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Best 3 Dirt Bike Mods!

hey what’s happening guys got a quick video for today I’m gonna be talking about the first three modifications I would do do it or bike besides maintenance items so this is all kind of personal preference but I got a feeling a lot of you would agree with it so let’s jump right into

Anleitung: Ford Focus Mk2 (DA3/DB3, 08-10) Scheinwerfer tauschen / Lampen wechseln, Einbau & Ausbau

Focus MK2 Facelift – Headlight removal & installation + lamp replacement All information is supplied without warranty Step 1: Remove screw (1x) Step 2: Release locking mechanism Step 3: Pulling out the headlamp Step 4: Disconnect the plug Lamp replacement: remove cover Lamp replacement: Unlock the plug and pull out with the lamp Lamp replacement:

Starting My CR250 Build!

well guys it is finally time to put together the cr250 so the motors all done finished up ready to go yeah bulb is chilling here wheels are done frame is ready to go suspension is all dialed in so no excuses let’s put this so of course any build starts with a frame so