Step by Step How To Add Affiliate Products To WordPress

who can have your own store making money
using affiliate relationships so instead of having to store products to ship
products you can actually create affiliate relationships with
manufacturers store service providers products and you can showcase and market
promote their products in earn and affiliates income now Commission’s on
affiliates income are gonna rain anywhere from pennies maybe based on
clicks to thousands of dollars of commission depending on what you’re
promoting ok now I want to show you today how you can use AKA cJ
affiliate to find some providers and use their data feeds and market their
products appropriately and then I’m going to show you how to actually carry
this over onto Pinterest as well so let me just make sure that I am
logged in to the right Pinterest account there we go okay so or also
known as CJ affiliate formerly known as Commission Junction has been around
forever and ever one of the originals now what you’re able to do is you’re
able to go into and fill out an application what you’re gonna want to do
is have a website that is set up so this is a brand new website I have just
started and this is called midlife monarch and it’s a website that is
geared towards women in their you know 40s to 60s okay anyway like the midlife
range and so I am featuring articles and products and how to’s and tutorials for
these women and so I went ahead and set up a CJ dot-com affiliate account and
got this website approved okay next what I did is I went on to the merchant
directory right here under advertisers and I applied for the program
okay now you can see here what what the Commission’s would look like
this is gonna be about a 7% Commission and you know when you’re marketing when
you’re using something like Amazon you’re gonna go anywhere from 1 to 10
percent commission so it’s gonna sit in the pocket of 4 to 7 anyway so that’s
pretty typical now I do earn six figures as an affiliate marketer alone but I do
want to stress that that is in software and software is super super powerful
because it’s a recurring Commission and it’s usually 20 to 75 percent so the 75
percent are usually the one timers and I get anywhere from 20 to 50 percent on my
recurring month-over-month so as long as that person subscribes I’m getting a
recurring income that to me is the sweet spot in affiliate marketing that being
said I’ve started working on I’m monetizing my blogs now I’m adding
everything from Amazon ads to affiliate products like this to my blogs and now
I’ve started building in a blue Commerce and actually putting in items and
pinning them so I’m kind of documenting this process as we grow here and I’ll
let you know what’s working great what’s not working so well but if you want to
get started this is a great place to start so I’ve got Zappos here and I’ve
got SAP was set up now here we can click get links and what we’re looking for is
their products ok now there is something called a data feed and you can actually
import all the products at once I’m not doing that right now because I’m so
afraid of just burying my website with with products from a large data theme so
I’m just kind of playing with it a little bit like one by one what works
what are people liking what aren’t they liking before I get into importing total
data feeds so right here we have links and then and this is going to give you
all of your like sale icons and things like that banners but I’m gonna go over
to products here ok now when I’m on under products I can actually search for
only products from Zappos ok Zappos calm and then
I can search by price high too low default that type of thing from here I
can search by collection name okay so I just kind of started here and I’m
scrolling down going geez let’s see what would my what would my customer
potentially like now I can tell you right now this sleepwear is doing well
on Pinterest it’s pretty interesting watching what’s happening so they’ve got
a lot of designer brands I could start with shoes I could start with socks I
could start with all kinds of things let’s just go ahead and take let’s go
ahead and take this pair of shoes here okay grabbing the pair of shoes that I
want here I’m gonna right-click and open them in a new tab just so I can see what
they look like okay perfect our didn’t heal from clergy okay so
there are some of the info there okay so I’m gonna take okay this is a nice fancy
pair of shoes here what I’m gonna do now is I am going to grab the HTML I’m gonna
go over to my website and I’m going to click new product alright now this has a
lot of steps which is why people like to use the data feed so they can just get
everything in there all at one time in my particular case I’ve got I’m doing it
one by one as I’m exploring what people like and what they don’t like okay so
the I’m gonna go ahead and paste that code down here in the bottom okay
now up here I’m gonna give this the title okay and then I’m going to grab
the image now they’re giving us permission to use their image
unfortunately I don’t have the ability to upload it straight from the URL so
I’m going to go ahead and grab it over here okay next I’m gonna go back over to my
website here and I’m going to sorry let me get out of there in the wrong spot
there we go then I’m gonna go over here and I’m gonna go down to where my shoe
category is now if I I personally suggest that you kind of lay out your
hierarchy of what products you’re gonna have what you’re gonna offer what the
subcategories are at least do the top ones so like I’ve got fashion and I’ve
got fashion for women over 50 and then everything is divided up under there and
you can see I can go down to shoes and then under shoes I’ve got pumps wedges
now let me go ahead and add heels right so I’m gonna put actually I might call
this one where do they have theirs under heels I spelled that wrong clerk
Clergerie I don’t obviously I don’t know much about shoes these types of shoes um
okay so I’m gonna go down to I’m just gonna put this in their heels for now so
I’m gonna go to shoes add new category heels and you know at some point I might
have you know red red heels and sparkly heels and sandal you know all kinds of
different ones I was like as I branched out but that depends on how far I go
deep into this so add new category alright so now it’s in the right
category and then we’re going to set the product image okay and I’m going to go ahead and call
it the correct name here let me see if that copies correctly I can’t get the whole thing where is the
whole oh there’s the description okay there we go this is what I want right
here this is what I want right here okay so I’m going to title it that and then
also for somebody that couldn’t see I want to make sure that they can
understand what those shoes are and now if I wanted to put in a description I
can okay so they are giving us permission to use all of this data on
our website so if I want to put the long description I can put it up here okay
you can decide how much that I want to put in there how much I don’t want to
put in there or I can just use the HTML code that they’re providing and use that
instead so here if I go back to the code I can actually go to the HTML and I can
get the long description here if I want to and I can just paste that and put
that into my text section okay and I’ll show you what that looks like in a
minute all right so however you want to put that in there
and then down here what I want to make sure I do is I’m going to put external
affiliate product this is very important and I’m using WooCommerce and I have the
WooCommerce affiliate option here and I also have the WooCommerce related check
out the link in this video if you want to check out what commerce but do reach
out to my company Bal and brands comm if you want to help putting it all together
it’s we actually do build these websites as well okay so then I want to get the
click URL and I’m gonna paste this now I personally don’t like to put prices here
because prices are subject to change and I don’t want anybody ever coming back to
me saying you listed our price is wrong so I personally don’t I let the client
the customer click through to find that information out so let’s just go ahead
and take a look at what this looks like before I I hard publish it let’s go
ahead and look at the preview okay there’s the image there is a
description okay or I also could if I wanted to instead I could paste that
description down here at the only at the bottom and it would look like this
I’m kind of toying with the aesthetics and kind of best practices of what I
like on my website okay I don’t like all that I don’t like all that up there I
think it looks terrible so I’m just gonna get rid of all that and I’m gonna
grab I think I’m gonna grab the simpler code right now okay and we’ll put that
down there now up here here’s just kind of a something I love to do like a best
practice so I also have my Amazon account and to earn a potential
affiliate income with Amazon I like to to trip to sprinkle those ads throughout
my websites so I would go over here to my Amazon account and we just see where
I put that there I’m gonna type in what is the name of
this hold on let me just see the name what the name of that was again let me
see if amazon has something there if that’s particular to that brand oh there
we go all right let me try red let’s see how
similar whoops not read let’s see how similar I can get to that shoe so what
I’m trying to do is I’m trying to show similar shoes that that person might be
interested in okay so I might just go with red heel alright red heel sandal there we go okay so obviously our these
are nowhere near the price range of that other shoe so whether or not they would
be directly related it seems to be under investigation right so I’m gonna go
ahead and copy this code I’m gonna go back to my web site and I’m gonna paste
it right in there okay so now I’ve got my category I’ve got my image I got my
affiliate link I’ve got the link to the shoe I’ve got my URL I’m gonna hit
publish and then I’m gonna show you how to pin it okay so I’m gonna be a product
leader I’ll come back and show you some advanced strategies on how to have these
show up in blogs where you could do like the top ten red strappy heels for spring
you know we can import these WooCommerce in there but see how cool this is
doesn’t that look great that has it related so if they click through to the
Zappos website they click buy product they will leave this website I’ll go
over to the Zappos products we can also just put this in the settings to open in
a new tab or window which I prefer and if they go here and click on any of the
Amazon ads then it will open in a new window and they’ll be able to shop
Amazon either way I’ve got the potential now to earn a commission and then down
here I haven’t got it all set up yet but we would have related shoes that would
also be on this websites that might be of interest to them
so that is a just a starting point there now to pin this just I’ve got the chrome
Excel Chrome extension Pinterest here or I can use the social share on my website
and I can click pin find the pair of shoes that I’m marketing which is the
shoes from Zappos here and then I’m gonna find my appropriate category I
have women’s shoes and then I’m gonna find heels
oops there’s a spell heels are spelt wrong take it better go fix those let’s
see so block heel regular heels let’s just add a section called heels ad see it now so now what you’ll be able
to see is when somebody clicks through now on here they’re gonna go directly to
the Zappos website so that is whoops hold on a second I did not put in the
correct URL did I oh I’m sorry there to go to my website and then when the
person clicks through to buy products they would actually go to the Zappos
website so bottom line we need to use their data that they have given us
permission to use we need to link it to the end result goes to their store their
link okay now I can also directly pin these if I have permission from that
vendor to pin from their website that’s another way to do it the benefit of
pinning to my own website is of course it gets the traffic to my website first
before they click off to somewhere else and then I can also show all the related
products that type of thing so I’m Lori Ballen thank you for joining me
today I hope you’ll subscribe I have lots more videos like this one and if
you do need help with with a website contact us at

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