Starting My CR250 Build!

well guys it is finally time to put
together the cr250 so the motors all done finished up ready to go yeah bulb
is chilling here wheels are done frame is ready to go suspension is all dialed
in so no excuses let’s put this so of course any build starts with a
frame so it’s gonna this thing mounted up on the stand and get building look at all these cobwebs mmm things
been sitting around for a while first we’re gonna drop the motor into the
frame so I got to pull it off he and he’ll the concepts in just and this
thing has dispensed super handy throughout the whole build process sings
my baby you know scratch this thing up going in that would suck alright guys you need to find some bolts
to get this motor secured in here see if I can find the motor mounting bolts those are the upper mounting plates here
looks like we’ve got a couple motor mounting bolts so let’s get this thing
bolted in it’s always tricky to know which which way you want to put them in
I’m always super picky I’m like I wouldn’t have all the bolts going the
same way Oh No got some rust here Oh ooh these need to be cleaned up I am NOT
gonna put these on like that still cleaner up on the buffer sweet got them look a prime see how they
look on the bike here Oh hold up trying to get your cam strong in the background
dude once again just being picky and putting all the bolts in from the right
side so basically what I do here is get all the engine bullets started kind of
just hand tight and then once I get everything together like the whole bike
together I’ll go through and torque them and it kind of like centers the whole
bike and once you compress the suspension everything just sort of lines
up naturally and then you can go ahead and torque it so I’m just gonna leave
all of these bolts hand tight for now and then all these engine bolts here I’m
gonna use blue thread Locker on just to keep them in place
oh shoot almost dropped a nut in the engine there forgot about one thing works connection
sent over a little oil fill plug I don’t even know why I forgot about it should
have had it on the motor a long time ago but that’s all this a read run right now
get something to compliment that Fathead there look at that thing
so trick before I make the mistake of dropping
anything in intake like a bolt or whatever helps to stuff a rag in there
just don’t want to forget it in there that’s for sure
so next up is gonna be mounting up the swing arm got this over here things been
all dusty from sitting for so many months give her a little wipe down and
get her mount it up things looking fresh of course always got to grease things up
I’m using here is maximum waterproof grease alright guys I’m going to slide these
Forks in but I mean it flying bolts I’ll need for the triple lamps lower right
here but I can see they’re kind of a kind of old and crow that these things
are like almost 20 years old so luckily new boats here both motorcycle Hardware
sent this over whole kit check that out so looks like these are going to the
triple clamp bolts right here super shiny see how they fit perfect forget it Stram bro yeah alright guys got a couple more things to
bolt on here we have a sweet shifter tusk brand rocky mountain was nice nice
enough to send over Kickstarter stock one just all pimped out exhaust flange
and then the stock reads so I haven’t gotten around to getting like
aftermarket set like poison or v4 yet so I’m just gonna ruin these for now and
then later on once I get a aftermarket set we’ll see what the difference is
with that gasket on here slide this into place don’t want to forget that rag in
there a few people have done that never a good outcome yeah it kind of sucks
using just a stock read cage right now but it’ll work I am gonna have to flip
that around it’s a little better there we go you can kind of see everything
actually blinds up there alright so when I put stuff together sometimes you don’t
know like in-between here if there should be a gasket or not which I’m
pretty sure there shouldn’t be because it’s already kind of sealed right here
but I’m just gonna double check so come over here to the computer pull up a
diagram over here on rocky mountain and they just have a whole portside around
here let me go find cylinder cylinder head no it’s actually gonna be under
crankcase and you can see the whole layout here so
you can see there’s a gasket in between the reef cage and crankcase but no
gasket between the intake manifold and the reek age so we’re good one of my favorite tools here is the ASV
Y handle I’ll actually have this link down below where you can buy it I
believe on Amazon so yeah go check them out you want a handy tool we’re gonna
finish tightening up the intake manifold here so whenever I’m putting a shifter
brake pedal on I like to keep it level with the foot pegs so you get like a
flat piece of something or just use your hand and line it up here so that looks
pretty close right there and for this one get this bolt in is a
little tricky coming from the bottom side with all that thing around a little
bit there we go probably cross in it gum aboard riding out here helping out
with filming Ryan tell him what’s up hey what’s up guys
out here helping out bambam with the project he’s got it going on pretty
pretty killer channel yeah if you guys want to check out any of our work I
think cam will drop a link below yep I’ll have a link to the Instagram down
below it is called miss Kona productions so check it out so open a Kickstarter
the bolts always come loose on these pretty common deal so you absolutely
have to put Loctite on them dude this thing’s got some gnarly
compression so the last thing we’re gonna do here is pop on the exhaust
flange just got a gasket that goes in between let’s see here make sure I’m
getting this on right alright guys that is gonna wrap up the
video it’s a little bit different style here we have a lot of cinematic stuff
really detailed shots but if you like that style let me know down in the
comment section and also stay tuned for the next video I’m gonna be doing some
really cool stuff building around the engine so make sure you go down below
and hit that subscribe button to you alright guys thanks for watching and
keep it Prime you


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