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storage survival cache prepping supply secret stash what goes in a survival cache 5 gallon bucket DIY projects hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out at my Granny Camp which is my remote Alaska off-grid cabin and I’m working on a new prepping prepper project today I recently went to the grocery store and was able to get some
free 5 gallon buckets which are great for food storage organizing prepping supplies how to get free 5 gallon buckets if you go into the grocery store go to the bakery
department and ask them if they have empty 5 gallon buckets and most of the time they will let you have them for free I’m going to use one of the free 5 gallon buckets I got the other day for prepping survival project DIY as a remote survival cache secret stash so it needs to have the gear and equipment I would need for say a bug-out bag or a 72-hour kit we don’t know what
the future holds but we do know that there might be reasons that you might
have to evacuate you might have to leave your home maybe there’s storms
forest fires earthquakes tornadoes civil unrest there’s all kinds of things that
can happen that you can’t get to your home or your home is no longer safe have to evacuate or bug out and so having some emergency supplies put in remote locations can be a good idea I
always say that prepping is lifestyle insurance because I’m preparing for
emergencies that happen to everyone sometime in your life and then if you
have the supplies things that you need stockpiled in places that you can get to you can
continue to live as close to normal a life as possible during an emergency and
that allows you to spend your time and energy figuring out what to do next if
you don’t have any supplies and you’re just standing there with your empty
hands and nothing and I’m nothing to do no gear of any kind you have to start
figuring out how to get something to eat I need a drink of water where am I going
to sleep what am I going to do if you have supplies put around in your home in
your car some supplies at your place of employment and maybe even in a remote
location and those can help smooth the way for whatever comes your way if you
want to use a five-gallon bucket for a survival storage cache prepper secret stash the first thing you need to do is make sure that it has the proper rubber gasket in
the lid not all of the lids come with the extra rubber gasket and that’s what
makes it waterproof and airtight so how to choose buckets for food storage prepping other buckets might be okay
if their lid doesn’t have it those buckets might be okay to use for other
storage purposes but anytime you want to store important gear or food always make
sure that you have that rubber gasket to keep your emergency supplies things safe and dry what are
the important additions to a storage survival cache the same categories you
would want in any kind of an emergency you need some water you need food you
need first aid supplies you need hygiene supplies you need tools you need a way
to start a fire you may need a way to prepare the foods that you have and you
need something to use as a shelter it’s surprising the amount of things you can
fit in a 5-gallon bucket but of course you’re not going to be able to fit
something like a whole sleeping bag or a tent so you need to think on small size
what can I fit how can I get this smaller how can I make these items work
for more than one purpose so that I can downsize and make my storage survival
bucket cache stash complete while having all the things that I absolutely need let me
take all the things out and show you what I’ve included in my storage
survival cache the most important prepping item you should always include
is water I have two water bottles that they’re plastic they’re heavy-duty
I filled them up myself because I can leave an airspace at the top so even if
I put this outside and it freezes the water is going to expand but the bottle
is going to hold together and there’s room inside the bottle for all of the
water I have two of those and they go in first next I have some freeze-dried
meals these are going into the bucket and the
doesn’t matter if I leave this outside and it freezes these aren’t going to be
hurt then what I want to prepare these I have the water that’s required to make a
meal out of these if I don’t have the opportunity to heat any water I have a
big bag of granola and some dried fruit these foods can be left out it doesn’t
matter if they get frozen they’re still going to be safe to eat next I want a
way to heat up the water or boil more water if I had access to more so I have
a can of fancy heat from the Dollar Tree this is a can like sterno it’s like an
alcohol base fuel it has a tight lid on it you open the lid you light the wick
and then you can actually put it out put the lid back on and save it to use again
and these cook for two hours you can heat things for two hours over these I
didn’t put a stove in here with it because I figure I can always put a
couple of rocks around it to hold something over the top of it I have a
metal cup that I could put over this to heat up some water a fork and a spoon
I’m also going to put this all the way in the bottom so it doesn’t get knocked
or spilled next I have a first-aid kit I got this little glasses case at the
Dollar Tree I filled it up with first-aid gear myself one of the
benefits of filling up your own first-aid kit is you know the components
that are in there when you buy one that’s ready-made you may not actually
be aware of what’s in there and if you need to do some first aid you may find
out you don’t have the things that you thought might be included but we’re not
so that’s a good reason to make this up yourself it has things like band-aids
gauze alcohol prep pads cotton rounds there’s some antibiotic creams some hand sanitizer and nobody knows what time of year it will be I have some mosquito
wipes I have some off mosquito repellant wipes from Dollar Tree these little Dollar Tree cases are nice they even have a clip on them you could clip them on to your belt loop or a zipper
pull on your jacket next I have a big bag of mixed up
small items that I don’t want to get lost in the bottom of the bucket
I’ll take these things out and sort them out so you can see the small items that
are going into my emergency storage stash cache 72 hour kit the first category is fire starting I have some InstaFire fire starter this stuff will work to light a fire in all kinds of weather I have a smaller pouch with
more fire starting gear your candles waterproof matches a lighter cotton
balls a chapstick you can rub that on the cotton balls just like you would
Vaseline and a piece of foil it’s a good idea when you’re starting a fire to put
a piece of aluminum foil underneath it so if you’re using something like
petroleum jelly when it melts it won’t run into the ground it will pool on the foil
and then you’ll still be able to use that fuel fully and keep your fire going
I have a flashlight with extra batteries I have some glow sticks and if you’re
putting together a survival cache make sure you get high quality glow sticks
this isn’t the time when you want to buy toys at the Dollar Tree 6 for a dollar
you want to get a high quality glow stick so that it’s going to actually be
able to work and work well for extended periods of time for tools I have a
multi-tool a pocketknife and some duct tape then I have a few hygiene items I
have a toothbrush with some little toothpaste I have a hairbrush a pair of
reading glasses I have some wet wipes and some Kleenex next is the area of
shelter I have an emergency survival blanket I have a Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag from Go Time Gear and this is an emergency sleeping bag it’s made out of very heavy duty
material it opens up to be 7 feet tall and it’s 36 inches across and it’s going
fit just about any sized person they’re sturdy and strong and you can even fold
them up and reuse them Life Bivy doesn’t take the place of a sleeping bag if you’re
going camping but it would certainly be an emergency sleeping bag that would
work well if you didn’t have a sleeping bag I also have a Life Tent emergency shelter Life Tent from Go Time Gear the Life Tent is like a big tube tent it’s made out of the
same heavy-duty fabric as the Life Bivy bag but it’s much larger it also includes a
long piece of paracord so that you can string it up between two trees the Life Tent holds more than one person and in a very inclement weather you can climb
into your Life Bivy bag and then into your Life Tent it’s going to give you an
extra layer of protection from very inclement weather both the Life Bivy and
the Life Tent from Go Time Gear come with a drawstring of paracord and there’s an emergency
whistle on the handle hand warmers are a must-have in a very cold environment
there’s a lot of uses that you can do with hand warmers besides just warm your hands if your shoes or your boots get wet you can put these in them overnight
and the warmth from them can help dry it out in a very cold environment you can
nestle the hand warmer inside your sleeping bag to help keep you warm I
made a video about all the different kind of uses for hand warmers I’ll put a
link to that video if that’s something you’re interested in all the small gear
goes back into the gallon-sized ziplocks bag and gets nestled into my storage
survival cash bucket next you need a few items of clothing to keep warm I don’t
have enough room in here for a jacket but I have a bandana a pair of gloves
these can be work gloves or just for warmth and a heavy duty pair of socks
don’t put cotton socks if they get wet then they never get dry and they wick
that temperature and the warmth away from your body use socks made from something like wool socks for your emergency gear I put a little microfiber towel in there can be
used for a lot of different purposes and then I have a drawstring backpack from
the Dollar Tree it even has an additional pocket with a zipper on the
outside for separating your gear then if for some reason I needed to keep moving
I could load the gear in here because a bucket is just too cumbersome to carry
with you I could use this to carry the things that I want or if I was going to
make camp there I could even use this to go
out and collect firewood or something having a sturdy bag that has the ability
to work as a backpack could be very handy a lot of situations the last item
I put in my storage survival cache is cash I put some money cash and a copy of my identification depending on where you are or what the circumstances are what
the emergency money cash may be exactly what you need it can help you pay for a hotel
room it can help you get food if there’s still stores that are open it can help
you hire a ride to get to another location there are so many things you
can do in an emergency if you have some cash on hand consider where you’re going
to put this and then you might decide if that’s something that you would like to
do too leave me a comment on what items you’d like to include in your prepper
storage survival cache secret stash learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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