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USB Killer… WHY???

Hi. Today, I’d like to talk about one of the most stupid products out there called USB killer. It looks like one of these USB flash memories that you plug into your device, computer, or phone then BOOM It kills your device. Let’s buy one to try. It’s… $218?! Forget about it, if I ever

😂J House VS Studio C🏆

(whack) (Jeremy laughs) (bright music) – I found our first geocache. (blender whirring) (laughing) – So while we were in Utah, filming with Studio C, the one billion view celebration, we lost our camera. It’s so devastating. We had so much fun and we filmed a bunch of stuff, and that footage is gone. For


– [Kendra] We built a sprinkler! (upbeat music) – Our second cutest thing ever. – We bought a new TV, and it doesn’t fit. (Kendra screams) – It’s starting! – [Kendra] So is this Batman and a bride? – No, princess. – [Kendra] Oh, it’s a princess. Whoa. Are you guys dancing together? – Yeah.

Take Your Kids To Work👍

(upbeat music) – [Kendra] So Janae is shall we call it helping fold laundry. – Destroying. (upbeat music) – [Kendra] Did you find some bowls? Good find. (upbeat music) Good job. Well I’m really bummed. All winter long we’ve been wanting to take the kids ice skating and we just haven’t made the time for

Fell Asleep WHERE?😴

(funky upbeat music) – What? Was that awesome? That is so much candy. And then I hear Jeremy say, I fell asleep on the toilet. Who wants some more baby peas, raise your hand? – Look at these dresses. – [Jeremy] First hot chocolate of the season. – Yep, it’s a real pumpkin. – Today


– So Elise has a pretty loose tooth. (laughing) (growling) (laughs) – I’m just doing my squats. – So, as soon as Caleb woke up, he wanted to start playing with his new Lego set. – It’s fun. – You’re doing a good job, bud. I love that that you can do this without any