Sudan’s old Pound banknotes

so hello fellow bainite collectors how
you going and today I’m gonna feature a country
no I haven’t really featured that much on my channel I have done some other
videos and that is Sudan and you can tell Sudan before the 2011 breakup of
the country because of the map there so yeah all of sadame with an oil gun then
the actual middle of it so on this side you have a Fe o PR yeah Eritrea you have
Egypt up the top you have Libya in this corner you have a Chad going down this
side senator African Republic you gained a
little bit to Kenya so those so the country is actually surrendered to
booties over here Oh Tenzin ears bit then yeah so as you can see this is
probably not a denomination you’re familiar with if it’s like 25 piasters
which if we had a banknote in Australia this will be like 25 cents so it’s a
quarter of a pound and here we have a pen ten pound off you so these banknotes
actually issued before 2000 not sorry not too fast 1992 and they actually
changed it to the pound system to use llama style as the actual currency and
they actually did not issue a coin of 25 PSS they did issue 1 of 20 P esters or
actually as denominators as to gosh so – 20 P esters and it was equivalent also
to 250 mils which is actually a another denomination so one piano equals 1000
meals and one pound also kills 100 PS ters so one PS there goes 10 mils which
is pretty much the same as the egyptian currency cause in 1955 Sudan actually
issued do own banknotes and before they actually
the banknotes of Egypt so they actually copied it so what is on these banknotes
so 40 25 guesses we have the looks like the Constitution we have a date such as
1987 or 1307 then we have our two camels which are pretty common in Sudan and as
you can see it’s all in Arabic on this side and if we have a look on the other
side we have the central bank of Sudan so the banker sedan and 25p esters in
English and it doesn’t have a security Fred doesn’t have a watermark and these
banknotes are actually pretty common probably pain probably in this condition
probably up to five dollars depending on where you get from I would say between
between three and five dollars that’s what could be a pain for this banknote
because it’s his last issued actually not too rare to actually get if you want
this same design but 995 yeah the pretty common and but the 1955 issue is
actually very hard to get in and circulate the more common as a
circulated bank night and then we have a ten pounds so as you can see on this
Bank now it has to script we have an Arabic script on this side and on the
other side we have the nemedian script which they using that marui which is an
old empire of that existed before modern sedan this one’s dated 1991 so this was
first issued in 1985 and because they actually didn’t issue a coin because of
inflation these were used up until 1992 so this is probably the last issue and
on this side we have a city gate and the watermark is the coat of arms of Sudan
so it’s just an eagle which is quite nice
but I find interesting because they have the older script
that’s no longer used an Arabic script supposed to symbolize Sudanese history
and how glorious it is me we have the signature down below and there’s normal
serial numbers on the other side we also at the central bankers sit in and that’s
how you consider they’re actually the same issue because they both the central
bank we’re Sudanese banknotes the different
issues also have a common feature so the president knew marrying issue had the
president’s portrayed on these banknotes the first dinner system are all designed
pretty much the same and they all have a building on them which they didn’t
actually want to put any portraits on them but they’re actually quite a nice
issue um it mixed over this issue and I don’t find him that good but you know I
don’t find him that bad in the highest denomination actually issue police lose
a hundred pounds which at the time I was changeover it was worth less than a
dollar so really these we’re massively inflated because they probably print too
much money and as you can see now since the 1980s the Sudanese currency just
continues to fall in value so people just always lose the value in their
currency so that’s another good reason why you should not save Sudanese pounds
if you’re in Sudan because over time along with our normal inflation we get
to Australia there’s also more inflation so really these I really just collectors
items four to ten pounds you’re probably looking about five to ten dollars to
actually purchase a there is really not a high collectors
value in these banknotes because they’re not really sort after bank notes
actually very common the early ones 9:55 are actually the ones you need to look
for but any banknotes after they actually very quality printed easy to
get probably except for the high denominations of the Dena banknotes sort
of 5000 it’s actually pretty hard to get but for these pallemans are actually
very easy so I hope you enjoyed this review it’s actually quite nice if
you’re interested in Sudanese banknotes please leave a comment down below
because I’ve just find all quite interesting to tell about the history of
the country so please let me see your thumbs up subscribe to my channel leave
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think you am bye bye


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