Super Easy Clear Coat Repair Guitar Headstock

what’s up guys this transportation horn
shop and in this video we’re gonna fix the damage I create in my last video to
this guitar headstock in the last video I use this crystal act bright tone
topcoat to add the clear coat to this guitar headstock and when I took this
thing out to the buffing wheel I got a little too aggressive with the buffing
wheel and I 12th a piece of it clear right here so at first I was mad and
then it hit me that’s like hey I won’t use this product to see how well it
works to fix repairs and stuff like that and I figured this is my opportunity so
what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this same product but instead of
spraying at this time we’re gonna brush it on and see how well brush his own and
fixes stuff like this so guys that sense of symptom the interest you stick around
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watching guys all right guys the first thing I’m going to do here is I’m gonna
go and just use these sanding pads red red label braces they’re really good if
you never used them to try to get this spot sanded down you all right got little bit of clearing
this guy here just so I can close it up I’m gonna try to see if I can’t use like
a just old rag that so it’s not be a disaster but we won’t try
to see okay so there’s the first coat on there
if you can tell you can see it or not but filter them pretty good we’re gonna
do the same thing we’re just gonna dab some more on there I’m gonna give I’m
gonna send it down just a little bit and see how see if I can smooth some that up
forth with my second coat on what I’ve been doing is I haven’t I’ve
been basically just dipping this into this and just kind of dabbing it on
there instead of brushing it so let’s see number two let this dry for I don’t
know a day or so I guess I’m just oh I’m gonna check it in a couple hours and see
how it looks so stand by our guys this is that for the third coat has dried and
as you saw last time I just basically took a drop of this stuff and just
dapped it on here and it turned into that and it is dry this is miss sitting
for about five days five days to a week somewhere right in there
what we’re going to now is is we’re going to take it and just send it down
flat and then take it to the buffing a wheel and buff it out so here we go well our guys here’s the final repair I
think it turned out really well especially considering this was three
coats of the Crystal Light bright tone using the rag and just dapping it on it
turned out really nice I probably take out there and buff it a couple of times
this color difference right here is on me because this is a true oil finish on
this neck and when I sanded that down I wasn’t thinking and I didn’t add the
true all back to it I don’t think I got that deep but when I send it down but
apparently I did and so when I clear back over top of it it left the
difference in the color which I don’t think would be very noticeable guys have
you have any questions about this this crystal like bright tone leave them in
the comments I’ll do the best I can to answer them if you have any ideas for
any videos using it or any other videos just leave them in the comments guys I
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