What are we gonna do? Should we shoot? I think we could do it. Weather looks good. Yeah, it’s overcast! We won the lottery ….oh hi there. It is Zdenka and Marissa. Thanks for stopping by to this channel.
We gonna be doing street style photography today and yeah, I thought it
would be fun to try. We’ve never met before, it’s the first time together.
We are still good we are still friends. We’ll see at the end of the shoot. And
I brought two cameras. Canon EOS M50 which is right there and 5d mark III with just a 50 millimeter lens nifty fifty. It’s gonna be very easy and simple hopefully. Let’s get going. Ready? Ready. Today’s video is about street style urban style photography I did with model Marissa the other day. This morning I actually
headed out to downtown Oshawa where I am from to finish this video to do the
whole commentary but it was so windy I couldn’t find a decent location where
the sound would be okay so I decided to head back to the studio. That’s why I’m
sitting here and I’m gonna take you through the whole shoot. Who is the model? Her name is Marissa. She used to work as a professional model in Toronto. She was represented by one of
the bigger agencies and last few years she had a break from modeling. Once she
showed up, there was quite a bit of a selection of her wardrobe so I opted for
the jeans, denim jacket, colorful t-shirt and also a sweater just to mix it up a
little bit so we end up with two different looks. What did I shoot with? I
brought two cameras with me. Canon 5D mark III with 50 millimeter lens, nifty fifty and
I also brought Canon EOS M50 and also I was using 50 millimeter lens nifty 50
with Viltrox speed booster. Now I took exactly half / half with each
camera so as you gonna be looking in the photos in today’s video, they will be
mixed. Exactly half / half and I think it’s gonna be very difficult for you to find
out which photos took which camera. We ended up shooting at three different
locations. Let’s look at the first one. It was on a very bright street, literally
sitting at the corner. And this first location the first minutes we were
practically testing each other. Because I haven’t worked with Marissa
yet, I didn’t know how she’s posing. She had no idea how I am working, so the
first few shots were very easy and very casual. I didn’t give that many
directions yet because I wanted to see what she can do. Once we both warmed up, I started directing Marissa little bit. I wanted to
see that happy, full of energy, commercial look because the street was just very
vibrant and very bright. The building had some red in it, so did her t-shirt or
kind of like a pinkish red so I thought it would just need a lot of smiling, a
lot of energy, a lot of happiness. To get the most out of this little set
on this street corner I tried to mix different posing so I did some very
tight portraits, I did some full body shots, maybe walking shots, sitting photos, those three quarters, just give it a big variety. First location was done. Second
one. The other day I was driving by this graffiti, very colorful walls and I thought that would be perfect especially if she would be
wearing denim outfits and very colorful t-shirt because the more colors the
crazier it will get and it will just bring that urban scene. And again I
started with very close-up head shots. Once I started editing the photos, I just
went for a different little bit feel. It felt like I can add that kind of like an
old looking style to the photos. Kind of rusty looking style which I thought
worked pretty good. Then I turned Marissa to the other side and I started
posing her a little bit more. so I was seeing a little bit bigger part of her
body where again I wanted her to be a little bit more as a model, not so much
as a cute girl next door but I mixed those smiles as well. My style of
photography is usually very colorful, very vibrant and that’s what I like.
When I was posing her on the other side I kind of didn’t like that car in a way
so I was trying to get rid of it and for that I brought a very special tool which
I have right here and it’s the optical prism. It gives you different feel to
the photos. You can get some very cool effect. So when I was pointing the lens
at the model, all I did it, was just brought the prison to the corner of my
lens and I started turning it. As I was turning it I was just getting different
angles and reflections, different effects. I kind of actually got rid of that car as
you can see in the photos. And for those interested I actually linked this
optical prism in the video description below so you can check that out. I really
like the results with this optical prism because it’s just edits to the photos
something extra. It made it even more vibrant even more colourful, even more
crazy and that’s what graffiti is all about. At the graffiti location, we
started having trouble a little bit with light because, hey we shot at 11 o’clock
when the Sun is super high. Just when I said that we have perfect
weather. and yes we started losing the overcast. The Sun was coming out, it was very bright. So I started posing Marissa more in a
shade. The Sun was reflecting from the ground back on her so she had her face
lit pretty nicely. The third location was purely by accident, we jumped in a car
and we were driving south. I gotta tell you, normally I would not really shoot by
myself in the south because it can get rough there, but luckily we found this
what used to be plaza. now it’s abandoned. Stores are closed, nothing
is happening there. I parked right in the middle of the parking lot so I had a
very good visual around us, so we both are pretty safe. I wanted to do some
sitting shots as well, but I wanted to look more casual, more candid style so I
was just telling her what to do and I pretty much told her to forget posing
and just be herself, laughing a little bit, smiling, looking around in different
directions to get the real feeling so she looked kind of caught in a moment.
And again at this location I was also using the optical prism. Why? Because I
wanted to add some more different angles to the shots. It almost turned out like a
double exposure but it was not really double exposure. There was a hallway
which was not very pretty so when I was using the optical prism I was adding
something extra to the image I was actually covering up that hallway which
didn’t look good. The whole shoot really took about an hour and a half. We were
done with everything and I think we got pretty good variety out of the photos.
Now what would be the photos suitable for? First of all, I am NOT going to
upload it to stock just because her t-shirt had a large logo, her denim
jacket has those little buttons where there’s logos everywhere. A lot of the
shots had different stores and different logos in them, so it’s not very suitable
for stock. Also the commercial value for stock would be pretty low, unless maybe
she would pretend she’s shopping and she had a shopping bags, she’s on the phone
or stuff like that. But if she’s just posing by herself on a street,
the buyers are not necessarily interested in these kind of photos,
that’s why I knew I’m not gonna be doing this for stock. These photos will
be very suitable for modeling portfolio. I know that a lot of agencies really
like this kind of style of photos because it is more candid, it is more
real but it shows the model very nicely. And it’s also good for my portfolio
because I can show that I’m also shooting outdoors not necessary
always indoors. Especially after the winter I need to shoot outdoors and show
something new. So I haven’t done photography on the
street for a long time, it was about time to add it. And now it is time for me to ask you the question. Do you know which photos were taken with the full-frame camera and
which photos were taken with the m50? Well, I think we should reveal it right
now. One thing I didn’t talk about yet is
about coloring the photos, making them really pop. Obviously when you take the
photos with the camera they’re gonna be very basic, just, just regular photos. But
once you put it in the lightroom you start playing with the photos, you make
sure the colors pop then you make the photo really stand out. I hope you liked
today’s video, it was a little bit different. I took you to downtown Oshawa, that’s where I am from. If you liked it give it thumbs up, subscribe to all
future videos. If you have any questions, comments, simply want to say hello, you
can do so in the comment section below and I will see you in the next video. Cau… Ahoj…


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