Step By Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners ๐Ÿ˜„ Part 3 ๐Ÿ’ธ

step by step affiliate marketing for beginners Hey, this is Peyton here again, and on this video we want to continue with the series step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners this is going to be part number three and Just to recap part. Number one. I talked about your determination Part number two. I talked about the difference between digital products and physical products but now we want to talk about What do you focus on where your focus shall be as? Affiliates, we want to sell products and earn commissions. That’s the bottom line But what type of products will you focus on when you are getting started? There’s definitely a difference between people that are getting started with affiliate marketing People that are already making money with affiliate marketing they have already established a path So do you just start promoting a bunch of unrelated products on your website or on your YouTube channel? It is important to focus on something, you know about or at least something that you’re willing to learn about So that you can be able to talk with confidence You don’t have to be an expert, but you should have some knowledge of whatever it is. And if you Don’t have the knowledge. At least you should have the willingness to learn sufficient about that Line of product or about that niche so that you can be able to create content easily or easier and be able to talk with 30 step by step affiliate marketing for beginners so if at this moment, nothing special comes to your mind, like, you know, what am I gonna focus on I Am going to help you with these 20 points that Are questions that have been proven to work time after time you can ask yourself these questions? Just in case nothing comes to your mind in regards to what you’re gonna focus on Explore your skills and interests number one question number one. Do you play any sports? These are questions that can help you if you are wondering What I’m gonna focus on just pay attention to these questions and just take take notes. You can pause the video at any time Do you play any sports? Which ones? step by step affiliate marketing for beginners If you had a million dollars in a week’s worth of free time, what will you do? List the first activities that come to your mind What websites do you visit when you are just surfing around online and What is a content or the topics the websites those websites cover? Have you ever won a trophy or an award? What was it for? Have you ever been recognized for a contribution of services? What exactly did you do? Do you have any pets? What kind of pets you have if yes What aspects of pet onin did you like best or learn most about? was it the training part was it I Don’t know What what part of having pets do you like the most? Do you have any kids? What do you like best about being a parent? What do you find most challenging step by step affiliate marketing for beginners Do you have any specialized education have you ever taken classes and subject like pottery or sailin Have you ever volunteered anywhere? What did you learn in this experience where you were a volunteer? What lifetime accomplishment are you most proud about What did you learn from this experience? Do you have any first-hand knowledge of any medical illness or issues if so which ones Do you collect anything? If so, what could it be? What television shows do you enjoy? What kind of music do you listen to? Do you ever attend theater events or other events related to the Arts? There anything you have ever really wanted to do or learn about but just haven’t had the time to do it At a party when you are talking to a stranger what’s your fallback topic of Conversation. What is the first thing that comes? To your mind when you start talking to that stranger well before you start talking to the stranger At work with friends on what subject are you the go-to person? What is your academic background do you have any degrees do you have any certificates? What was your favorite job, what was your role? What will your best friend say you are best at and finally Have you ever done any renovations to your house yourself? Have you ever built old design anything? you’re proud of So whatever you decide You want to keep a clear perspective based on the questions? Before or even if you already have something a line of toff whatever you decide you want to keep it clear perspective and a clear focus on what you will be teasing or talking about or recommending to people step by step affiliate marketing for beginners So you want to think about what are the goals of your audience? What do they have in mind? What is the level of knowledge of your audience? What pains or frustrations do they Manifest if you know about X or Y thing what is that thing that they mostly show? That they have a pain about in whatever needs that you decide to go into Whatever frustration may manifest Is there something that they really really enjoy? Do they find pleasure? What they feel really? Accomplished if they could do X or Y thing or learn X or Y ting if they could practice X or Y thing If it’s if possible try to print out this information after you have gotten it together in your mind try to print out this information and Post it in your office or in your bedroom Wherever you’re gonna be working on the wall, or you know, somewhere visible where you can remember What your goal is? time after time in fact You may want to write something down like my goal as an affiliate Marketer is to you know, just fill the blank in this case. This is an example My goal as an affiliate marketer is to help people get more traffic using Facebook Ads So you want to you know want to print that out and have it visible somewhere so you can remember exactly time after time and step by step affiliate marketing for beginners You want to focus on a specific niche throughout the whole course, you don’t want to start Let’s say in Facebook Ads just for an example and then you want to jump over to Bicycle repair, for example you just want to focus on one specific thing to out the whole course and You want to also look for products that support? That message look for you know Services or products that you can promote as an affiliate that will go in that line. Of course Depending on what you have chosen, you might be able to promote products from other niches too if they align themselves or drop into the concepts you are trying to focus on your audience example going back to Facebook ads If you decide to go, you know in the Facebook ads line But there is another product Let’s say that teaches how to create videos and those videos can help You to do the Facebook ads then you will encounter that you will be able to promote That other product although is a video poor so is a video software but it helps to do what you’re doing what you’re promoting here, which is Facebook ads and if you are going to go into a niche that hardly have products to promote you’re gonna find Hard time to sell to be able to sell something as an affiliate But otherwise if you go into a niche that has plenty of products that are coming out, you know month after month At least one or two products per month, then you will have plenty of products to be able to Promote as an affiliate. So just keep in mind try to find something that where you can find You know plenty of products coming out constantly So this basically covers step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners part number three, just make sure to keep a focus on whatever you are gonna be promoting and as usual if this video has been informative, please go ahead and give me a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel so that you can be receiving other videos in line of Affiliate marketing for beginners if you have any questions or if you have additional steps You can just leave a comment in the section below I will be more than glad to read a comment and to answer you and so we will all learn together Thanks for watching my video today have a wonderfully

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