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– [Dad] Caleb’s flip flop just broke. – Just broke. (upbeat music) – I did a back handspring and landed on my feet. – [Dad] Set, go! (baby babbles) Do you want something? You wanna get in your seat? – So Isaac’s birthday is in just two days and I’ve already got all of his


– Oh my – Whoa. – [Jeremy] Oh my gosh. (dramatic music) No, is it a tornado? Kids go downstairs, go downstairs. – I hope our house doesn’t break. – Our trampoline. (gasps) (thunder) – I’m making a cake in a pot. Perfect. – [Kendra] And it’s a cake? What kind of a cake? –


(rock music) – How does it do that? – Well Jeremy and I are dividing up and getting lots of stuff done today. I’m starting off the day at the gym with these two. We’re going to the gym? – So this morning here in Kansas City they have the Maker Faire. It’s focused on

😃KIDS on Coasters!

– It’s little tiny. (upbeat jazzy music) (upbeat music) – So we’re driving into the fog and fog is really fun for us here because we live in Kansas City. We don’t have any fog in Kansas City. (upbeat music) We’re stopping for some lunch before we head to Legoland. (jazzy music) – We’re at

Unexpected Discovery😂

♫ It’s time to say hello! (children laughing) And Laura sits down next to me and picks up a giant booger. (baby squeals) Yeah! That’s my desire, just to raise kids that know their mother loves them. (bright synth-driven music) – [Man] Enjoy! – I didn’t have a dream today. – [Man] You didn’t have


– Cha cha cha with a cherry on the top. (screaming) – It was my favorite birthday party ever. (fast-paced music) – So we are having a big, triple birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese. Our kids celebrated most their birthdays when we were traveling in San Diego but they still wanted to have


– [Jeremy] (chuckles) How many of those are you wearing? (upbeat music) – Well, I just snuck out of my hotel room. Everybody is still sleeping, and I am headed to early morning yoga. (chill music) Gotta be here somewhere. – [Jeremy] So Elise, what have we been doing for the last hour this morning?

👶🏻FIRST Hide-and-Seek🙈

(bright playful music) – Nope. – Eight, nine, ten! Here I come. – So our Saturdays lately have been really busy, running errands, taking kids to basketball and other activities and we just wanted to take some time today and really play together as a family. So today is Janae’s first game, hide and go