STEP BY STEP How To Make Money With eBay Partner Network Affiliate Marketing

Yo yo yo, how’s it going everyone Matt Johnston
coming at you guys with a quick little tutorial video on how you can get started not selling
on eBay but how to become an affiliate for this network All I’ve been getting a lot of
requests on how you can join this blah blah blah but I really enjoy this network because
you know actually stop selling on eBay as a whole just because I was making so much
my affiliate links my affiliate products work surpassing my eBay store sale so I wanted
to give you as a little boy on how to get started so we are actually on the homepage
of eBay right now and what we’re going to do is actually scroll all the way down and
you will see at the very bottom of the page it says Affiliates you just have to click
that and then I’ll bring it to the partner Network sign up page and this is where you
guys get going on it so sign up now so it’ll bring you to this page because this is where
you guys this is where all your affiliate magic happens so what this is right here is
where you will promote EBay Lynx this is where you turn into your affiliate official link
and you will paste it right there but I want to show you a little bit more and right here
is where all the products you will find or acts of with the search results guys this
will bring up a page where you get a wide selection of specific products that you know
whatever needs you guys will tap into this is where you guys will find you know why priority
selection to choose from so like Nike you know each product that you guys that extension
customer will click on to whether it’s shoes whether it’s you know Nike sweatpants Dri-Fit
shirt whatever product they choose after you make your affiliate link if they click on
it and purchase it any product on that page you will get a commission for so that’s a
pretty powerful tool to use white or selection but you know popular products that they’re
selling the top products but what you got to do is actually go to these are all the
bills that are happening especially during the quarter four season because this is where
popular brands Or actually discounted you know as you can see right here you know you
haven’t been booked Fitbit Blazer watches Calvin Klein cologne PS4 so these are all
high ticket items that you can earn a high commission for so so so so if we wanted to
promote this Zenbook right here all you guys need to do is actually go to copy copy this
morning copy and then you guys will paste it right here now bam guys now have to wait
for space create it and boom you have your affiliate link so the next time you guys want
to do actually to prevent you know having a full link like that is actually go to Bentley
and this will shorten your affiliate link copy that and bam you have your affiliate
link so awful to you too love you networking with EBay it’s my go-to as of right now because
especially during score to 4 season you know a lot of people want to buy High ticket items
for a low price ASAP so yeah I was just a little tutorial for you guys hope you guys
wanted to make sure you guys subscribe like comment and hit that Doe notification for
more future videos I have more grey contact coming on the way for you guys so you guys
hope you have a great one take care


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