Striped Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Hi YouTubes! Today have a new tutorial for you that looks super pretty and it’s pretty easy to do! Plus you don’t need to have any nail art skills for this. Plus, at the end of this video I’m also going to show you the matte version. Let’s start! First I’m applying my white base. You don’t have to do this but if you apply colors over white they pop more that’s why I love it. Now I’m going to use striping tape, you can get this super cheap on eBay or multiple nail art stores. You can also use scotch magic tape Apply the tape like this. For some reason I prefer to start with the second color but of course you can also start at the beginning of your nail. I’m using my nail art brush from Uber Chic Beauty, and Deborah Milano Gel Effect number 23 and just fill in the section. For the top part I do like to have my skin protected so I’m applying Pure Manicure Now it’s time for Deborah Milano Gel Effect number 64 Next is Deborah Milano Gel Effect 49 And the last color is Gel Effect number 63 For cleanup I’m using Acetone and my Uber Chic Beauty Cleanup Brush My topcoat is the Miracle Gel topcoat from Sally Hansen. I love this part of the tutorial because now the lines are going to blur in together and it looks so pretty! But like I promised before, I also made a matte version so take a good look at the glossy version so you can tell me later if you like this one, or the matte one more! I’m using the new matte topcoat from Sally Hansen. Whenever you want to use a matte topcoat always use a glossy one first, this way your nailert is completely smooth and the matte finish will look better because its super smooth and there are no bumps. As you can see it turns matte super fast! And here is the matte result! As I already said, let me know in the comment section down below if you are team matte or team glossy! For this mani, I think I’m team matte, but I really love the glossy look too. So hard to choose! Thank you so much for watching this video and let me in the comment section know what nail art tutorial you would like to see next! Please subscribe to my channel if you want to support me and you can follow me on social media. See you in my next video, bye bye!


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