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United Kingdom 1817 Half Crown

so hello fellow coin collectors are you going today today we’re going to have a look at a half crayon from 1817 so this coin is over 200 years old 202 years actually and there’s still in very good condition so if you have a look at the crown so that’s a crown from 1892

1917 Penny error search

so did way people are you going this is Glenn and today I’m gonna go through a one in 17 penny and we’re looking for areas here so I’ve got the phone that has better magnification then the ever I was a notepad so this one looking for errors and I’ve actually found quite a

East Caribbean $1 banknote

hi people are you going today I have a $1.00 bet note from East Caribbean Central Bank and this is the Caribbean island so if you have a look at here over map on the bank note which is on all the bank notes of this series and it just shows all the countries that