Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 👨‍🎓 Part 1 👌

step by step affiliate marketing for beginners Hey, this is Peyton here and today we want to begin a new series about affiliate marketing and Is gonna be called step by step affiliate marketing for beginners? This is just trying to help people that are Looking for an extra income to determine whether or not affiliate marketing is for them So the first thing you want to see or talk about is your determination Basically how determined you are and earning money doing affiliate marketing you see there is really one thing that separates so differentiates regular affiliates from super affiliates and that is definitely Their determination. So what we’re gonna cover here in this video is six six things that Satisfied regular affiliates from super affiliates. The first thing is Super affiliates define a niche market and promote affiliate products to that target audience Super affiliates know that not defining a niche market and targeted products should that market is one of the biggest mistakes internet marketers make People often think that by promoting 10 or 15 unrelated products on your website. So on their Blog on their channels with that they can make 10 times as much money Unfortunately that is not true. Your site will just end up looking like a flea market and it’s completely unsuccessful, so you don’t want your site or your products to be looking like step by step affiliate marketing for beginners if you just want to make a quick buck, you want to appear to them to your visitors as you are recommending one or two really quality and related products number two Super affiliates are willing to build relationships with their visitors. Well super affiliates work hard to Not just be a sales person but a trusted friend and a trusted advisor That the customers can rely they spent a lot of time building relationships with their customers providing them valuable information valuable content and Product reviews really trying to help your potential customer Once you have established a relationship of trust with your customers, you’ll be much more successful in marketing you affiliate products because then they’ll be receptive to your opinions in third step by step affiliate marketing for beginners Place super affiliates are wanting to actively market their products. Well They actively market their featured products. They know that Just posting a link on their website to their affiliate offer and then just, you know sitting back and waiting for the profits to roll in is just not really realistic you have to actively Market your products in order to market products effectively as a super affiliate you need to keep track of who your customers are and Potential customers that you might get and follow up with them to make sure The customer understands the value of your products. So you need to offer offer offer constantly super affiliates and for instance are willing to have content rich websites just like other step by step affiliate marketing for beginners They know that the way to convert their visitors into paying customers is by Giving them plenty of reasons to visit their websites in the first place So they develop content that people actually want and find useful Such as product reviews comparison charts helpful tips or hints Newsletters and so on this one on the line is here. It says that people find useful all of this content brings traffic to their websites which then And slides into a higher click-through rates number five super affiliates become perceived experts in a specialized area Truly successful super affiliates know that they need to learn as much About their products as possible They understand how important it is to speak with authority about what they are selling and be able to anticipate every question a potential customer may have This approach really helps establish the affiliates credibility and further enhances the relationship between the affiliate and the customer So number six super affiliates constantly test their marketing strategies Super affiliates are not content to stop working when they start earning a modest income Once they get those first sales and know for sure people are looking for what they are selling They start looking for better and better ways to bring their products to people’s attention Super affiliates use all their skills as marketers to constantly explore more successful ways of drawing new visitors to their site and of converting them into paying customers step by step affiliate marketing for beginners So here you go. These are my six ways or six things that differentiates regular affiliates from super affiliates Maybe there is another one if there is some other thing that you can consider that Separates regular if it’s some super filius. Just go ahead and leave me a comment in the section below I will be more than glad to read that so that we can all learn a little more And step by step affiliate marketing for beginners This video has been informative just go ahead and give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel so that you can continue to See all the other videos that I’ll be posting about affiliate marketing. I want to thank you for your time Thanks for watching my video. Have a great day

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