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The First Start

today is the day we fire up the good ol cr250 been waiting for this day for a long long time now originally I was gonna wait until the bike was completely done to start it up but I got my suspension tubes back yesterday they came in not quite as I had hoped kind

Building My CR250 Engine!

well guys it is finally time to bolt up the cr250 cylinder on to the bottom end now I’ve been waiting forever to do this so let’s jump right into it but let me say you’re gonna want to stick around for the entire video because at the end I’ve got a great opportunity for

How Much Did My CR250 Cost?

welcome back guys got a really interesting video for you today so something a lot of you have been wondering myself included is how much did the cr250 cost the build so I’m gonna be breaking all that down piece by piece throughout this video and I’ve also got something really interesting to share with

Breaking in the CR250!

welcome back to the channel guys so with the 250 all wrapped up and all the little bugs worked out it is time to break it in so I’m going to set up the suspension first set the sag and then break in the engine the engine is completely fresh from top to bottom and