Successful Mobile Affiliate Marketer Rio Lim Interviewed by Charles Ngo

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s Charles Ngo! I just landed in Bangkok
today and I’m actually about to do a mobile mastermind session with one of my good friends, Rio Lim. And I just thought to myself,
while I have him here, why not shoot a video for you guys? Rio has a very interesting story. Okay like how I got to
know him is a year ago, he didn’t even know what
affiliate marketing was and now this guy is doing five figures
a day in mobile marketing. So he has such an interesting story. So basically, Rio! First question I want to ask you is, how did you hear about
affiliate marketing? – It’s a very, very crazy story. So what happened was, before I
came into affiliate marketing I was playing poker. And, I was on this plane
from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and I met this super affiliate
by the name of Tim Tetra. – First thing is, are you Thai? – No, I’m from Singapore. – Okay, so from Singapore, how did you end up in Thailand? Was it because of poker? – Yeah I was playing poker
so I was travelling a bit. I landed in Chiang Mai and I love to play. So I ended up staying there for two years. – Okay and you are playing poker. Were you good? Were you professional? Like were you earning a
living from playing poker? – Yeah I was. I was making like $10K a
month or so on average. – Was it very up and down? – Yeah it was swinging. So like in some months you will make four, and in some months you will make 15. – Oh wow, okay. Sounds like affiliate
marketing a little bit. So you already had kind
of a little bit of mindset that kind of adapted to the ups and downs. So you mentioned you
met a super affiliate. – I met Tim Tetra, he was
on his way to STM Bangkok. And he said he was a speaker there. So I was like, wow this is pretty awesome. And he invited me to check
it out, so I went there. – So where was this? Like at a club or an
aeroplane ride, or what? Where did you meet him? – I met him on the plane. It’s like I was flying alone. I was like alone. I was bored and he was
with his girlfriend. – Okay. – And I decided to just
start a conversation with him because I was so bored. And I thought, hey why
not talk to somebody? – Oh sure wow! That conversation changed your life. So did you go to STM Bangkok? – I did, I did. Because I was really, really fascinated by what he told me about
affiliate marketing. It wasn’t about the money
because I really didn’t know how much he was making back then. But it was the idea that, hey
you can be working online, building a real business, and
still be travelling a lot. – That’s what I’m curious about. So you’re making five
figures a month in poker. In poker, you do have freedom. You can work anywhere you want. So what was it that was attractive about affiliate marketing? – Well the thing with poker
is, it’s always a job. It’s very hard for you to scale. – Yup. – And if you stop working,
you don’t make money. But in affiliate marketing,
it’s very easy for you to create a business
and then pivot because the skills that you have
is very, very transferable. – Yeah, absolutely. I think ah, I was kind of in the same
situation as Rio where, seven years ago I played a bit of poker. But I wasn’t as good as Rio. But poker was an option for me because this was before Black Friday. And yeah this was during
the Chris Moneymaker period. So the reason why I didn’t
pursue poker is because what happens if you’re in a hospital? What happens if you’re in a car crash? The money stops. Okay, at least with affiliate marketing, if you do it right, you have a team. You have employees. You can still make money. Like for me, I’m making a lot of money. I’m travelling all the time. And my employees, my systems, they make a lot of money for me. So yes affiliate marketing
can turn into a business. So you went to STM Bangkok.
What was your impression? – I was blown away by it because there are like 200, 300 people. – Yup. – And they were all flying
in from all over the world. Taking three or four days off, whatever time schedule
they have just to party. And to obviously, to listen
to like really great speakers – Yeah, yeah. – For one night, and then they had two
other days of partying. – Yeah, yeah, so after STM in Bangkok, and keep in mind guys
right now it’s May 2015. STM Bangkok was March 2014. So this is like 14 months
ago, 14 months ago. This guy didn’t even know
what affiliate marketing was. So for those of you that
are like, oh it’s 2014. It’s too late to make money. (mumbles) days are over. You guys are fucking idiots. Stop making excuses, okay. Don’t make excuses. This guy is living proof that
your excuses are bullshit. So you were motivated from
STM Bangkok, what was next? Like did Tim Tetra mentor
you or what happened next? Did you join STM or
you launched campaigns? – So I was there and then
right after I just paid $99 to just check out everything
about it in the forum. Because like $99 for a forum is pretty insane money to be paying. There must be some gold in there. – It is, because most forums are free. (mumbles) Most forums are free. So $99 a month. Yeah, I could see how it’s a lot of money. – It wasn’t a lot of money for me. But I thought like, hey
it’s a lot for a forum. So I was like, hey go check it out. I went there, blew my mind. I didn’t know really where to start. But all I knew was the
next four or five days, I was opening tabs after tabs, never stopped closing
until the browser crashed. – Wow. – Yeah, I kept reading
and in my mind I was like, okay how can I start this? – I bet it was a lot of
information overload. – It was, it was crazy. It was too much, in fact, yeah. – Okay, so something interesting. How I met Rio is he actually attended my
free workshops last year. So as some of you guys may know, last year for free I flew around Asia, four different countries, and
that’s when I noticed Rio. I noticed Rio because a few things. Like A, he went to my workshop in Bangkok. I thought, okay cool. Then he went to my workshop in Singapore. Now I didn’t know anyone that
went to two of my workshops. So he lives in Bangkok
and then he actually flew back to Singapore just
to attend my workshop again. So that’s when I was like, okay this guy has the eye of the tiger. Because a lot of people ask
for my help all the time, but for him to show that much dedication. I thought to myself, wow this guy has a lot
of potential in him. So at this point, you have a great start
to affiliate marketing. You met Tim, you attended STM Bangkok. You attended two of my free
workshops, and then you met me. What happened next? What happened during that summer? – Wow, so let’s talk a bit about before. – Yup. – I partnered up with my brother because I knew I couldn’t do it alone. So we were both working hard and back when we met you at the workshop we were still losing a lot of money. – Sure, sure. – We didn’t even know
how to track properly. We weren’t using volume. – So were you still
playing poker on the side or you’re all went into affiliate
marketing at this point? – I was playing poker a bit
just to cover the expenses that we had in affiliate marketing. – Yup. – But there was a period of
time where I actually stopped because I was in a very bad
period in poker where I was. – Yeah, the swings is they go up and down. – I lost like $6,000, $7,000. I was like, oh shit I need a break. So it was like I took one month off. – Okay. – Went into affiliate marketing full time. Because I flew my brother over, we worked literally every day. – What were you working on,
like Facebook or mobile? – Mobile, yeah, we were
just working purely mobile. – Why mobile? – Because everyone is talking about it and we really thought mobile
is the thing to be at. – Absolutely, so I think
breaking his thing down is he kind of went into the right area
from the very beginning. He didn’t start off like seven search or something lame like that, he went straight to where the money was. So you know you’re losing money, what were you thinking at this point? Were you like discouraged
or were you like still you’re going to make it no matter what? Like what was your mental process? – There were times where
obviously you feel like, hey I tried everything
and still it doesn’t work. Like, yeah, screw me. – Yup. – But it’s a lot easier
when you have a partner, – Sure. – Like someone you can
externalise, because one day you’re down but your
partner might not be down. So hey let’s try this, let’s try that. – So your partner at this
point was your brother? – Exactly, yeah. – Interesting. Okay, so were you living
in Chiang Mai or Bangkok? – Bangkok. – Bangkok, so I’m curious. There’s a lot of affiliates in Bangkok. Were you really into networking, masterminding with a lot of
the local affiliates here? – I did not do that at the start. But after I started going
out to Nicky Cakes’ meet up, he has it every month. – Shout-out to Nicky Cakes. – Yeah, yow Nicky Cakes. – What’s up? – Yeah, I started going
to all these meet ups when I think I started
to slowly make money. At the start, I did go maybe once or twice and it was pretty good. – So you started affiliate
marketing in March 2014. When did you actually start making money? – I would say about June, July. Maybe July, yeah. I think July. – Wow. – July or August, so that’s
about four or five months. So what was the breaking point? Like what clicked? What was it? – It’s just basically, I
think the key for me is to consistently trade information, build networks, talk to people. Because there’s only so
much you can do in one day. But if you always trade information, it grows very, very fast. So basically I was looking
up for more partners on STM and I found a couple guys who were really, really nice and trustworthy. And we did masterminds and we all, from that point of time,
found some success. – So your key to success was
masterminding with people. – That’s what I always say. The only way to explode is to
really work with people and do like get something like one
plus one equals to three, right? Like there’s some synergy. – Yeah, that’s what I say all the time. – Exactly. – Yeah I think it’s like, dude you can’t learn
everything on your own. Okay, you can’t learn
everything on your own. And something that’s really
cool is masterminding has always been one of the
key points in my successes. So one thing I like to do is
let’s say I have a really, really hot tip, I’ll
share it with one guy. I’ll share that same tip
with 15 different people. And 15 different people, they
share a different tip with me. So I gave away one tip, but
I get 15 tips in return. So okay, you go to a conference
and you’ll hear about these introvert hermit mother
fuckers that are like in their rooms all day,
they don’t talk to anyone, and they’re making like a
million dollars of fucking money. Yes that does happen, but it’s not common. Okay most people in this industry, you have such a big competitive advantage if you can partner up
with some other people. So you’re hearing it straight from Rio that masterminding is
a key part of success. And I’m telling it to you guys, that masterminding is important. I mean I just landed in Bangkok guys. Okay, I’m in Bangkok. I could be shopping. I could be fucking doing
some dirty stuff in Bangkok, partying and stuff, but I’m not. The first thing I did, I fucking called Rio so we
could fucking mastermind and have a work session. Like for me I’m always networking always masterminding, okay? Okay, next question I have is
so there’s a lot of newbies that enter this industry. What do you think is the biggest
mistake that newbies make? – Oh, this is a very tough question. But I feel it’s probably
unrealistic expectations. – Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s like you got these gurus. Not me, okay? Not me, other gurus that told them they could make like $1
million a month or something. And I think most people,
they’re just impatient. Like for you okay when you
entered, what was your goal? Were you trying to make
a million dollars a year or just like replace your
income, 10,000 a month? What was your goal? – Wow, my goal at the start. It was really just to
find something that works. – Yeah. – And then eventually just
keep seeing how it goes. I don’t really have an expectation. – So you’re really focused
on just doing the work? – Yes we were just grinding,
like I said, every day. We worked at home and
then we’d go out to dinner and then we’d come back. I was isolated from my friends. Everyone called me and say, hey let’s go out, hang out. I said, no. – That’s tough in Bangkok, right? Like Wednesday these Bangkok
affiliates want to go karaoke-ing on a Wednesday. – I knew it is hard. And so one little trick that I did was – One little trick. – I rented a place like really, really far away from all my friends. – Oh. – So that way I’d know for sure I will not hang out with them. – Interesting, interesting. So now is May 2015, you’ve
been pretty successful. What’s your team structure looking like? Is it just you and your
brother or has it expanded? – So right now things are
getting pretty exciting. I have about four members
right now working for me. – Are these local Thais? – Yeah, they are. – Okay. – And then I recently am growing my brand, so I actually headhunted one
of my marketing directors. And she used to work for Google. – Oh shit. – And also another two or
three people were jarring me, like in-house designers and programmers. Like trying to really
grow something, yeah. – Okay, so this is off topic. But if anyone, you’re working for Facebook
right now come work for me. I’ll double whatever the fuck you’re making at Facebook or Google. I will double it, extra benefits. E-mail Charles Ngo, all right? – And me, as well. – I will pay you more than whatever the fuck he’s going to pay. Okay, so I’m wondering. Okay you’re successful at
affiliate marketing now. What’s next, like you
want to stick with this? Or are you trying to
do some side projects? Are you trying to expand
beyond mobile marketing? What’s kind of the game plan
for the rest of the year? – For me, I keep my plans
really, really flexible. I have some goals, but I
try to keep them flexible. So I want to keep doing
affiliate marketing, – Yup. – But at the same time
I also want to pursue a lot of side projects which
I think are really, really, they have a lot of potential. – Okay, so what’s the main
reason you want to branch off? Is it because of diversity,
new challenge, more money? Like what is it? – I wouldn’t say more money. I would say, number one, there’s a lot of in affiliate
marketing I learned a lot. So I feel like all my skills could be applied to other things. – Absolutely. – And all these things are
really things that I have maybe, I would say, interest in pursuing, yeah. So I feel like there’s so much potential, I’ve been given a really,
really insane opportunity. And I don’t want to rest,
I want to keep going. – Okay, so we’re going
to wrap this up soon and they’ve heard about your life story. They got a good idea of who you are. But my audience, they’re greedy. They want to know like
tips, some information. So could you give my
audience maybe three tips specific to mobile marketing? – Oh tips mobile marketing, okay. – Yeah, yeah, anything. – Okay, let me think. This is hard, three tips. – Okay, let me ask you one. What verticals could you
recommend to my audience? – Oh yeah, it’s like always, always start with the lower payout offers. So I would say app instals would be great, app instals would be really, really good. – Like lazy swipe kind of stuff? – Yes. – Like the low payouts ones, below a dollar would be very good for your budget and learning. – Why is that? – You get a lot of data to work with. – So if you have like 500 bucks a month and you’re doing like a rebuild. That’s a $60 payout and you’re not, you’re only going to get
like a few conversions. That’s not going to tell
you anything versus you have $500 a month and these
payouts are like 25 cents or whatever, you’re going
to get a lot of data. All right, sorry guys. My main camera, the battery just went out. So we just switched over
to a different camera. So back to what we were saying. Okay, mobile tip numero dos? – Okay, so I think
number two would be like what we definitely talked about. – Okay. – Spend an hour of your time every day, put it aside just to talk
to people mastermind. Hey you know catch up with
them, share with them some tips. – Where do you recommend
people find people to mastermind with? – Stack That Money, or I
mean whatever works for you. – So, I got an affiliate link below. Sign up under my link. I got child support to pay,
help my future baby kids. You know, all right. – Yeah, so it’s a really,
really good place. I met a lot of wonderful people there. – Excellent. – And number three would be,
don’t give up too easily. – Okay. – Like especially for specific campaigns, you start and then you
lose 70% the first day. The next day you lose
80% and then you stop, you waste all your data. – So when you’re losing money, what are you doing to optimise? I don’t need like your secret sauce, but what are some simple tips
you can give for optimization? – For me I really look into, it depends on which stage. At the start, you really
want to test the offers. – Yup. – And then the main basic
stuff like your angles. And after you test all of
them, you get more data. And you want to look deeper into all the other smaller
things that you need more, – Do you optimise handsets? Do you go that deep, or
is it more higher level? – It depends on what kind
of offer you’re running, and it depends on your traffic. So it’s because sometimes
it’s very, very hard for you to optimise all
these little details. – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Okay, so I think that clocks
around 20 something minutes. It’s been quite the interview. I think I accomplished my goal. I just wanted to introduce
you guys to my friend Rio Lim, and got some good information out of him. So I think personally
for me, if I were to have the three takeaways, it would
be: number one, mastermind, number two, partner up with
someone, and then number three, you have to pick the
right thing to focus on. So in his instance he
focused on mobile marketing. Now there’s a lot of other
places besides mobile marketing. But it’s kind of important
that in the beginning you kind of pick a specialty
that has a lot of potential. Because if you do something
like maybe adult YouPorn or something as a newbie targeting USA. Then you’re not going to make money, the game is just too difficult. So I want to thank Rio for his time. Is there anything you want
to say to my audience? Like promote yourself
or just take this time, say whatever you want to say. – Well nothing, I really
have nothing to say. Just hit me up on Facebook if you have any business opportunities. – Okay, so his Facebook is
Rio, R, I, O, space L, I, M. I’ll have a link to his
Facebook below my YouTube video. And I’m sorry Rio, but I think you’re going to get
pretty famous after this. – Shit. – You’re going to get a
fuck load of my audience messaging you, begging you for some tips. But hopefully you get some pretty good business
opportunities with us. – Awesome – So all right. Thank you, guys.


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