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The Fidget Spinner Puzzle!

(Hi it’s me again. Sorry) So your probably all familiar with these plastic fidgets spinners by now, (Just a bit) You can get them in cool shapes like this batman logo. (That is a cool shape) And you can even get metal spinner like this. (What sort of finish has it got?) This one’s got

👶🏻Janae’s NEW STUFF!

– All right, Janae. (upbeat music) What are you doing, buddy? – We’re checking if the flowers have bloomed. – [Kendra] Peek-a-boo. – [All] Bye! – [Kendra] Have a good day at school. (upbeat music) (bird chirping) (babbling) – [Jeremy] Some of these. Leesie, it’s time to get up, big girl. Isaac, it’s time to


– Since I’m a genius, I know how to do everything. (upbeat swing instrumental) (upbeat swing instrumental) – We’re at the drive through of Jack in the Box. (cheering and screaming) (upbeat swing instrumental) I am so lucky I am married to a man who is crazy enough to go along with all the crazy


(upbeat techno music) – That’s good. – [Kendra] What are we thinking about it? Next up, hotdogs. Chocolate, crackers, gum, ranch, will it pumpkin spice, – No, no. – Yuck. (upbeat techno music) – In the spirit of the season, we thought that we would do a challenge that was focused on pumpkin flavor. It’s


– [Mom] Happy Birthday, big girl. Here they come. – [Jeremy] Shoes. – The main event! – [Jeremy] Whoa! (upbeat piano music) (kids cheer) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (upbeat piano music) – Oh, it’s your birthday. – [Jeremy] Who’s one years old, big girl? – [Kendra] That was fun, huh? – [Jeremy] We’ve

5 Kids Playing With CHRISTMAS!!!

(spinner whirring) – [Kendra] You know it’s a good toy, when Jeremy wants to try. (festive music) (hammering) Whoa! – I could live in these. I can do everything. – We all go a little strong with the make-up when we start out. Well we did the whole Christmas morning open the present thing, and


– I was trying to make myself look like a clown. (energetic music) (child screaming) – It’s finished, that is so cute. I think I might cry. (rock music) – Alright, I love you. – Dad’s leaving on a trip getting all the snuggles. – You smell like banana ears. – Oh. – No you