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Super Nintendo :: RGB204 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

– Platformers. RPGs. Action Adventures. Puzzlers. Racers. 3D flight. It’s no surprise that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System continues to be a popular pick for many people’s favorite console of all time. Developers took what worked on 8-bit consoles and injected new color and more spectacle. The 16-bit era gave us an early look at

Sequels, Spin-Offs and Remasters – Heavenly Guardian, Under Defeat HD & More / MY LIFE IN GAMING

[ TRY ] We often find ourselves wondering what great games might’ve come and gone without making much of a splash. Games that might not be especially well-known, but are actually surprisingly good. Others might be hidden in plain sight… disliked or overlooked games in popular series that are actually much better than popular opinion