Stop Losing Traffic From Your Site – WP Zero Bounce Plugin

As-salaamu alayka, wa rahmatullah wa barakatu Peace and blessings be upon you all. How are you everybody? This is say there. Once again today. I’ve just come up with the one of the secret tool or a sick secret software which the top affiliates are using if you’re in the SCO or if you are into WordPress, this is a must one. You know, this is something You can see you can see the topic like you know, where I am now I just wanted to reveal you. Uh This is basically a plugin. It’s called WP zero pounds. You should have heard about zero pound. That is a different one This is a WP 0 bounce. So what does this do? I just wanna I’d this is the sales page I will just leave a link below You can buy it, but I just before you know, once you see it You will decide whether you want to buy it or not. So I just don’t want to compel you to buy anything I just wanted to show you what these top. You know, the SEO guys or the you know, the the best affiliates are doing or I know the for what exactly is a with the use of this WP 0 bounce plugin, so this is my wordpress plugin just into one of the Review page which I am doing it for. My mentor. This is Spencer make um, I follow his I’m his student This is one of the cause he does. I just wanted to show you once I’ve installed the plugin which is here You can see 0 pounds into my wordpress dashboard. You can see there’s something called over here 0 pounds Individual what I have just done is I have just put the URL of the course of this My mentor Spencer Meachem, which I’m doing a Raviv. This is the sales page of his His course, so I just wanted to show you I just let me straightaway go Practical we what exactly happens just gonna do a preview of this page What happens like anybody who comes into your? Here we go Anybody who comes into your page? Like who’s visiting? This is your normal. Love WordPress page So somebody visits this page through you you’re sending traffic and they come into this page Once they come they just going through it If you see most of them whoever reads it all over lands in any page the first thing which they do What do they do? They just press the back button So once they press the back button, what does this soft one? Does this did you see it? What happened? It has just taken Taken the Visitor back to the sales page, which I have entered over here into that The one with a which ever the URL which you’re gonna put it here That’s how this is where it is, you know, so what happens is whenever somebody presses back button It will take to the URL which you’re gonna put it on that plugin. So this is such a cool feature whoever visits your website You know most of them You know half of them Happy they if they convert if they don’t convert what they’re gonna press as a back button once I press the back button they are they’ll land in a page where you want them to so basically this is what the idea behind the zero bounce basically You are you don’t want to leak your traffic basically the traffic which you are getting you are making the most use of it That’s the idea behind this wp0 bound software. You can see it stopped your side from secretly leaking over fifty percent of your traffic That’s the idea behind they know I just you. Can I leave a link below you can read all this big sales later I just don’t want to you know, go through each and everything But I just wanted to show you a practical experience what exactly happens, you know Any page any post you? Do you just need to add a URL at the bottom and you can whenever a customer or a visitor? Press the back button You can just direct them to a URL where you want to so This is very good If you don’t do affiliate marketing if you are into any SEO or web sites any any blog, you’re promoting anything, you know this is completely a No-brainer, I would say a very good secret actually This has not been like not not much of them know this. I know top of Leah’s use this one, you know such a good Plug-in you can try it out and And I can just reveal you the price as well. I just don’t want to hide anything You can decide whether you like it or not. There. They have a two price version here Basically for one side, it is like $25 and for like multiple sides is 27 I have taken this $27 for myself. So this is such a no-brainer. I’m say for this price. What are gonna get value is? Huge, you know just don’t even you know, if you’re in today see you find the WordPress I I’m sure you know the real value of it. So I’m just gonna link below leave a link below Just you know, it’s a secret, you know Actually, I got to know this from a thousand dollar course. So this is basically a such a valuable Plugin er you’ll be using it in WordPress. So I’m gonna leave a link below if you like this video if you like this secret Please like share and comment. Thanks a lot guys. Take a bite


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