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Power of the Affiliate

What’s happening in the boxes is nothing less than a miracle of physiology and community. That I’m perfectly convinced of. You know, give it your name–a congregation, a club, a community– these are friends. Health. The affiliates deliver health all over the world. There’s no denying it. You make people better. I don’t even have

Domingo Mendez (Reporo) about adult networks, affiliate marketing, video, popunder, banners in adult

Всем привет! Мы на Moscow Affiliate Conference в России. Мы на Mobio Talks, говорим о партнерском и мобильном маркетинге. Я Кирилл Макаров, руководитель отдела медиабаинга в Mobio. Мой гость сегодня — Доминго Мендез из Reporo, партнерской сетки с adult трафиком. Рад видеть тебя! Я тоже рад тебя видеть! Благодарю за приглашение! Будем говорить про adult

Affiliate Roundup, Part 5: “Nutrition”

This is actually an old concept. We’ve been talking about doing this for awhile, which is bouncing around to different parts of the world, getting affiliate owners together and just kind of talking best practices, what’s worked, what hasn’t, things we’ve picked up along the way, things that have come and gone. Tyson: I’m going