in my play
marketing business now so of course I’d use it again if I were to start over and
it’s fantastic guys because they actually have a seven day free trial so
if you don’t know what builder roll is it’s pretty much like a full digital
marketing software package guys they have landing pages sales pages pretty
much completely built out sales funnels they have their own webinar service they
have their an email autoresponder service they pretty much have like
everything you need in a digital marketing package there pretty much has
every single thing that you would need for your digital marketing and of course
it was like I already said they were seven day free trial there will be a
link for that in the description if you guys want to go ahead and check out Bill
drawl after the trial is over build roles still only like thirty dollars a
month for just all of the digital marketing tools which i think is very
very good guys thirty dollars a month is really nice
especially when you compare it to something like click funnels for example
which is like a hundred dollars a month but I definitely recommend you guys go
ahead and check that out link in the description like I already mentioned so
with that say guys I would actually use builder all to build a start to finish
funnel to actually make sales guys because again but only a funnel is gonna
be super beneficial for you guys because of course this is gonna take customers
do an entire process guys of course just sending somebody to an affiliate page to
an offer page is not enough guys in 2018 so many people are doing a free
marketing or in digital marketing but you need to go at least a little above
and beyond guys and have a funnel built out now you guys have a process I guess
you like a step-by-step process you’re gonna be sending customers through
simply sign up on your landing page you have an entire funnel pretty much built
out for them to go through to close more and more sales because of course guys
the more built out and the more optimized your funnel is Tim close sales
the more money you’re gonna make online the more money or affiliate marketing
business is gonna make which is of course the goal here guys we want to
kick-start our marketing business as quick as you possibly can guys I’m gonna
make as much money as we possibly can and the best way to really guys in my
opinion is to have an entire funnel built out you get a send traffic through
so with that being said after you built out your entire football and you’ve
everything set up the third and last step is actually gonna be promotion
because guys now we have our entire affiliate marketing funnel it’s how it’s
all setup guys every business pretty much set up to run we actually need to
start promoting to actually start making some sales so driving some traffic
sergeant all that good stuff guys so with that said I would use free traffic
methods social media drive traffic to my landing
pages and through my funnels so of course guys again starting from zero we
don’t have any money for advertising we have any money or Facebook ads so what
we’re gonna do is we utilize completely free traffic methods and guys I
recommend personally social media is probably the best place for free traffic
that’s exactly why would you guys I’d probably sign up for like Facebook
Instagram definitely YouTube those probably like my top three and then if I
wanted to get into some other ones I probably get it’s like snapchat and
Twitter maybe I like YouTube in shâm and Facebook or maybe like my top three
those are the ones I’m definitely gonna get on and actually start promoting with
after other guys I’d also do some direct marketing on Facebook my messaging
people so if you guys really know what direct marketing is it’s pretty much
like one-on-one sales just directly marketing to somebody else it’s pretty
much just like one-on-one selling I would definitely doing a lot of that
over on Facebook and Facebook groups and whatever niche I was in I was definitely
taking advantage that guys because again Direct Selling Direct Marketing is again
gonna be a completely free shopping method you guys can definitely use to
get started with your flight marketing business so it’s definitely something I
would use if I was starting a work from zero after the guys the last thing I
would do is to keep growing your email list and keep sending out our flight
offers so as the more you grow your email list to more people you actually
get to opt-in to your list more money we stand to make month-to-month because of
course guys the money is gonna be in the list and the larger list is more people
you can market to the more people you instead offers to and the more money you
stand to make of course guys all that said you just want to consistently keep
growing your email list and then send out some I floated offers other in your
email autoresponder sequence or and you to send out a newsletter blasts your
entire list just promoting affiliate off running an operand for that product now
you guys can make some more money online with that being stickers that is pretty
much exactly what I would do if I was starting all over from zero again guys
this is just kinda like a basic general outline of what I would do of course
already mentioned I’m not gonna go into like super overcomplicated detail like
step by step breakdown because again guys this video would take way way too
long this is kind of like a general outline of what I would do okay guys
this general outline will pretty much work for any niche and you go into again
I don’t want to make this too spin each specific because I wanted this to work
for everybody I wanted everybody to watch this video to benefit from it so
with that said guys this will pretty much work for any niche you actually go
into the same steps will kind of apply if you’re starting your own affiliate
marketing business this is pretty much I would do if I was starting my own
relating business again from zero from absolutely nothing
these inception I would take with that being said guys if you enjoyed the video
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again I have a free affiliate marketing training course w link in the
description for that so if you’re brand new in a flea market and you’re just
looking to get started that is I’d be a free training course just you guys to
check out with that being so the guys my name is Anthony villa I will see you
guys in the next video and I am out peace


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