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Power of Q | Quality Process, People, Product

I’m Nikki Williams, the assistant director or purchasing at North Carolina A&T State University We had routing that was routed through paper. Everything was on paper. I would take us about 12 to fifteen days to actually process a requisition.Very, very manual process. I like the quality. it’s the quality of the service that we

New Coloured $2 coins for 2020

okay so hello fellow coin collectors are you going today this is another informative video today we’re gonna have a look at the new coins that the Royal Australian mint is going to release so here is their federal register of legislation we looked under currency determinations determination not with a plural 201 9 and

Sudan’s old Pound banknotes

so hello fellow bainite collectors how you going and today I’m gonna feature a country no I haven’t really featured that much on my channel I have done some other videos and that is Sudan and you can tell Sudan before the 2011 breakup of the country because of the map there so yeah all