Ahoj! This is Zdenka. This little tool is
so awesome! Actually this little tool helps me nail focus in 4K on Canon M50 and we already
know very well that M50 is not the best for 4K especially when it comes to focus because
it is just lacking the autofocus. And that is not everything. This little tool is good
for zoom as well. Let’s talk about it today. And for the new faces, my name is Zdenka Darula.
I work as a photographer since 2007. I make photo and video tutorials, tech reviews and
creative camera challenges so if that’s something you are interested in you should consider
hitting the subscribe button. Let’s look at this small, light only 88g weighing tool. I have been using Moza Air 2 gimbal lots with my Canon M50 because I don’t always want to
shoot in slow motion. It is great to shoot in slow motion but I like to mix it with a
real speed as well. I simply don’t wanna over do it. Always shoot in slow motion. Not me.
One thing which was really bothering me is that I couldn’t really shoot in 4K. You know
when you have the camera on a gimbal, you are holding with both hands and then you are
trying with the other hand to kind of focus, it can be really difficult. Well you know
for 4K on this camera it is really I simply wish the autofocus was there. So when my friends
from Moza reached out to me and offered me this product iFocus M and by the way they
are not sponsoring this video, however they did provide the product for free. I was super
excited. I was very happy. I knew about this product before and I was kind of hoping they
will send it to me so I can show it to you because truthfully it changed everything for
me. First of all, Moza Air 2 gimbal comes with rod adapter. You can mount it in the
center if you use single plate. If you use riser plate like me because M50 is small and
light, you can mount the rod adapter on the left or right. First I mounted it on the left
side and you could have it there if you would use bigger camera or bigger lenses with this
small camera. I am mainly using the kit lens 15 – 45mm and it is very tiny, small lens.
But then I realized if install it on the other side and I place the rod on the other side
of the gimbal, I can actually use it for Zoom as well. You know that vertigo zoom effect
from the old movies when things are getting closer while it is getting further away. I
tried to do it hand held but it wasn’t that precise, that smooth. But with this iFocus,
it is very smooth. First though, let me show you the focus. You will place lens gear ring
on the lens tightly. The clamp is super easy to use. Just snap in. You can open it very
easily too. The motor is nicely sitting on the rod, tightened right here. Now it is a
motor and it needs to be powered somehow. It is powered externally with USB-C cable
which makes it super quiet. Once you turn on Moza Air 2 this wheel will control the
iFocus. Pretty convenient and easy. To avoid over rotating you can program starting and
ending point. Go to advanced settings and turn off the ifocus mode OFF. Rotate the lens
to starting position, set point A on the gimbal, rotate the lens to the finish position and
set point B. Go back and turn on the iFocus. Once I turn
on the camera I select manual focus but I make sure I have a focus peaking ON because
it helps me focus. How do you enable it? Simply go to menu, shooting settings, find page 5,
select MF peaking settings, select peaking ON and I like level High and I prefer Red
color but you can choose the other color as well. Now when I focus on something, whatever
is sharp in focus will be red. That is very helpful. Well everything is set up, ready
to go, let me just fire up the beast. Move number 1 is moving in and focusing from object
to object. Move number 2, moving to the side also focusing from object to object. Let me
change the set up for the zoom. And I know you already heard of the vertigo zoom effect.
It is very old famous, very brain confusing effect when the object is coming close to
you or moving away from you and the background is moving in the opposite direction. With
this set up it is so much easier to do. And my settings on the camera for this is 1080p
and I have focus select to face tracking. Links to all products featured in today’s
video like the iFocus M and also Moza Air 2 gimbal area listed in a video description
below so feel free to check it out if you are interested. Well, hit the thumbs up button
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video, Cau.;… Ahoj…


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