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– Yo, this is Igor, and a few years ago, I was just like you, just starting out with my online business, trying to build it using
free traffic strategies. And you know what I discovered? I discovered that free
traffic strategies suck because they’re really, really slow. They’re really, really
technical, meaning that I had to actually learn how to code my own website, how to buy domains, get in with
hosting, install WordPress. I had to learn to write articles. I had to learn to how shoot
videos just like this one, where I would go on camera
and be really eloquent and really strategic in
the things I was saying to get people to look at me
as an expert and authority. Then, after that, even if I did succeed for a tiny little bit with
these free traffic strategies, I’d realize how unscalable
the traffic actually was. In fact, very, very quickly of trying many different strategies, such as forum marketing,
search engine optimization, social media marketing,
article writing, video shooting and a bunch of stuff like that, I realized how little control I’ve had with my business and how
if I took all the hours I invested into building
this free traffic portfolio versus the income that
I’ve earned from it, I realized I was getting paid about 1/10 of an average McDonald’s employee. That, to me, did not seem
like a good proposition. In fact, I got into this
online business thing because I wanted to be free. Because I wanted to have the freedom, as well as the income,
so it was supposed to be an opposite of a day job,
but it became something that I consider to be
worse than a day job, which is where you work,
work, work, work, work and get very little out of it. That made me think and try
something I never tried before. I decided to try paid traffic
and for the most part, again, just like most
people, I failed at it because I kept running out of money. However, eventually, I
figured out two things. First, I figured out a way
to get automated traffic without investing lots of time and without investing too much money, meaning that this traffic
was fairly affordable, even for someone like me who didn’t have lots and lots of money comin’ in. In fact, at the time, I was
still living with my parents in a three bedroom apartment
in the deep south of Israel. Now, at the same time, while discovering this traffic source, I also was able to perfect an approach, a three
step approach that allowed me to not lose money when I got the traffic. Meaning that, as I was
getting the traffic, I was able to successfully
convert this traffic into sales and customers and as a result, I was able to scale my business
using self investments. I would invest a little
bit, I would see that back. I would invest more,
I would see that back, and this is how I scaled without getting too deep into credit card
debt or anything like that. This, to me, was truly
fascinating and liberating because it allowed me to go from a newbie to a really successful online marketer, and as a result, I even decided to start helping other people do the same because I felt it was time to give back. So for that very reason,
I would like to invite you to your free workshop
I’m conducting this week. You can check it out at
and during this workshop, in about 60, 90 minutes or
so, I’m gonna share with you the exact ins and outs
of my three step strategy to getting and converting traffic. I’m gonna show you how I built a list of 4.3 million people
without losing money. I’m gonna show you how you can multiply your traffic ROI by factor of five. I’m gonna show you a new traffic source that converts about nine
times better than Facebook and social media and
delivers customers that spend on average about 20 times
more money per transaction. I’m gonna show you case
studies with actual numbers to prove that and I would
also like to reward you for attending my workshop for
free with an ethical bribe. I’m gonna give you a 31 day email sequence you can use for yourself
to promote products online. Because I know that a lotta
people hate writing emails, so I figure I’ll do something nice for you if you give me 60 minutes of your time. If you’d like to find out
more about this stuff, go ahead and visit I’ve included the link or the URL somewhere in this video frame. You can probably click
here or there or somewhere. There’s supposed to be a
link that says click here. Go to that page or just open
up a new tab in your browser, type in and click on that link, go to that page, sign up
for the free workshop. I’m conducting it this week for
you and people just like you who are currently struggling
with getting traffic for an online business. I want to get you off the free traffic hamster wheel once and for all. I want you to discover a different
world of online marketing because the internet wasn’t
supposed to make us slaves. The internet was supposed to liberate us and I still believe to
this day that the internet has the power to do so for
every individual in the world if they apply the right
strategies in their business. So that is why I think the first step would be to show you my approach for free. Again, the link is,
you wanna open up a new tab in your browser right now or
if you’re on your mobile phone just pull it up, type
in the address, don’t even finish this video. Register for my free workshop,
it’s happening this week for free, and remember,
you’re also getting an ethical bribe just for
attending, so that’s pretty cool. Anyway,, I’ll see you there.

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