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I ran it out of oil!

guys I made a huge mistake let me explain so back here we have my girlfriend’s little XR80 we went through and rebuilt this thing over the past couple months and so about a month ago I was finishing me up putting the graphics on getting the seat cover on and I was kind of

I Wrecked My CR125

Hey, what’s up everyone? I’ve got some bike work to do today, and I thought it would take you along for the ride Most of the work is on the 110, it’s been a while since I did some maintenance on it So I’m gonna clean it up It’s not really too dirty But I

Blown Up 4 Stroke Engine!

what’s up everyone today I’ll be tearing apart a badly blown-up CRF 450 engine and I’m gonna take you guys along alright this is what I’m working with its I have an O 3 CR 450 and this is exactly how I got it top ends already been taken off so we’ve got a pretty