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Old vs. New: Has LEGO gotten worse?

Hello, you are looking at two different Lego fire stations made about 22 years apart from each other. The intention of entertaining the question, “has Lego gotten worse over time?” I chose fire stations because they’ve been making them for decades and decades and decades and it’s also a very neutral kind of subject, because

DIY Class D Audio Amplifier

in a previous video I showed you how [to] create a simple class AB audio amplifier that consists of the NE5554 op-amp and the Push-pull Bipolar junction Transistor output stage Now even though the circuit did work decently is there was one problem… its power loss We can identify it’s cause by taking a look

Pentium 200 MHz Review for DOS Gaming

Hey guys how’s it going. My name is Phil welcome to PhilsComputerLab. Today we’re having a look at another iconic processor. It is the intel Pentium 200. The processor launched in June of 1996 for the socket seven and have to P54CS core. The processor uses a 66 megahertz external frequency with 3x multiplier giving

$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone

Good morning guys; Beth is still sleeping upstairs, it is… *checks time* 8:45 on Saturday morning. We’re gonna go get a really expensive microphone from a mic rental place today We’re gonna be comparing that expensive microphone (the most expensive microphone I have ever used) to the cheapest microphone we could find on Amazon. So