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sugar and sweeteners for long term food storage foods to stockpile prepper pantry sugar brown sugar maple syrup honey molasses agave how to store use hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you wondering what are the best sugars and sweeteners for your long-term food storage prepper pantry there are many foods sugars sweeteners products on the market but that doesn’t mean that we need to stash and
stockpile all of them in long term food storage I have five suggestions and recommendations for
sugars and sweeteners for your long-term food storage the first one is white
granulated sugar granulated sugar is simple to find it’s inexpensive it’s
easy to store granulated sugar can be made from sugar cane or sugar beets I
prefer to buy the cane sugar white granulated sugar that comes from sugar cane and try to avoid when
possible the white granulated sugar from sugar beet sugars simply because sugar beets are becoming a GMO plant granulated white sugar is simple to store it lasts nearly forever the only
problem is it sugar can get hard from the moisture in the air so you want to seal out the air as much as possible you can seal sugar it in plastic containers make sure that
they’re airtight you can also seal it into glass canning jars it works better
if you use the canning jar metal lid rather than just a plastic lid which isn’t as
airtight as the metal rings and lids for canning jars never use an oxygen absorber when you
want to store sugar if you want you can store sugar in a 5 gallon bucket I’ve been able to get free 5 gallon buckets at the grocery store go to the bakery and ask
for them I bring them home wash them in the dishwasher and they’re ready to go
if you want you can store your sugar into a canning jar you can take the
canning jars and you can store those in the bucket or you can use the mylar bags
packaging to store sugar and other foods seal it up but never use oxygen absorbers with sugar when you’re
choosing 5 gallon buckets and lids for food storage make sure that your lid has the little rubber ring gasket
around it that’s what’s going to seal it up if your lid is missing the rubber
ring gasket it’s not going to make an airtight seal then you can seal up your mylar if
that’s what you’re using put your jars inside push the lid on your 5 gallon bucket
hard but make sure when you’re using big buckets that you get a lid wrench so
that you can get those buckets open again when you need to I use a lot of
brown sugar so I like to buy brown sugar in bulk brown sugar is the opposite of white
sugar you need to keep the moisture in and the air out so it’s the same thing as storing granulated white sugar
you still need to seal it up as carefully as possible brown sugar tends to get hard but there are several ways that you can soften brown sugar it
I’ll put a link to a video I made about how to soften your brown sugar if that’s
a problem for you brown sugar is actually a mixture of white granulated
sugar and molasses molasses is a byproduct of the sugar that they’ve
taken out the molasses when they processed purified it and made sugar it white so to make the brown sugar you can mix white granulated sugar with molasses and I’ll post a video on
how I’ve done that in case that’s something you want to do I also store
brown sugar in the canning jars I just put the lid on use the metal lid and a
metal ring canning jar lids seal it up and I’ve had very good luck with these I have had the brown
sugar get hard when I’ve used the white lids and so the white plastic lids are
not optimum for long-term storage of sugars or food storage your foods you can buy your brown sugar
if you want store it in your canning jars and also put that in a bucket but
remember if you have a lot of white sugar and some molasses you can make
brown sugar for your long-term storage it’s not something that you need to
store unless you use a lot of it like I do
the white granulated sugar is going to last a lot longer so you need to rotate your brown
sugar every few years to make sure that you’re keeping it fresh as possible do
you like to use powdered sugar well if it’s something that you use also you
need to store it so that it stays dry I don’t store powdered sugar very often
because I know I can make my own powdered sugar from granulated white
sugar you just put the granulated white sugar into the blender and it whips it all up and it’s basically just cutting it up into finer pieces and
that’s how you’re getting your fresh powdered sugar I’ll put a link to that
video too in case you want to make your own powdered sugar or something you want to make honey is a
natural sweetener it’s a great sweetener to keep it’s a great food to have in
your food storage not only is it a good for food but honey has a lot of medicinal
purposes as well you want to get it as natural honey as possible and don’t ever
buy it somewhere like the Dollar Tree because if you look at the package it
tells you it’s not really honey it’s like corn syrup so read your ingredients
to make sure you’re getting honey if you can get it as close to from a farmer as
close to nature as possible honey is going to be your best bet a
great way to try to find honey is sealed in a can honey tends to get hard over
time it doesn’t mean it’s spoiled you just need to warm it carefully in a
bowl of hot water never boil it and never put it in the microwave the next
sweetener that I like is maple syrup look for real maple syrup it’s very
expensive but it lasts forever and it is so delicious I know when I didn’t have a
lot of money as a young mother I used to make my own pancake syrup for my kids
because I couldn’t afford anything like this you can make your own pancake syrup with guess what your white sugar and some brown sugar I used to put 1 cup of
white sugar with one cup of brown sugar one cup of water and then I used to get
a little bottle of maple flavoring like maple extract maple flavoring like you
find vanilla extract and they used to add a little bit of that and I would
heat it up until the sugars dissolved and my kids grew up thinking that was
maple syrup and to this day they prefer maple syrup that’s the pancake syrup
over real maple syrup I saved a lot of money that way making your own pancake syrup can help stretch your food dollars a long ways molasses is a good natural
sweetener to store in stockpile if it’s something that you like to use some
people like to add a few drops to their coffee I use it if I need to make brown
sugar you can also add molasses when you’re baking pots of beans it adds a
nice sweet rich flavor to your baked bean recipes a sweetener that I’ve
recently become aware of is the agave syrup I found this when I was down in
Arizona agave syrup comes from the agave plant that grows in like the warm
deserts in Mexico and Central America they use agave to make tequila but it’s
also a natural sweetener and it’s considered to be as long-lasting as
something like honey and a good thing to know about agave is if you’re a vegan
you don’t eat honey you can eat agave because it’s purely from plants it’s
also can be used as a sweetener for diabetics because it’s on the low
glycemic index if you’re diabetic and you haven’t heard about agave syrup that
might be something you want to look into and speak to your medical professional
and see if that is something you could use to substitute agave is sweeter than
sugar and so if you wanted to substitute this into your recipes we rather than
granulated sugar you would use maybe 2/3 of a cup of agave compared to one cup of
sugar but then it’s liquid so you would need to reduce the liquid in your
recipes by maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup you can put just a few drops of this agave in to sweeten a drink naturally and you can even substitute it in recipes that you
might have used a maple syrup or honey but they have a distinctive flavor that
and that’s not going to be the same if you sweetened with agave agave has been around since the time of the Aztecs even if we haven’t been aware of it it’s a
nice sweetener its natural from the agave plant and the shelf life is nearly
forever just like honey or maple syrup so if you if you’re looking for a
new sweetener to try that’s natural look for the agave syrup so if I could only stockpile four sugars I would use the granulated white sugar honey maple syrup and molasses I wouldn’t store the brown sugar because then I could make it I
wouldn’t store powdered sugar because I could make it and if I had room for one
more kind of sweetener I think I would consider putting in some agave syrup don’t store any sweeteners that you don’t normally use if you’ve never used
molasses then you probably don’t want to start storing it just because someone
else said that they use it figure out the sugars that you use the sweeteners
that you use and those are the ones that you want to make sure you have enough of in your long term food storage prepper pantry emergency supplies stockpile so that you have the things you need I don’t recommend using or storing
artificial sweeteners they’re really not good for you and there’s no reason to
store up something that isn’t good for you when you could store up foods that
are nutritious that would have more value in your food storage and in your
nutritional meeting the nutritional needs of yourself and your family but
it’s up to you always store what you want what you hope to find food storage
is personal there is no one-size-fits-all there is no one
perfect answer there are lots of foods that last a long time they’re easy to
store and can be very inexpensive and then there are very expensive choices
too so it’s up to you what fits your tastes and desires your budget and the
space that you have to store the things in your home if you’re looking to store
sugars and sweeteners these are my recommendations leave me a comment on
the sugars and sweeteners foods for long term food storage that you think are vital for you to have so that we can all learn and
share from the comments that we leave to each other learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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