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Экономлю на китайцах – инструмент и автотовары из Banggood и eBay.

Hello! Today there are several products that come from Chinese Internet sites. And, perhaps, let’s start. Let’s start with this little one. She was long gone. In English, this product sounds like “Car Key”, like the crow of us … croaked. This is an absolutely free product, because I bought it on eBay on December

Обзор китайского цифрового программируемого термостата теплого пола на eBay.

Hello everybody! Today I want to make a video review thermostat which I acquired in 2013 on the trading platform eBay. It cost 27 – $ 28. So he arrived at the usual carton. Here such. Included was thermostat, external sensor with two contacts. Wire length is 3 meters. The sensor is installed under the