Sun Dried Tomato & Chicken Pasta in the Ninja Foodi

hi there and welcome to The Salted Pepper where we cook for real life using real food and we keep it real simple and
today we are going to make a chicken and sun-dried tomato farfalle pasta with
some spinach and we’re gonna do it right in the Ninja Foodi wait until you see how
quick and easy this is alright the first thing we’re gonna do is turn the ninja
foodi on select the sear saute button high is fine and the start button
there’s no need to set the time there’s not even an option to set the time here
and we’re gonna add in our first ingredient which is a quarter of a cup
or half a stick of salted butter as the Ninja Foodi heats up that’s gonna melt
and while that’s melting let’s get our chicken seasoned so what I have here is
two pounds of chicken this is chicken breast thawed what I did with the
chicken was just slice it into about quarter inch strips
you could also cube up the chicken if you prefer to have cubes of meat in your
pasta you just want them to be about one and a half inches by one and a half
inches because we’re gonna do a really quick sear on here because they’re also
going to pressure-cook we don’t want our chicken to dry out so if again these are
just thinly sliced and they’re about a quarter of an inch and then the
seasoning mix that I’m using is two teaspoons of fine grind sea salt one
teaspoon of regular black pepper one teaspoon of rosemary one teaspoon of
thyme and these are the leaves thyme and rosemary leaves not the dried kind not
the powder kind of mean and we have a quarter of a teaspoon of red pepper
flakes now you can leave those out if you don’t like a little spice but I
really think that it pairs nicely with the sun-dried tomatoes because they’re
sweet so we have a sweet and spicy mix so let me just get this stirred up cause
we’re only gonna use half of our seasoning mix right now I’m gonna put
half on the chicken and then we’ll add half a little bit later I can hear that
I can hear that butter sizzling so I’m gonna go ahead and get these uh these
onions in okay so I’m just gonna eyeball this it doesn’t matter if it’s exact but
put in about half of the seasoning blend that looks good
then just give these a toss just to kind of coat the chicken with the seasoning
blend all right that looks great I’m gonna give these onions just a little
stir here you can see I have one onion that I didn’t cut all the way I’m just
gonna pull that out the reason why I’m doing that is because I want all the
onions to cook to the same texture you don’t want to bite into a big onion I’m
not sure what happened when I was dicing that one up but you know what that’s
life it happens right great that looks good now we can add in our garlic the
reason why I didn’t add garlic at the very beginning is because garlic burns
very easily and leaves a terrible taste in your food so I always recommend
starting the saute with your onions or other vegetables or even meat and
then add your garlic in a few minutes later this is about four cloves of
garlic so a couple teaspoons move that around and then we can get our chicken
in this is going to be a real quick cook on
the chicken because I don’t want it to be cooked all the way through since
we’re going to put this under pressure but I do want to get these spices sort
of seared into the chicken a little bit I’m just gonna move this around and what
I’m gonna try to do here is get the chicken laying on the bottom of the pan
as much as possible and then we’re going to leave it alone for a minute to let it
brown on that one side alright I’m gonna just give these a
little flip here now they’re not really browning and that’s because there is
quite a bit of butter in the pan but you know butter makes everything better and
that’s going to taste delicious on our chicken so I’m not too worried about the
browning aspect alright let those go another minute and
while that is happening let me talk about the other ingredients that we have
here because a lot of these are optional I have one cup of white wine and three
cups of chicken stock now if you don’t want to add the white wine in you could
certainly just go with 4 cups of chicken stock that’s fine but I thought the
white wine kind of added a nice little flavor and what I’m using is just a
Riesling but you can use any white wine that’s you like to drink that’s kind of
the rule of thumb with cooking if you want to cook with wine you want to pick
one that you actually like to drink we have some sun-dried tomatoes here now
there’s a couple of ways that you can purchase sun-dried tomatoes some are in
a bag like the ones I got so they are just dried like you would get a dried
piece of fruit or you can also get them soaked in oil I chose the the kind that
are dry just because we have a lot of seasonings going on we’ve got the butter
we’ve got all the oil and stuff that we need in this dish so I’ve decided to go
with dry it but if you can’t find them go ahead and get a jar of the ones that
are soaked in the seasonings and the oil and then just sort of drain them off and
you can put them in a hole or you could chop them up if you like the finer
pieces of the sun-dried tomato we have one block of cream cheese and that’s
going to help thicken our pasta sauce at the end we have 12 ounces of farfalle or
bowtie which I love these little guys pasta now one quick thing about the
pasta if you wanted to switch out like let’s say you weren’t a fan you could
switch the farfalle for penne pasta with no problem but if you wanted to do like
spaghetti pasta you know the little long thin noodles that would create a problem
with the timing of the pressure cook so you would want to cook your chicken all
the way through and then decrease the time to about two minutes instead of
four we’re gonna go for a minute only pressure cook
okay real quick before I finish with the other ingredients I’m gonna go ahead and
get the 1 cup of white wine in to deglaze this pan just in case there’s
anything stuck on the bottom and move everything around in here that looks
really good already we’re gonna use the same principle that
we do in my spaghetti recipe we’re gonna layer this so that we don’t get that
burn notice and the reason why I decided to start with the with the white wine
instead of the chicken stock is because I also want to cook off some of that
alcohol so we’re just gonna let that kind of simmer just for maybe 30 seconds
or so and then we’ll add in the chicken stock alright let’s go ahead and get in our
chicken stock and pour in the farfalle pasta now we can add in the sun-dried
tomatoes we’re just gonna put those on top add in
the rest of our seasoning just sprinkle that on top alls I’m gonna do is just
sort of just kind of press this down just a little bit I just want to make
sure that as much as the pasta is covered with the liquid as can be
alright that looks great I’m gonna dump in our tomatoes and this makes a lot so this is perfect
if you’re having a crowd over for dinner or taking potluck to a party or
something this makes a lot about probably about 10 to 12 servings then
right on top we’re gonna put our cream cheese our olives
this is optional if you don’t like black olives you don’t have to add them in but
I happen to love them and so I’m gonna add those in and I also am gonna put in
one can of artichoke hearts that were quartered already and I didn’t even
bother to chop them up but again this is an optional ingredient you can leave it
out if you don’t like the artichokes but I like them so I’m going to add those in
now the spinach and the feta and the parmesan that you see here we’re not
going to do anything with until after it’s finished pressure cooking so yeah
we get this lid on turn turn that into fruity back on and select pressure high
is fine but time we’re gonna do is four minutes make sure this valve in the back
is to the seal position I have forgotten that before kind of messes up the timing
of things and hit the start button so what’s gonna happen is the Ninja Foodi is
gonna come up to pressure which this is a pretty full pot so it’s gonna take
probably eight maybe even ten minutes for it to come up to pressure and then
it’s gonna cook for four minutes and we’re gonna let it rest in there for two
and then release the rest of the pressure and then we’ll add in the rest
of the ingredients and we’ll plate and we’ll eat
so the Ninja Foodi came up to pressure and it took I didn’t time it but it took
probably a good eight minutes or so for it to come up to pressure
well what happened it was very interesting this time is that the red
button in the back popped up which indicates that it’s under pressure
however it did not start the countdown for I would say a good three to four
minutes so I’m a little concerned at this point
that my pasta might be overcooked that did not happen when I’ve tested out the
recipe in prior instances so one thing I would say to you is that if your pot
takes a while once the pressure button pops up and it takes a while to start
counting down you may want to decrease the minutes of the cook by having to be
one or two you know minutes to avoid anything being overcooked but it did
come up to pressure no burn notice that’s always like the good thing when
we’re making pasta dishes and it pressure cooked for four minutes well
I’m thinking maybe six at this point and it has counted down natural release for
two minutes so I’m gonna go ahead and flip this valve to vent and let the rest
of the pressure off so it has taken over two minutes to
release the pressure and sometimes that happens when you have a full pot like
this and you have a lot of liquid there’s a lot of steam that’s built up
and it’s gonna take a while to release the pressure but we need to let it go
all the way through that cycle and then it’s safe to open the lid once that red
button pops down we’ll be good to go when I open the lid which I’m gonna do
right now when I open the lid I want you to look and see the sun dried tomatoes
will be really plump and as I remove the lid you’re gonna see them shrivel up
it’s the coolest thing and I’ll explain that in a minute let me get this lid
open you can focus right there it was happening so why that happens is because
there is so much liquid that is put into the summer and tomato this actually
happens with your meat too so it’s a good little tip to know when you when
you release the rest even though all the pressure was released there’s still a
lot of steam build-up but as soon as I took that lid off it shriveled up
because it released some of its moisture and that’s what happens to meat and
that’s why it’s important to natural release most meats not not all and not
all the time but most of the time and most meats we do natural release on ok
so now I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna give this a little stir then add in the
add in the spinach and oh the noodles look good they don’t look overcooked
that’s a relief so the residual heat of this sauce is gonna cook this spinach
perfectly and I’m just gonna put it in a little bit, maybe a cup at a time this is
about three to four cups of spinach we’re also gonna add in our feta cheese
the reason why I didn’t add the feta cheese in at the beginning it’s because
I was concerned that it would either melt too much or it might even separate
some cheese’s most cheese’s separate I’m not sure if feta would have done that
but it’s just as easy to add it in at the end and that is about a cup of feta
crumbled and now the rest of the magic happens we go ahead and fold in all of
this spinach then we’re gonna close the airfryer lid and let it sit and the
cream cheese that we incorporated in is gonna thicken this sauce and it’s
already happening some and it just looks so good oh my gosh now one thing I forgot to do before I
made this was to make my homemade bread and I really should have done that so be
sure to make the recipe for homemade bread which I’ll link to right there
before you make your pasta and then you can have your pasta and your bread for
dinner so it’s been about five minutes and oh it looks so beautiful I’m gonna
give it one more stir you can see that sauce is really thickened up now that’s
exactly what we wanted to see and then let’s get a little in this dish make
sure I get some of everything okay so I have a sun-dried tomato in there piece
of chicken let’s take out an olive here I love olives and I’m looking for those
artichokes there’s one so even though we didn’t cut up the artichokes they they
sort of break up on their own a little bit it looks like so there we go let’s
give it a taste I really love the flavor of black olives
now let’s see this chicken make sure it’s cooked perfectly it’s not though hi I think my pastas a
little overcooked for my liking but I think that’s just because it took so
long to start to count down after the red button went up so again if that
happens to you you might want to decrease the time for 4 minutes to about
3 minutes I don’t know though the pasta is like
butter and the sauce oh it’s amazing you get a little hint of the feta oh it’s
just it’s amazing hmm I’m eating this whole thing a little bit of red wine probably would pair better with white
but I happen to like red all right last bite let’s get the sun-dried tomato
with a little bit of the pasta mmm perfect the red pepper flakes are just
coming through but so subtle and you get the sweetness from that sun-dried tomato
and oh it’s just like oh it’s heavenly I love this dish it’s one of my favorite
pasta dishes to make and look how easy it is to do in the Ninja Foodi you can do
this anybody can do this and remember you can customize you can
use the same principles and customize with ingredients if you don’t like
sun-dried tomatoes don’t put them in if you don’t like olives don’t put them in
you know if you want a different kind of cheese at the end you know you can add
in a different kind of cheese Parmesan would be great as a matter of fact I
meant to do that I meant to put some parm on top and I didn’t but it was good
without it it would be even more delicious with it so if you like this
video I hope you give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed yet you can do
that right over there make sure you make that bread it’s absolutely divine and
would go perfectly with this dish as always thank you so much for all of your
support and encouragement until next time


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