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The Magic Art of Seb McKinnon

What you are watching is a scene from a new chapter in the KIN Fables tale titled “The Stolen Child”. Five years ago, in 2013, the project debuted with KIN, an atmospheric short film that followed a young girl, a faceless knight on a pale white horse, and a circle of dancing spirits that linked

Minimalist Room Tour 2016

What’s up guys? Welcome to my room tour. I’ve been holding off filming the room tour because I wanted to finish decorating before I could show it to the world. But I’ve lived here for a year now, officially, and my room is not fully decorated still, and you know what? I thought to myself,

Striped Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Hi YouTubes! Today have a new tutorial for you that looks super pretty and it’s pretty easy to do! Plus you don’t need to have any nail art skills for this. Plus, at the end of this video I’m also going to show you the matte version. Let’s start! First I’m applying my white base.